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Last Updated: February 8, 2023

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  • First Released: Apr 25, 2021

Deepest Sword Mods Cheats

FlooferLand created a few Deepest Sword mods, but they're not big enough to warrant their own repository.

To install the modifications,

First, go to to download the BepInEx mod loader.

Once you've downloaded it, extract all of its files from the zip file into the directory where Deepest Sword.exe is located (typically C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonDeepest Sword).

After that, you must start the game once more in order to initialize BepInEx.

Additionally, you can download any of my mods from the release page. 

After that, drag the mod(s) into "..Deepest SwordBepInExplugins."

The game ought to run successfully at this point!



Constructing the projects Cheats

Install the ".NET Desktop Development" package along with Visual Studio 2022.

Download this repository, then extract it, or clone it.

Create a BuildVars directory in the same location as the .sln file in the directory of the mod you wish to modify.

Make the path to the directory where you installed Deepest Sword in a text file called deepest_sword_path.txt, and then paste it there in the BuildVars directory.

The following items should be pasted into the lib directory:

All the DLLs in ..\Deepest Sword\BepInEx\Core (besides Harmony20.dll).

From ..\Deepest Sword\Deepest Sword_Data\Managed, the following DLLs:

The NStrip.exe file should then be placed in the lib directory after you have downloaded and extracted NStrip.

Run the following command from the lib directory on the terminal CD:
NStrip -p -cg --cg-exclude-events --remove-readonly Assembly-CSharp.dll Assembly-CSharp-nstrip.dll.

At this point, you ought to be able to open the .sln file for the mod you want to edit or add to.

You should also use the UnityExplorer mod for development because it enables real-time game modification and allows you to explore game scenes.


Check out the jumping mod in action in the video.


Utilize the word sword Hints

Utilize the sword to help you cross the bar step or move from block to block.

The sword must be in the proper alignment to pierce the dragon's heart.

Stabbing the sword will prevent the dragon from attacking you since it won't become active until you climb on its back.

One of your main goals is to finish the mission as quickly as you can.



Explore The Cavern of Longing's Depths Guides

This classic puzzle platformer game, Deepest Sword, challenges you to explore the Cavern of Longing's depths and drive your sword all the way into the dragon's heart. Move in unexpected directions and get past different challenges.

A clever plot and entertaining physics mechanics characterize the retro-styled action platformer game Deepest Sword. Your avatar in this game will draw a greatsword that is heavier than he is. Each swing of the enormous sword will cause your character's position to become disoriented, so feel its weight. Unfortunately, your character's ability to jump was lost because of the sword's enormous size and weight. Use the momentum of the sword to move in ways that you would never have imagined possible before today.

This game is evidence that size is important. However, you must also learn how to use it. You risk causing yourself harm if you don't. It would be best if you looked at the length of the sword. Some swords might actually get in the way of your movement, especially in confined spaces. Find the ideal combination of length, weight, and mobility to overcome the dungeons in front of you and slay that dragon.



Sword Guide Guides

Just the Tip: 
Use the length 1 sword to slash Long the Dragon.

That Tickles:

Utilizing the length 2 sword, slash Long the Dragon.

Felt Something:
Strike the Dragon with the length 3 sword.

So Deep: 
Use the length 4 sword to slash Long the Dragon.

The Deepest Sword:
With the deepest sword, slash Long the Dragon's heart.

Quick Shot:
Play through the game in under ten minutes. 

Fast fiver:
Play through the game in under 5 minutes.

Dragon Slayer:
Complete the game in under 4 minutes

Use the length 4 sword to get around the final area.



Head Over Heels Guides

To complete this challenge figure out how to stand on Long the Dragon's head. 



This video guide from Kyber Games shows you how to do it.


Getting… Over It Guides

To complete this challege take the upper route with the length 2 sword.



This video guide from Kyber Games shows you how to do it.


Living Legend Guides

You can play the entire game in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds.



This Atilolzz speedrun, which was completed in 3:25, might help you unlock 4 of the achievements: Dragon Slayer, Living Legend (the most difficult), Quick Shot, and Fast Fiver


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