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Last Updated: November 8, 2022
Escape Simulator
  • First Released: Oct 18, 2021

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Beginner Tips


Pay attention to an items description 

When you examine an object closely, a name of the object will pop up on the top of the screen. Sometimes an icon may appear by the object's name. These icons will indicate that the object is significant and will give you a hint as to how the object can be used.

Look behind objects and items

If you are struggling to find hints, some objects or hints may be large and be hidden behind other objects, which can then be dragged out. These items are things such as: pillows, chairs, and maybe paintings.

Use objects in combination with each other

Some items and objects can be used in combination with each other to solve puzzles and then unlock hints. You can do this by examining the object in your inventory if you think that the objects are able to interact with each other. 

Objects can be broken by throwing the object

Sometimes hints and objects to solve puzzles or give hints may be found inside certain objects. To reach these, you will need to break the item by throwing it. To throw the object, hold the left mouse button down until the object begins to shake, then release the left mouse button to throw the object.

Look closely at tags on locks

Start each room by examining the locks in the room. Upon inspection of the locks, you will see icons on the lock that will help you to solve the puzzles to unlock the lock.

There are clues above eye level

Most of the smaller escape rooms have got tall ceilings in them. This means there may be clues hidden above eye level. These clues may be set on a shelf or just be in the open. 

There may be tokens hidden in the nooks and crannies

The tokens are collectibles that are hidden in every escape room. They resemble a coin that is similar to a square five yen coin.  

Infinite items and objects can be held

Although you can use the mouse wheel and the numbers on your keyboard to select objects, there is no need to remove objects from your inventory to make space. 

Use the trash can

As you sort through objects in the escape room, discard unusable items, such as broken shards in the trash can. If you by accident throw something in the trash can, you can retrieve it by pressing it on the trash can.

Examine objects carefully

In the tutorial, there is an option to press space when examining an object. When in the examination mode, you can use your mouse wheel to move the object around to get a better view of the object. 



The only unlockable that can be found in the game is the tokens. These can be found in each room in various locations as they are randomly generated. Some of the places where these tokens can be found are as follow:


  • Behind the seat of the blue chair
  • On the wing of a toy play which is hanging on the roof 
  • Behind the curtain on the window
  • On top of the shelf in a block
  • Between the bars at the end of the bed
  • Close to Italy on the map
  • Underneath the blue toy car
  • In the hand of the dinosaur on the poster

First chamber

  • By the eagle next to the wheel of numbers
  • In the dust around the structure in the middle of the room 
  • In a hanging pot
  • In the flask, Throw out the water
  • A coin that was picked up on the floor wash it in water to find it
  • In the bricks in the corner of the room
  • Below the base, there is a tile that can be moved.
  • Enter the number 2263 in the eagle to get a token

Chamber of dead

  • In a scroll below the box with numbers
  • In the wooden crate on the ground in the corner
  • On the roof of the tent
  • Close to the head on the standing sarcophagus
  • In a button on a hanging pot
  • Behind a box where the wheel of numbers was
  • On the top of the box with buttons

Gold chamber 

  • On the inside of the bean can with a spoon on the side of the can
  • By tuning the radio to the middle will open a compartment with a token in it
  • In the left hand of the statue
  • Inside the wheel that has got geometric figures 
  • On the back of the chest with no legs
  • Behind the triangle decoration that is above the golden statue

Chamber of danger

  • On the back of the scarab that goes in and out of the room
  • Behind where the sun was in the scorpion and camel altar
  • Behind the bowl where you placed the balls to float
  • In the bottom of the skeleton's skull.
  • Hidden in between the gold coins on the ground
  • On the wall left of the bird
  • There is a token in the wall where the balls float
  • In the compartment on the wall of the pyramids.
Attached below is a video to show the location of all the tokens.

Cheat Engine


There is no integrated cheat system for Escape Simulator; however, a cheat engine can be installed for the game. The cheat engine is provided by fearless revolution.

We suggest that you always read reviews on any cheat engine before adding the software into your system. However, the Fearless cheat engine has worked for many other players and provides a few basic cheats for you.

The cheats that are available with the cheat engine are as follow:

  • Infinite trophy time
  • No waiting for hints
A cheat engine may be difficult to install for inexperienced users. Attached below is a link on how to install cheat engines.

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