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Last Updated: November 10, 2022
KeepUp Survival
  • First Released: Feb 25, 2021

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Cheat Trainer


KeepUp survival is an amazing survival game! KeepUp Survival doesn’t have built-in cheats, but you can make use of a trainer for cheats. Trainers such as Wemod or Plitch are always a good choice.

We suggest you go with Plitch. Plitch offers you 15 cheats. Five cheats are free, and the other 10 are for premium users. The cheats you can use on Plitch are.

Free Cheats

  • Prepare
  • Low Health
  • No Stamina
  • Refill Health
  • Refill Stamina

Premium Cheats

  • Godmode
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Food
  • No Thirst
  • Zero Weight
  • Set Weight
  • Hungry
  • Thirsty
  • Refill Food
  • Reset Thirst

To use Plitch trainer, you would first need to have it installed. Once installed, you can search for KeepUp Survival and access it through the trainer. Once you are in the game, all you need to do is activate the cheats when you need them.

Finding and Creating New Items


In KeepUp survival, there aren’t any particular unlockables. But you can find new items and create new items. To do this, you need to find different items which would be used to create a new item.

As you do this, you acquire such as axes, hammers, or a shovel. Items you need to collect to create new items are.

  • Fiber
  • Stones
  • Wood
  • Bullets
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Water
  • Rubbish

Collect whats Necessary


When it comes to surviving, you don’t want to fill your backpack with items that are unnecessary. Try to prioritize the items you need the most. Items that you would most likely need the most would be supplies like water, a first aid bag, food, and a weapon to protect yourself.

You might also need tools such as your hammer or axe. A spade or a bow and arrow for hunting. Carrying items that also help you build a shelter quickly, such as a plastic bag, paracord, and some ducktape. 

Always ask yourself the question, “ What do I need with me the most?” This might vary depending on how you play and what you put importance on. Always make sure you prioritize the items you need the most.

Practice your Skills


When you are out in the wild, there are a few skills that can be relatively difficult to do under pressure. It’s important that you practice things such as navigation, tying knots, setting traps, and hunting. 

Practicing should help you do things and complete tasks more efficiently, helping you progress in the game faster.

What do Puppies do?


Puppies can be a great help in the game. You have different commands for them. The first command will get them to follow you or stay. You can choose where they go, or you can make them attack other animals.

You find the puppies in the red barn on top of the hill. You can have as many as you want. Dogs can take damage when attacking animals such as bears, so best to take a few of them. You can also press x to make all the puppies disappear.

Here’s a video demonstrating what puppies do.

Making Glass


To make glass, you have to travel to sand deposits around the map. Once you have collected and you need to smelt the sand into glass blocks. If you find glass bottles, you can also smelt them down. 

You will need a shovel which can be made on your garden bench. You will need the shovel to collect sand. The sand piles are darker piles of sand on the beach. You can find a sand deposit in the main starter area.

You make one glass bar out of 4 bags of sand. Heat your furnace and add the sand to the furnace and choose glass bars. Wait a few minutes, and your glass bar will be complete.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to do this.

XP Guide


You gain XP in several ways during the game. Weapons give you more XP when you use them for their purpose. For example, using a stone axe will give you less XP than a pickaxe when you are mining stone.

The Pickaxe is specifically made for mining stone. When mining stone, you earn 0.2-1.6XP. When you use it for metal mining, you get 0.3-1.9XP, and mining Sulfur mining, you get 0.4-1.8XP

Using an Axe, you get 0.3-1.7XP when cutting trees and 0.1-0.6XP when mining stone, metal, and Sulfur. A Stone Axe receives 0.2-0.9XP when cutting wood and 0.1-0-0.4XP when mining stone, metal, and Sulfur.

A shovel is used for mining sand and gains you 0.2-1.6XP when used. A Sickle gives you 0.2-0.8XP when mining berries and fiber. Cutting trees also bring in XP for collecting resources. As you collect wood, you can receive 0.2-1.6XP.

Lastly, you receive XP when you defeat a mutant bear or harvest a dear. When you harvest a mutant bear, you receive 0.6-2.0XP when giving damage to the bear. If you kill the bear you receive 6000XP.

For giving damage to a dear, you can earn 0.6-1.8XP, and if you kill the dear, you receive 2.8XP. For a young dear harvest, this changes slightly. When you deal damage to a young dear, you receive 0.4-1.4XP. If you kill the young dear, you earn 2.2XP.

Valuable resources


Using an axe or pickaxe, you are able to cut down trees and remove stones respectively. You can use these materials to build your structures. 

Finding and collecting fruits is helpful. Remembering their place is also a good practice. You can always plant your own fruit trees from this. 

You can also melt down certain resources.  Resources such as;  trash, weapons, and iron. This will give you iron bars.

Tools and weapons


All items, such as tools and weapons, will eventually break. These tools and weapons must be repaired, this can be done on a workbench.

Tools and weapons that can be repaired on a workbench are as follow; axe, pickaxe, hammer, pistols, and many larger firearms.

Construction Plan


You need a construction plan (book) to be able to build. Your structures can also break.

Using the hammer, you are able to fix objects and things or have the ability to upgrade objects. 

You are able to: build a small camp, house, garden, or an entire village. You can do this alone or with your friends.

Where to find Metal


Metal is a very important material you need to make most things in the game, such as bullets, benches, weapons, and tools. Early in the game, metal isn’t the easiest to find. One method of finding metal is by collecting rubbish.

Forty rubbish can be used to make one ingot. As you explore the island collecting rubbish you will also come across oil lamps. You can use these as lamps, but these lamps are also equivalent to one ingot. So each lamp you find gives you one ingot of metal when you melt it down.

You can also find nails and change them back to ingots. Fifty nails make one ingot and vice versa. There is also a metal deposit mine that you can go to where you can find metal. The metal deposit is close to your landing point.

You can use your axe to mine the metal, but the best tool would be to make a stone pick axe. There is another metal mine on the main island towards the bottom left. They are bigger and have more to mine. 

To get to these mines, you need to go to the guy in the blue jacket at the botting station. He will take you across and drop you off near the mines. To get to the metal deposits, you have to travel quite far into the cave. Once you get to the metal, you will have a lot of deposits to choose from.

Here’s a video guide showing you where to find these mines.

Animals in the game


Animals have their own behavior and patterns.

You can expect over 10 animal species at the start of Early Access to the game. 

These animals will be: Crocodiles, elephants, pigs, crows, foxes, wolves, deer, goats, sheep, bears, chickens, rabbits, and much much more.

Mutated Creatures


At the start of Early Access, 1 to 2 Mutated Creatures can be expected. These bring you better loot. These mutated Creatures have different levels of difficulty to kill. 

Food and water


Exploring the island will allow you to find food and water. You need this to be able to survive. As an example, you can harvest potatoes and plant them again in your garden beds to replenish your supply.



A wonderful dynamic weather cycle awaits.  Day and  night cycles with rain and fog are also included.

Key bindings


 There are some known issues with key Binding in the game. These are;

  • Missing NUM pad does not allow to change chat key bindings.
  • Chat key bindings cannot be selected.
  • Chat key bindings cannot be selected and cause you to not be able to exit Free Mode

The best solution to this problem at the moment is to Re-Assign these keys in the main menu.

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