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Last Updated: March 25, 2023
Ready or Not
  • First Released: Dec 16, 2021

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Ready or Not Cheats


Due to the nature of first-person shooter games, many people enjoy getting a step up on their competition, thankfully, some players from the internet have taken their time to create trainers which can help you achieve this. If you were to download a trainer for Ready or Not, it will give you access to cheats which you can use to get ahead of other players. Make sure to download a trainer from a reliable source, if you were to enable the trainer, it will give you access to cheats such as:

  • Unlimited Health - Default Toggle F1
  • Set Player Speed - Decrease Shift + F2
    Increase F2
  • Unlimited Ammo - Default Toggle F3
  • No Recoil - Default Toggle F4
  • Super Damage - Default Toggle F5
  • Super Fire Rate - Default Toggle F6
  • No Heat - Default Toggle F7

Some trainers can offer more specific cheats that suit your play style, so be sure to do your research and download the one that will work for you the best.

Meet Deb

Easter Eggs

As you spawn in the main lobby, head through some doors on your left and walk down the flight of stairs. Once you are at the bottom of the stairs, look to your left and you will see a bunch of shooting targets stacked against the wall, head on over to them. If you take a close look at these targets, you will notice that one of them has been drawn on. Not only does this target sport a new hairstyle and drawn face, but you will also notice that there is writing that says “This is Deb”. This could very well be some of the developers having a little fun at the expense of a co-worker or it could be something entirely different. For now, it is up to you to make that decision.

SpikedPancAKES:D shows us where to go to meet Deb.

Sporty New Cap

Easter Eggs

If you were to follow the route you take to meet Deb, at the bottom of the stairs, hang a left and follow that hallway all the way into a long small room. In this room, take a look around and you will notice that there is a police cap hanging off of a table. If you were to interact with this cap, nothing major happens, but that is not all. Head on over to the locker room, in the locker room, take a nice long look at yourself in the mirror, you will notice that now, your character is sporting a nice new police cap.

SpikedPancAKES:D tells us where to find ourselves a nice new police cap.

Getting that caffeine fix

Easter Eggs

In the main lobby of the hotel, you will find a fully functioning coffee machine, you might grab a coffee just because it is entertaining the first time, but what you did not know is that this machine can be the source of your caffeine fix. If you were to drink three coffees from this machine, you will notice that your screen changes a little bit and all of a sudden, you can do everything at a faster rate than normal. This is because you are now hyped up on caffeine. If you would like to end this effect, simply order some water from the coffee machine and drink it, this will end your caffeine high and return you back to normal.

RedEye Mouse shows us where to get our caffeine fix.

Equipment in Ready or Not


Like most First Person Shooters, Ready or Not offers a range of weapons and equipment for you to use as you make your way through the game, make sure to do some research on each item and find out which one works best with your playstyle and it will make the game a whole lot more fun for you. Here is a list of equipment and weapons that are offered in Ready or Not:

  • Mirror Gun
  • Breaching Shotgun
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Battering Ram
  • C2 Explosives
  • Door Wedge
  • Pepper Spray
  • Flashbang
  • CS Gas
  • Stinger Grenade


  • R7: Magazine fed Pepperball Gun
  • MK.16 Scar L: 5.56 Assault Rifle
  • Krinkov SLR: Compact Carbine
  • HK416
  • M4A1
  • SA-58
  • SBR-300
  • SR-16
  • TAC700 (Non-Lethal)
  • MP5A2
  • MPX
  • UMP-45
  • 870 CQB
  • Beanbag Shotgun (Non-Lethal)
  • M4 Super 90
  • G19
  • M45A1
  • .357 Magnum
  • M9A1
  • Taser (Non-Lethal)
  • 57 USG
  • USP 45

Make use of the equipment that you have


Being a game that will rely on your skills at entering rooms filled with enemies, your equipment is going to be your best friend. For example, your C2 Charges are best used to breach rooms by placing them on the doors. The C2 Charges not only gain you access to the rooms but also concusses anyone within the room, giving you precious time to kill these enemies without being shot yourself. So be sure to learn what you have on offer in your equipment and use it to the best of your abilities, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Battering Ram is Better than the shotgun


At the current time, there are multiple ways of breaching into rooms, but for this tip, we are only going to be focusing on two ways, using the shotgun and using the battering ram. For the most part, both of these achieve the objective, to breach the room, but if you pay close attention, one does it better than the other. When breaching a room with the shotgun, it only blasts the door slightly open, which can lead to you missing an enemy hiding behind the door. The battering ram pushes the door all the way open, which allows you to see much further into the room and allows you to clear a lot better.

Shmillsyy shows us the difference between the battering ram and shotgun.

Watch that Door


One of the mistakes that many players make when playing Ready or Not, is standing right in front of a door when trying to get through it. This is an error that can cost you dearly, as if there is an AI behind the door and it suspects that there is someone on the other side, it will light the door up with bullets, most likely killing you in the process. The best way to avoid this is to either make sure that there is a shield guy standing in front of the door or to simply stand next to the door. So make sure that you are being cautious when approaching and dealing with doors, you never know what might be lurking on the other side.

Shmillsyy tells us how to deal with doors effectively.

Learning how to throw grenades


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to flashbang enemies only for the grenade to bounce off of an object and come straight back to you, flashing your teammates. One of the most important things to learn in this game is where your grenade flies after you have released it, this will help you not hinder your teammates when trying to help out. With no crosshair to help you, throwing a grenade can be difficult, but once you notice a pattern, it is relatively simple. If you were to look at your left hand while cooking a grenade, your thumb can be used as a vertical line, while just above your index finger can be used as a horizontal line. Where these two lines intersect is where the grenade is going to go. Take some time to practice this and in no time, it will become second nature.

Shmillsyy teaches us how to throw grenades effectively.

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