Leave No One Behind: la Drang Cheats on PC

Last Updated: November 12, 2022
Leave No One Behind: la Drang
  • First Released: Dec 30, 2021

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Being a tactical real time strategy war game, many people would like access to cheats to make the game a little bit more simple. Thankfully, content creators on the internet have made trainers that can be downloaded to give you access to cheats. If you were to download a trainer from a trusted website, you could get access to cheats such as:

  1. Infinite Platoon Health: Default Numpad 1
  2. Unlimited Soldier XP: Default Numpad 2
  3. Unlimited Platoon XP: Default Numpad 3
  4. Add 5 Free Command Points: Default Numpad 4
  5. Unlimited skulls: Default Numpad 5
  6. Game Speed: Default Numpad 6

Make sure to do some research and download the trainer from a trusted website, each trainers’ hotkeys might have different hotkeys, so just keep your eyes out.

Learn how to resupply


Unfortunately, the tutorial mission does not teach us everything, learning a few tips and tricks will help you make your way through this game. One of the things you should learn to do is to learn how to resupply. Firstly, you need to have it in your HQ Platoon as it acts as the distributor using ammo bearers( these are professions in the HQ). Make sure to keep resupplying as in the missions after your tutorial, this is essential. Making sure that you are stocked up with ammunition can mean the difference between a failed and a successful mission. So keep your eyes on those ammunition levels.

Artillery Support


Even though Falcon Mission is the only mission where you see the actual cannons, you do have access to artillery support. To get access, firstly you have to purchase the Artillery Skill in the skill tree. This will allow you to use artillery during missions, but it might not be ideal as you have to type in eight digit coordinates to select where you are wanting the artillery to fire. This complication can be resolved by getting the Faster Navigation perk on the skill tree. What this perk allows you to do is to simply select the area that you would like the artillery to fire on instead of having to type in the eight digit coordinates. So focus on first getting the Artillery skill, followed shortly by getting the Faster Navigation skill. 

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