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Last Updated: November 8, 2022
Run Prop, Run!
  • First Released: Jun 22, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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Beginners Guide


Run Prop, Run is an extreme online version of hide and go seek. You start on the main screen, where you can choose your skill, speed, taunt, and minion. Once you press go, you will enter the game, and a 20-second timer will begin to count down.

Move around the map and try to find a good place to hide. There are two characters you play as. A prop that is exactly that. You look like part of the furniture. Or you can be the one searching for the props.

Look for areas that will help you blend in the most. If found, you need to run away and blend in elsewhere. You have 12 playable characters, all with different skills. 

How to Escape


If you are found, you need to avoid being caught. The best way to do this is to get away as fast as possible. Use your surroundings to help you escape. Run all the walls and through areas that will obstruct the person chasing you. 

As soon as they lose sight of you, try to change your character's appearance straight away so that you blend in. 

Tips for Hunters


As a hunter, it's your job to find the props. Because they look so similar, you have the most success by taunting the props. Use your taunt often. Also, run up to them. Run along objects, and you will quickly flush out the one disguised as a prop.

Shoot everything as well. Many props can stay still until the end of the game; by shooting everything, you up your chances of shooting an opponent.

Use all Characters


To get the best feel for the game, try and use all of the characters. Learn their skills and whether or not they are better at hunting or being a prop. Do you mind finding that as you get familiar with all the characters, you find a favorite?

The Goal Zone


Keep an eye out for the goal zone. As a prop, if you run into the goal zone, you instantly transform into a hunter. You can then go and find other props and shoot them. If you find and shoot all the other props, then you win. 

Protect the goal zone, though. Other players will try to get to it. Don’t camp near the goal zone. You will find that the hunters shoot all of the props around where the goal point spawns. 

Avoid hiding here when at the start of the game. Rather try gradually moving toward the goal zone as the game progress as soon as you get close sprint to the zone as fast as you can. 

Rag Doll


As a prop, you have this great technique called Rag Doll. To activate this, you press R. This is a great technique to blend in, especially if you are a coin. You just jump into the pile of coins and hit R, and you will blend in perfectly. 

Rag Doll is a great technique to use if you need a quick escape. Look for your nearest pile of coins and quickly change form to a coin, and you will find you might lose your,r hunter. For hunters, when you come across piles of coins, just fire a few shots into the pile. You might his a Rag Doll.

Create your Camouflage


You can easily slip between items to disguise yourself, but you can also move items around to hide better. If you are in a corner with plants around you, it would be best if you could organize the objects in a way that best conceals the fact that you are a prop. You right-click to pick up and move items.

You can also disguise yourself by making a duplicate of your character. By pressing C, you make a copy of your character. You can either do this to make yourself more difficult to find or when you are running away to confuse your hunter.  

Score More Points


You want to get the most points you can. As a prop, you get points for surviving but the fastest way to get points it becomes a hunter. Position yourself with this in mind. You can also use your skills to help you get to the goal zone.

You can choose between a smoke screen and the speed skill to help you get to the zone. Don’t activate your skill too soon otherwise, you might waste it. Remember that a hunter can only shoot you if you are in range. Using these skills could help you keep that distance and escape.

Here's a great video showing you how to use the skills and the basic gameplay you can expect in Run Plop, Run.

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