Dread Templar Cheats on PC

Last Updated: March 1, 2023
Dread Templar
  • First Released: Aug 13, 2021

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Nightmare Unlockable


At the starting area, you will need to continue on the path that's on the right and enter the gate that will take you to the campaign proper. From there, Turn around and use the glowing emblem on the right side rather than entering the portal.

To unlock Nightmare difficulty, You can enter the newly opened door and jump-dash to the portal at the end (which you do not need to go through).

Please note that if  this is your first time playing, it is advised that you complete the tutorial because it also covers the distinctive aspects of the game in addition to fundamental shooter mechanics. Once you have unlocked nightmare, difficulty will be available in the NG & level select menus, as well as for the wave-based Guardian mode.

Halloween Special

Easter Eggs

This level's "side area" is different from the others because it was a Halloween special back in the early access. The good news is the developer decided to keep it as a permanent component of the game. To access it, first use the indented part  of the rock formation next to the skeleton at the super secret location.  In doing so, the themed room behind is revealed.

Enter, shoot the hourglass found inside and then exit by returning to the room in front of the red keycard pedestal. To change the level to its Halloween counterpart, pass through the freshly opened gate and touch the portal.

As you progress through the level, keep an eye out for tickets as you carve your way through since they are needed for the minigames, facing the unique boss and purchasing the themed rune for the advanced weapons on offer. 

MegaYoYo shows you the Halloween Easter Egg.

A Guide in the Beginning



At this stage, you ought to get your first katana throw kill. Following that, you will need to do that a lot more times, but you don't need to rush. Katanas get increasingly beneficial over time when more runes are added. You can go back to the level(s) of your choice and grind for the last few kills even if you don't get Throwing Master at the conclusion of your run.

Skull Plate

Turn around and shoot the skull plate at the beginning to find a hidden alcove with some ammunition. You can then follow the next step which is to destroy the crates beneath the wooden walkway around the next corner, then crawl through the gap to find another hidden alcove. Once you've reached the first save point, turn around and jump-dash onto the edge of the walkway onto the beams across from you to get the ammo that is lying in plain sight.

The ledge

In keeping with the last secret, jump-dash to the armor that is perched on the ledge below and use the nearby wall to be able to reveal a hidden compartment. When you step out, climb up the rocks behind the crypt, jump-dash onto the roof, and get the ammunition that is hidden on the opposite side.

Shotgun Rush

Down the second crypt, jump-dash onto the ledge that is visible to the right of the walkway.  After that, turn around and jump-dash onto the wood grain in the corner.   Shoot the skull plate that is now clearly visible to reveal a door directly below. To find a rune and two health packs, drop down and continue the trail. (Shotgun Rush) From there, as you continue the trail, you will reach the elevator. Hop onto the lever and jump-dash to the walkway to find some amo hidden in the corner. 

Sylar helps you with the beginning of the game.

Super Secret


As you approach the second crypt's door, you'll see a grave headstone with the words "R.I.P." Stand in front of it until the message that is displayed on the screen reads, "A secret door somewhere is now open."

Return to the gallows tree in the center and look for a passage you can use to crawl through to enter, on the left, to find the previously hidden area behind. (A blood gem and an early double-barrel shotgun) Make sure the achievement gets unlocked the moment Templar states that he found a super secret! 

The Prison super secret Part 1

The first step is destroying the three emblems hidden in the pool beneath the three-way bridge near the start. The first one is located at the foot of the central pillar, while the second and the third are found in the tunnels left and right. An on-screen message appears once all of them are destroyed: 'An ineffective rune has been reactivated'. After that, return to the pit and look for the glowing symbol opposite the Double-Barrel Shotgun pedestal. Use the symbol to get teleported to an otherwise unreachable area where the goodies are lying in wait.

The Prison Guides & secrets


Skull Plate

Shoot the skull plate above the gate on the right as you cross the bridge to reveal an alcove above. Use the bricks that protrude from the gate's right side to climb the ledge and take the goods inside.

Vine Tunnel

To access the side area, shoot the cracked part of the cavern wall next to the to the second save spot. Go on, dive in, and as soon as you come up for air, scan your right for a partially hidden tunnel covered in vines. Crawl in to  two health packets, crawl inside. When you emerge from the side area,use the wall panel next to the SMT energy in the following room to emerge from the side area to expose some ammunition. 

Hidden Armor

Below in the pit, make use of the wall behind the double barrel shotgun pedestal to reveal a hidden armor. You will then cross the bridge leading to the portal, drop down to the fuming pit below and take hold of the rune found under the middle arch. (Templar Rush) 

SNT energy

Once you have reached the upgrade altar that over looks the abyss, destroy the creates piled at the corner and use the brick wall behind them to expose a compartment with some SMT energy. Right before you descend to the lower floor of the torture chambers, turn around and use the unlit torch below the pillar to reveal a ladder that will take you to a hidden rune, some ammo and two health packs. It is advised that you make use of the super secret you collected previously, followed by a final dash to the now visible armor across..

