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Last Updated: March 15, 2023
Rocket Bot Royale
  • First Released: Nov 30, 2021

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Abusing Rapidfire to instakill


Are you tired of dying over and over again? Simply start with max rapidfire, and when your enemy comes, launch rapidfire everywhere(you don't have to hit them). This will cause the game to lag and as a result your opponent will freeze temporarily, giving you the chance to destroy them.

By: Stinky Binky Comment
Cool!  It  actually  works!
WeNeedToGoDeeper RocketBotRoyale, 1 year ago - Reply

Music has some strange sounds...

Easter Eggs

Listening closely to the in-game music, you can hear the famous "Green Needle or Brainstorm" sound effect. Though it is really distorted and quiet.

By: Stinky Binky Comment

How to get unlimited gems


For some reason, throwing mines through gems on the map will double the amount of gems you have in-game. Really effective.

By: WeNeedToGoDeeper RocketBotRoyale Comment



In the game the player must press the following controls up-up-down-down- left-right-left-right-b-a- and enter.

After a player has pressed the controls they will get the Brown Crawler.

where  do  we  do  this
., 4 months ago - Reply

How to get Crawler for FREE

Easter Eggs

In a match, press up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-enter and after exiting you will get the BROWN CRAWLER FOR FREE!

By: WeNeedToGoDeeper RocketBotRoyale Comment

Rapid fire cheat


The player must start the game with maximum rapid fire. When a player's enemy attacks the player must launch rapid-fire everywhere. When a player launches rapid-fire everywhere this will cause the game to lag.

The lag will cause the enemy to freeze temporarily, and give the player a chance to destroy their enemy.

Sounds effects

Easter Eggs

When a player starts the game. A player will hear the in-game music. The sounds that a player can hear playing are"Green Needle or Brainstorm" sound effects. 

KaTgaminG takes a player through gameplay in Rocket Bot Royale where the soundtrack can be heard.

Disappearing Bot


When a player goes under the water and mines into the sand and creates a hole. The player will be seen going into the hole that they have mined.

When the player travels up the hole with their bot and reaches the ground level where the sand meets the water. The player's bot will disappear.

The bot can still travel up or down but the screen will only show the water until the player's bot surfaces from the water.

Nautilus shares a glitch that occurs in Rocket Bot Royale

Free Gems


The player must throw mines through gems on the map. This will result in the player receiving double the amount of gems in the game.

Darko's eye11 shares a glitch that occurs with mines.

All the Secret Badges and how to obtain them.


A player must go to the main menu and click on the “skins” submenu. Under the submenu heading a player will be able to view badges that are available for a player.

There are secret badges a player can unlock through gameplay.

The Dev Slayer badge will be unlocked by a player when they kill a developer that is wearing the Winterpixel badge. The only time a developer will be wearing a Winterpixel badge is at the Winterpixel games.

The Wooden Crown badge can be unlocked when a player gets one of the three crowns in Beta. It is irrelevant how many crowns a player got in the Beta, all of the crowns will be turned into a Wooden Crown.

The Moderator Badge will be given to a player that has been promoted to a moderator on the Winterpixel Games Discord server.

A player will not be promoted to a moderator, the player must first prove to the developer and the moderators that they are trustworthy. The player will see on the main menu an option to “join us on discord”. 

The player must join the discord server group and become a responsible member of the discord group. 

The Streamer Badge is obtained when a player goes into the friend's subheading on the menu and selects one of their friends. The player must click on their friend and a separate screen will appear.

Once the second screen appears the player must select the streamer icon that is purple. The player must then stream their game on “Twitch”. The badge is handed out at the discretion of the game developers.

The Escapist Badge is obtained by a player when they escape the lobby that a player will spawn in before the game begins.

The easiest way a player can escape the lobby is by using drills. The player must go into the lobby and proceed to move all the way down to the ground. Once a player is on the ground they must utilize the drill. 

The player will continually drill down in the ground until they escape the lobby and will be presented with the Escapist Badge. 

The last secret badge is The Great Escape Badge. A player must first free the Beachball from the pregame lobby. beach balls can also be found by players inside some of the circular terrains.

Spearfire shows a player how to obtain all the secret badges in Rocket Bot Royale.

Earn Coins in Rocket Bot Royale


A player can earn coins by completing their missions and killing off their enemies.

The player will have a time limit and daily tasks will appear in their menu. The player can also collect daily bonus coins. 

Gmantube TV shows a player how to collect coins.

Play strategically


A player must be strategic while playing the game. Before the player lands, they must check where all the tanks have landed.

Once a player has located all the tanks they must then open their parachute and land on the ground.

The player must land away from the water and dig a hole where they can hide.

Once an enemy enters their terrain, the player can destroy their enemy efficiently.

A player can also track down their enemies down and destroy them.

Pepperboi Plays shows a player some tips for rocket bot Royale

Avoid the water


The water in the game signifies a border. The player will die if their bot falls into the water. 

TanJinGames shows a player some tips through gameplay.

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