My Garage Unlockables on PC

Last Updated: July 28, 2022

Here are our Unlockables for My Garage on PC. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Hidden Items scattered throughout the Island Unlockables

The majority of the collectible locations are off the main road or in corners of the map that you have not yet gone to. You will not be able to use a taxi to explore these locations because you will not be able to take the collectibles back in the taxi. We suggest that you get a car and hold them while you walk back to your car. 

Most collectibles will only spawn once at the start of the game and will be marked as "collectible," and they will not persist through the saves. These items can only be sold at the pawn shop that is near the docks. There will be some items that you can keep, e.g., shelves, tables, chests, crates, etc. 

The different types of collectibles:

  • These items provide some form of function and do not despawn when you save and quit. Examples: tables and shelves.
  • These items allow you to store other items inside them for transport, and they do not despawn when you save and quit. Examples: chests, crates, boxes. 
  • These items are the shiny, expensive things that you should be looking for first because these items despawn when you save and quit, and they will not respawn. We suggest that you look for these items as soon as possible. You can move these items by hand, and they cannot be transported in a taxi. Examples: prospecting pan, chair, old TV, green book, etc.  

Once you have found all the collectibles you can, before you need to quit the game, go to the pawn shop. You can find the pawn shop if you look behind the gas station next to your garage. There is a small boat dock, and you will see shipping containers. In some of the containers, there is a pawn shop where you can sell the collectibles. You will see a sign at the pawn shop reminding you that collectibles do not transfer through saves. 


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