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Last Updated: February 10, 2023

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  • First Released: Feb 8, 2022

How To Building An Army Guides

Building an army is an essential part of surviving in “Diplomacy is not an option”. Your army will defend your empire from approaching enemies and destroy enemy buildings that allow you to loot resources and gather Soul Crystals.

Building an army begins with first building a Barracks in the game. Once you have built a Barracks it will allow you to create Swordsmen and Archers. Swordsmen are used for fighting militia on the ground, whilst Archers are used for long range attacks.

You will need to upgrade your Barracks to unlock advanced soldiers. When your Barracks has been upgraded it will grant you access to create Healers, Spearmen, and Crossbowmen.

Spearman are shielded and are useful in defence when holding back enemies. Crossbowmen work together with Spearman as they stand behind them and shoot the enemy.Healers will stand behind Crossbowman and heal your injured soldiers.

When you upgrade your Barracks to Tier 3 it will unlock Horseman and Hammerman. These two soldiers are expensive and cost gold coins. Horsemen are only useful for scouting the area in search of resource carts and enemy buildings.

A Hammerman's attack is stronger than a Spearman's attack but they will die faster as they are not shielded in any way. Once you have built a stone wall around your empire you will primarily need more Crossbowmen to defend your empire from attacking soldiers.

Now that you have an army you will also need to build an Engineer Guild for heavy artillery. You can build a Catapult early in the game next to your castle. As you upgrade your Engineer Guild to the second tier you will be able to purchase a Ballista.

Trebuchets are the last weapon to be unlocked from the Engineer Guild. These weapons cost 8 gold coins to create but they are more effective in battle against soldiers than a Ballista. 

Your army should mainly consist of Spearman for fighting enemy soldiers on the ground, Healers for healing your injured soldiers, Crossbowman for long range attacks and defending your walls, a few Ballistas for breaking down enemies buildings, and lastly Trebuchets.


Normal Dumbass shows you how to build an army in Diplomacy is not an option.


How To Survive The First 10 Days (Strategy) Guides

This guide will explain how to start a new game in "Diplomacy is not an option" on the  beginner “Walk in the Park” difficulty. The first step on Day 1 is to build a Lumber Mill, Barracks, Berry Pickers, and Fisherman's Hut.

You will also need to focus on gathering food resources, which you can do by building a berry picker's house or a fisherman's hut.

The main difference between a fisherman's hut and berry picker's house is the production and how fast food is gathered. A berry picker only has one stationed worker that will gather berries from bushes until they are exhausted and will then have to travel to find new berries.

There are two fishermen working at the fisherman’s hut, it takes them three times longer to harvest fish than berries. However, as with the berries the fish will run out and you will have to destroy your fisherman’s hut and build a new one.

Begin to scout the map for as many resource carts that you can find with your soldiers. These carts will give your economy a boost in the beginning of your game as they store valuable resources such as iron, stone, and food.

When you are scouting the map for resource carts, you will come across some enemy builds. Destroy any enemy builds that come across your path, while avoiding larger enemy camps in the process, or you will be defeated. 

You will be able to loot smaller enemy camps and will start to collect Soul Crystals.

Collect as many Soul Crystals as you can in the beginning of the game. Soul Crystals are useful in the game because they allow you to cast magic spells against enemies. 

After you have collected 25 wood you must start to build your first house close to the Town Hall. Your focus must turn on building as many houses as you can, this will allow you to get new workers and increase your workforce.

Try to build four new houses on the second day of the game, and create 5 new Swordsmen that you must send to your army. Your army must continue to scout the area for resource carts.

On Day 3 of your game you will need to focus your energy and resources on strengthening your defences and improving your army. During the proceedings on Day 3 you will be informed of an approaching enemy attack.

You will need to build a Wooden Tower and Watchtower to deter the approaching enemies attack. These two structures must be surrounded by a wall to protect it from the enemies' soldiers.

Kill the approaching enemy with your Archers, you will need a total of 10 Archers to effectively defeat the enemy. Once you have 10 Archers in your army, place a single Archer in the Watchtower and move the remaining 9 Archers to the Wooden Tower. 

Your Swordsman must be tactically placed close to your Wooden Tower. Don’t attack your enemy with your Swordsman, allow the enemy to approach you and your Archers will attack them as they approach. Your Swordsman will then battle the enemy on the ground as they approach your tower.

The battle will claim some of your Swordsman, which will need to be replaced before you are attacked again by the enemy. After the battle, you will need to shift your focus onto expanding your town by building a Cemetery, Stone Mine, and a Granary for food production.

You will need to continue to gather valuable resources until you reach the beginning of Day 6. On this day, you will be warned of an incoming enemy attack approaching, you will need to create a stronger army in order to defeat this enemy.

Your army must expand to 20 Swordsman and 15 Archers. This attack will destroy almost half of your Swordsman (10), after which you must rebuild your army to 25 Swordsman. Once you have won the battle, you will need to further build additional houses near your Town Hall. 

Days 7 and 8 must be spent on rebuilding your army for the third attack that will take place on Day 9. You will need 30 Swordsman for this battle and an additional 4 Archers to defeat your enemy.

On Day 9 you will be alerted as to which direction the third army will be attacking. You will now have to construct a new Wooden Tower and WatchTower in the path of the approaching army. 

Place 9 Archers in the newly built Wooden Tower and one Archer in the WatchTower. Take 30 Swordsman and surround the base of your Wooden Tower to protect it from your enemies. The battle can cost you up to 20 Swordsman and will need to be replenished.

After the battle, you must focus your attention on upgrading your empire, build additional Barracks, Granaries, Lumber Mills, and Houses. The fourth attack will be approaching on Day 12, so it’s best to start preparing on Day 10.


Perafilzof shares a guide on how to start "Diplomacy is not an option."


Build As Many Lumber Mills On Your First Day Hints

Wood is an important resource as it will allow you to build houses in the game. On the first day of your game you must build as many Lumber Mills as possible. You can build up to 7 Lumber Mills on the first day of your game. 



CrazyAwesomeGamer shares some tips and hints with us.


Build Towers Hints

Build towers around your empire instead of building walls. Walls are weaker than towers and once one piece of a tower has been destroyed the enemy will have access to your empire. Double walls will prevent your Crossbowmen from directly shooting your enemies as they attack your walls.

Building a tower instead of a wall will allow your Crossbowmen to shoot your enemies when they are attacking your tower. Builders can also repair towers that are under siege without being injured.



Pause The Game Hints

Time is an important resource that must not be wasted in “Diplomacy is not an option”. You are given a tool to manage your time by clicking on the “Pause” button. When you are unsure of what to do next it's best to simply pause your game and strategize your next moves.


GamerConsultant shares some tips and hints


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