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Last Updated: January 12, 2023
Rise Eterna
  • First Released: May 12, 2021

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Add cheats using a Trainer


Rise Eterna has no official cheats. However, cheats can be added manually using a Rise Eterna trainer, which can be installed on the Cheats Happen or alltrainerspc.com page.

Listed below are cheats that can be utilized using the trainers:

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Defense
  • Infinite Agility 
  • Infinite Items
  • Infinite Skill Points
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Move Range
  • Unlimited Attack Range
  • Game Speed

It is advised that you read the reviews before installing the trainer. However, both sites are considered a safe way of providing cheats and making games more entertaining. 

Characters available in the game


There are 14 characters available in the game that can be recruited. This includes 3 hidden characters. The characters include:

  • Sothy 
  • Lua
  • Sachel
  • Eana
  • Natheal
  • Rose
  • Jag
  • Jachim
  • Zephiriel
  • Sarajed
  • Elis
  • Cilphen
  • Thama
  • Joane

Worthwhile Characters to put into your party


Below is a list of characters with their characteristics to guide you on who to put into your party:


  • He is the most mobile.
  • He has the highest attack range from 7 squares away.
  • He kills everything he attacks in one hit, including most bosses.
  • His attack power is high and he is guaranteed to attack twice in one battle.
  • If he is loaded with attack and agility gems he can do 160 damage from 7 panels away.


  • She naturally has high agility.
  • She has access to a talent called Vantage, which gives her a 100% chance to attack first when attacking in melee range.
  • She has a high dodge chance.
  • She eventually gets the ability to attack twice per battle.
  • She automatically kills melee units on defense, and she's hard to hit.


  • She has a high damage output and has the ability to hit in an effective area.
  • She can take out 9 enemies in one hit if they are grouped up.
  • She’s not as mobile as Lua and Sothy and doesn’t have much defense.


  • She is a Fire Emblem dancer class. She, therefore, is able to give units another turn.
  • She can dance in an AoE. Therefore, up to 4 characters adjacent to her get another chance.
  • Her attack is, however, weak.


  • His naturally high defense can be buffed up to the point where he takes 0 damage from anything attacking him, making him an invaluable wall.
  • He never dies. However, in the middle of the game, his attack power declines, and he usually stops being able to kill in one hit. 
  • In the first half of the game, he is unkillable and is able to clear maps by himself.
  • Once his talent tree is maxed, he gets another turn with double attack power every time he kills an enemy next to Lua.


  • She takes almost no damage.
  • Deals a fair amount of damage.
  • She becomes practically unkillable.
  • You can dump all the elixirs and gems you want onto her, taking her to the point where she kills everything in one hit and takes no damage.
  • She is, however, not capable of killing multiple enemies per turn.
  • The self-sustain helps her keep her HP maxed out even if she steps on one of the numerous tile traps hidden throughout the game.


  • If built and positioned correctly, he can deal a ton of damage.
  • His defense rises as his HP gets lower, making him difficult to take down.
  • Rise Eterna’s mechanics, however, work against him, and when far enough into the game, you have to take the regeneration talent, making it harder for him to keep his rage state active for more than one turn.


  • He is not particularly survivable.
  • He doesn’t have a big damage rate.
  • He has the ability to get a ton of extra items.
  • He has a capstone talent making his attack power high enough to kill in one hit.


  • He is capable of healing party members.


  • She is versatile for positioning and easy to position for support bonuses with her 2 square attack range.
  • Her talents are focused around healing allies, however, at the expense of her own HP.


  • She is capable of healing allies.
  • What separates her from other healers is that she gets better quality items from gathering points and she can gather from the same point multiple times.
  • She is also a utility/support character.


  • He is unkillable and able to kill enemies in one hit if given strength elixirs and attack gems.
  • He buffs the attack power of nearby party members.
  • He, however, has the lowest movement range of all the characters and his abilities rely on him being at the front of the party and being adjacent to other party members.


  • Her natural stats are low, and activating all her talent bonuses makes her roughly as strong as Rose with no talent bonuses.
  • She has a low movement range, deals low damage, and is reliant on situational positioning. 
  • She, however, takes almost 0 damage.


  • She has a low range, low damage, and little utility.
  • She does, however, have the ability to apply status effects to enemies. 
ShadowHero shows you the available characters and their abilities.

Hidden Characters that can be Unlocked


Below is a list of hidden characters in the game and how they can be unlocked:


In order to unlock Sachel, you need to go to the replay map for Mission 3, which is the spot directly north of Gaiacus. This can be done any time after reaching Gaiacus. When the map begins, you should see a scene with Sachel. You need to fight your way through the replay map. Once this is done, Sachel will explain that she is looking for her friends, and she will then show up in your hero roster.


This character is hidden in map 15, which is directly west of Divinis. In order to unlock Zephiriel, you will have to play on map 15 as a replay map after beating the stage, and you must have already recruited Sachel. However, you cannot have Sachel in your active party. This means you will have to play on map 15 with Sachel recruited but not in your party. 
Once those conditions are fulfilled, a dialog should start when the map begins, which introduces you to Zephiriel. You can then complete the replay map, and Zephiriel will be added to your hero roaster.


This character is hidden on map 21, which is directly north of Fortes. In order to unlock Jachim, you will need to have recruited Sachel, but you can't have her in your active party. Once this condition is completed, there will be a dialog that pops up introducing you to Jachim. You will then need to complete the replay map once you’ve triggered the recruitment scene, and Jachim will be available in your active party.

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