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Last Updated: March 16, 2023
  • First Released: Aug 9, 2021

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Patron Trainer Cheats


Patron is a unique city builder that allows you to shape the world that you want to create. Unfortunately, things can get in the way of you achieving your dream, gold for example, because of this, some crafty internet users out there have created trainers to set you free from worldly restrictions. If you download a trainer for Patron, it can give you access to cheats such as:

  • Edit Influence Points -  Increase: Numpad 1
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 1I
  • Instant Building - Toggle Numpad 2
  • Instant Research - Toggle Numpad 3
  • Set Game Speed
  • Resources will not Decrease - Toggle Numpad 4
  • Edit coins - Increase: Numpad 5
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 5
  • Edit tools - Increase: Numpad 6
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 6
  • Edit Stone - Increase: Numpad 7
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 7
  • Edit Iron - Increase: Numpad 8
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 8
  • Edit Food - Increase: Numpad 9
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 9
  • Edit Lumber - Increase: Numpad 0
    • Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 0
  • Edit Firewood
  • Edit Coal
  • Edit Herbs
  • Edit Medicine
  • Edit Clay
  • Edit Bricks
  • Edit Peasant Luxury Resources
  • Edit Labourer Luxury Resources
  • Edit Merchant Luxury Resources
  • Edit Gentry Luxury Resources
  • Edit Production Resources

Patron Upgrade Unlocks


Being a city building game, as you advance more towards a bigger civilization, you will have the ability to research new upgrades to your buildings and learn how to make new buildings altogether. Here follows a list of new upgrades and their costs once you get to the point of researching the topics:

  • Quarry - 300 Coins
  • Decorative hedge - 100 Coins
  • Fisherman’s Hut - 200 Coins
  • Mine - 200 Coins
  • Small Park - 300 Coins
  • Toolsmith - 300 Coins
  • Small Statue - 150 Coins
  • Small Pons - 300 Coins
  • Small Fountain - 150 Coins
  • Clothes’ Shop - 500 Coins
  • Clay Pit - 550 Coins
  • Stone Road - 400 Coins
  • Field Crop I - 500 Gold
  • Pottery Workshop - 600 Coins
  • Field Crop II - 650 Coins
  • Chicken Ranch - 550 Coins
  • Apiary - 800 Coins
  • Depot - 1000 Coins
  • Well - 1000 Coins
  • Pig Ranch - 1200 Coins
  • Medium Fountain - 1000 Coins
  • Medium Pond - 1150 Coins
  • Carpenter - 1400 Coins
  • Gazebo - 1100 Coins
  • Medium Statue - 1150 Coins
  • Market - 1500 Coins
  • Orchard Seeds I - 1500 Coins
  • Orchard Seeds II - 1700 Coins
  • Decorative Trees - 2000 Coins
  • Medium Park - 2150 Coins
  • Stone House - 2250 Coins
  • Candle Shop - 2300 Coins
  • Brick Works - 2300 Coins
  • Windmill - 2350 Coins
  • Bakery - 2400 Coins
  • Distillery - 2500 Coins
  • School - 2500 Coins
  • Inn - 3100 Coins
  • Guardhouse - 3000 Coins
  • Jewellery Store - 3300 Coins
  • Tailor Shop - 3300 Coins
  • Cow Ranch - 3100 Coins
  • Two Storey House - 3250 Coins
  • Large Statue - 3000 Coins
  • Gentry Guildhouse - 3450 Coins
  • Large Fountain - 3100 Coins
  • Merchants Guildhouse - 3450 Coins
  • Plaza - 3100 Coins
  • Church - 3500 Coins
  • Quay - 3500 Coins
  • Peasants’ Guildhouse - 3750 Coins
  • Healer’s House - 3850 Coins
  • Mint - 3100 Coins
  • Field Crop III - 3650 Coins
  • Large Pond - 3600 Coins
  • Garden - 3700 Coins
  • Large Park - 4100 Coins
  • Orchard Seeds III - 4150 Coins
  • Labourer’s Guildhouse - 4400 Coins
  • Field Crop IV - 4350 Coins
  • Patron’s Mansion - 10 000

Make use of the free roads


One of the best things to utilize in Patron is the roads that they offer. The roads are free to make and will increase the speed at which your villagers move around. Making use of the roads will help your village expand and grow faster than ever. In addition to roads, make sure that you use the grid mode when building. Grid mode will help your village be symmetrical and help you maximize the space that you have on offer. If you do not maximize space, you might end up with plots of land that you cannot build on because nothing fits into that space.

Sir Sim-Alot explains the use of roads and grid mode.

Forester’s Huts


The most common way of starting a game is to build one of every resource gathering building. This is a good way to start the game, but the best way, in this case, is to build two of the Forester’s Huts. The reasoning behind this is that the fisherman’s Hut that you built in the previous tip will consume a lot of wood and Forester’s Huts do not farm a lot of wood to start off with. So make sure that you create two Forester’s Huts to start the game off with and watch how your village expands exponentially.

Sir Sim-Alot tells us about the Forester’s Huts.

Do not Build Hunter’s Cabin for food


At the beginning, the game will recommend that you build Hunter’s Cabin for food. This does work but is not the best way to start off your game. As soon as you start a game, start researching for a Fisherman’s Hut, this will help you acquire food a lot faster than a Hunter’s Cabin. As soon as you have built your Fisherman’s Hut, you will be able to upgrade it, these upgrades will allow your food income to become quite excessive, it will be a much bigger income than if you were to build a Hunter’s Cabin. Once you have upgraded your Fisherman’s Hut, make sure to research Ice Fishing, as this will greatly improve your food gathering during the cold seasons.

Sir Sim-Alot teaches us the best way to start off the game.

Housing vs Shelters


As you start a new village, the first thing many people will look at doing is building shelters. Shelters are cheaper than houses, so they seem like the better way to start off the game. This is not the case, houses have more to offer and in the long run, are a better option to start a new village off with. Shelters will offer some perks, but they will not offer an income and your villagers will not have children while residing in a shelter. Houses will provide you with a yearly income and your village will expand as villagers have children. The best way to start a game is to look at building around five or six houses as a strong base start and expand from there, you will be provided with stone for the first few houses as you start a new game.

Sir Sim-Alot explains why houses are better than shelters.

Smaller tips to help you on your way


  • Make sure to build yourself a shrine, a shrine will increase the overall happiness of your people and will most likely prevent them from rioting.
  • Use road signs, road signs will increase your villagers walking speeds by five percent, this will greatly increase the productivity of your village in the long run.
  • Build your stockpile right behind your Fisherman’s Hut. This will increase your Fisherman’s Huts efficiency a lot as your fisherman do not have to walk far to store the fish that they catch.

Sir Sim-Alot gives us a few small tips.

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