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Last Updated: September 26, 2020
  • First Released: Feb 21, 2019

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Giant Chicken (secret boss)

Easter Eggs

The farm update added a new secret ending to Pacify, but it also came with a special Easter egg boss fight. While working toward the farm ending, put a green chicken in the box. This will make a gigantic green chicken appear for you to fight. Spawning and fighting the chicken doesn’t block you from playing further, so you can continue working toward the farm ending once you deal with the giant chicken.

Unlock All Endings


There are two main endings to unlock based on your choice at the very end of the game. After you burn all of the dolls and subdue Emilia, the normal ending requires you to carry her back to the van. However, there is a secret ending if you decide to burn the body instead of taking her to the van.

Similarly, there are two endings available in the farm update depending on what you do with the monster there.

Basic Tips


Until you reach the basement, your focus will be on finding keys to unlock new rooms. Each area will contain one key, and that will also lead you to the next key you need to find.

Once you access the basement, your goal is then to burn marked dolls in the basement boiler.

There are two types of dolls, normal dolls that can be used to pacify Emilia and marked dolls that must be burned. Marked dolls also move. You must burn all of the marked dolls in order to reach the ending.

There are two states Emilia can be in. When she’s calm, she won’t attack you. However, if you have a normal (pacify) doll with you, she can take it from you. When she’s in her monster mode, she’ll attack you. You must give her a doll to pacify her.

When Emilia is in her monster mode, her speed is determined by how many marked dolls you’ve burned. She gets faster with each burned doll. When only one marked doll remains, it is impossible to pacify her.

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