The prison secrets Part 2

SUPER SECRET - Go through the teleporter located on the opposite side of the yellow keycard arena to find yourself in the ledge overlooking the said area. Crawl into the hole at the corner to discover a blueprint on the wall alongside an armor. Return to the torture room in the cell block, shoot the demon plate on the wall and check behind the bookcase to discover the other blueprint (secret #10).

Back in the cell block, arrange the doors so that they are in line with the blueprints (X marks a closed door). Doing so reveals a hidden teleporter in the cell with the bloodstained wall on the second floor. Go through it to find yourself in the otherwise unreachable area that can already be seen above the yellow gate. (Lightning Spear -G-, a Blood Gem and an early Rocket Launcher)

The Prison Guides & secrets Part 2

Continue from the previous secret. Use the wall below the two torches to the right of the steel walkway just before it to reveal secret ammunition. Following from the previous secret, take the path on the right, destroy the crates found in the next room and crawl into the opening to find some ammo behind the corner. Continue from the previous secret once again to access the teleporter to the side area by shooting the wall's cracked section in the same room. As you persevere, check for an opening at the bottom of the pipe close to the slope leading to the elevator, then drop down to find two life packs and some ammo there. You will then shoot the skull plate below the walkway with the lever on it to open an entrance to the fenced station in the same room.

Back on the main path

On the main path, right after reaching the bottom of the floor via the metallic walkway, jump on top of the crates piled beneath the slope to reach a ladder that leads to a hidden armor and some ammo.In keeping with the previous secret, as soon as you enter the quite lengthy corridor, check for the unlit torch on the right wall. To access a secret compartment, use that first and then the bloodstain next to the doorway to reach a hidden compartment. (Katana Mutilate, 2) from there, Descend into the pit and crawl into the drainage pipe right across to find some ammo and two health packs.

Yellow keycard

Once reaching the yellow keycard, use the wall behind the unit to torch the side to reveal a hidden compartment that holds some SMT energy. Then, as you cross the walkway outside, jump from the corner ledge below to take hold of armor plates and some ammo.

Find a blue print

In the torture room go ot the cell block, shoot the demon plate on the all to get the bookcase. In the same oom slipe open. Follow the path to find an armor, health packs and a blue print.

Back below the surface secrets


SUPER SECRET - Return to the area that comes after the spider-infested cavern (secret #3) and use the bloodstained wall at the dead end to reveal another way that leads outside. Jump-dash onto the beam and continue towards the candles on the corner. Turn the corner, use the switch, return to the central cavern and make your way to the bloodstained wall near secret #9, which should be open at this point, thanks to that last switch. Get in there and grab the goodies.

Note that the secret door closes after a certain while (as *subtly* implied by Templar himself), so you need to hurry back there to access the hidden room. (Explosion Trap -G- and a Blood Gem)

Back below the surface Guides


First step

Jump first onto the bare pedestal next to the save point first.. Jump-sprint to the cage across from there. To locate some hidden SMT energy, climb up the jut above, turn around, then jump-dash to the ledge on the other side to find hidden SMT energy. While you take the elevator out of there, turn around and get into the opening to find an armor and health packs around the corner.

Spider caver

After going through the spider infested caver, turn right at the foot of the stairs, destroy the crates at the end and use the wall behind them to see a cache. You can then drop down to the lower floor, reach the walk way above the rune via the creates at the corner and receive the armor that's placed on a beam. At the end of the elevator ride in the central cavern, take the path behind the crates to the right and destroy the cracked wall behind the weapon on offer to reach the side area. Go through the tunnel, turn right and drop down to the ledge below to find a cache. 

Hidden alcove

As you fight your way through the side area, jump-dash to the ledge below the altar, turn around and follow the path alongside the cavern walls to each the rune that you can see in the distance.Make use of the previous secret, use the wall under the upside down corpse in the infested room to reveal a hidden alcove. 

Rocket Launcher Ammo

On the main path, turn right as you reach the surface and jump-dash onto the beam across to get the Rocket Launcher ammo thats been placed there. With the previous secret, walk to the other end of the beam and jump-dash your way to the shotgun ammo residing on the rocks.

The lair guides


Hidden Cave

Once you have arrived at the lower floor of the ruins, turn around and jump-dash to get to the rune on the ledge. After that, use the mossy part of the rock to the right of the same ledge to see a hidden cave.

Leons sunglasses and his plant

You can then follow from the previous secret, returning to the upper floor and look for a ledge that can be seen from the opening next to the pillars at the other end. Drop down and time your dash to reach it to find some ammo along with Leons sunglasses and his plant.

After the boss battle, turn around and take the other way out of the arena. Cross the destroyed pillar to inf a rune on the other side. (Inferno Rocker Expansion)

Return to lower levels to replenish your supplies before moving onto the next episode.

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