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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Core Keeper
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Mar 7, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
  • Themes: Survival, Sandbox, Mystery

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Helpful Cheats


The core keeper does not have any built-in cheats. You can, however, download a trainer for this game, which adds your standard cheat functions to the game. By using the trainer from WeMods you can utilize the following cheats:


  • Super Speed
  • Reveal Larger Area
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Food
  • Improve Game Lighting
  • Easy Fishing
  • Easy Digging


  • Easy Crafting


  • Set Right Clicked Item Count
  • Set Selected Item 1
  • Set Selected Item 999
  • Unlimited Armor Durability
  • Unlimited Weapons Durability


  • Max Skills Level


  • Super Damage
WeMod displays all of the games on your PC safely.

Character background


Character creation isn’t difficult, but you might be unsure about your character’s background and the benefits that come with it. Don’t be too concerned. It doesn’t appear to make much of a difference after the first hour or so, and if you devote enough time to the core keeper, it all seems to balance out.

There are some lovely advantages, such as the Explorer’s light or the Miner’s starting pickaxe, but no single class will give you a significant edge over the others.

Original Ryan shows us a few different tips and tricks on creating your character in this video:

Look for interaction in visual cues


Because it is still in early access, there isn't much of a tutorial, if any at all, so seek subtle visual signals to learn how to interact with objects. Different icons will get highlighted and advise you how to open various additional menus, so if you're having trouble doing something, take a second to see if the game is frantically trying to tell you to hit E instead of angrily clicking away.

Make use of your skill points


You'll gain XP benefits for almost all of the things you're already doing, like mining, running, and crafting. However, if you receive a notice informing you that you have a new skill point, head to your skills menu and allocate it straight away. There are a ton of perks and quality of life enhancements hidden in there, such as improving your mining speed or decreasing food energy needed by running, so you'll want to get a head start on obtaining them to make your journey go a little smoother.

Vadose shows you how to mine fast.

Let the light shine


The dynamic lighting in Core Keeper is beautiful to look at while running around with a torch, but it may get rather gloomy down there if your hands are otherwise busy. Keep a small supply of torches available to illuminate locations where you will be spending time.

It's also a good idea to take the time to completely clear out places so that the light can reach all of the dark corners without being cut off by random bits of wall. You can also consider allowing the naturally occurring surroundings to assist you along the path. Some resources, such as glow tulips or small clouds of fireflies, might be just as beneficial when left alone to illuminate your route.

Taking naps


Make yourself a bed as soon as you get enough fiber (which you'll only find in wooden containers for the time being). Taking a quick snooze will replenish your health bar, allowing you to conserve food before returning to combat slimes. Not only that, but if you really want to branch out, it would be a good idea to build smaller bases outside of your main base, each with its own bed. That way, you can swiftly recharge when you're far away from home, and you'll have another respawn point if you get into danger.

Realm space gaming talks about bed and habitable room tips.

Playing with your friends


With a rather simple multiplayer mechanism, Core Keeper may handle up to eight players in a single cave system at the same time. For the time being, co-op is only available online, although sharing your game ID is simple enough that visitors can drop by. This game ID appears to be required for the time being. You can't now enter a stranger's game or simply open your own to other players.

Jackal wolf gives a guide on how to start or join a multiplayer world.

Get crafty


The first resource you'll come upon will be wood, and that will be all you need to get started after your character emerges from their mystery pod.

Make some torches, a pickaxe, and the workbench right immediately using the basic crafting available in your pack menu. Everything else can wait a little longer because you'll need a few more critical things and improvements before you can move much further.

Begin digging through the walls around you, looking for anything sparkly. This will provide you with soil and ore, allowing you to create your furnace at the workbench. This allows you to melt the copper ore to enhance your pickaxe and construct a sword to deal with any slimes you come across.

However, don't be in a hurry to access all of the crafting resources right away because you can get a lot done by starting simple.

Jadecraft will teach you just how to get your craft on.

Learn how to cook while growing crops


You'll come across lots of naturally occurring food, but it's not nearly as effective as the health benefits and added bonuses that come with learning to cook. After you've created the cooking pot at the workbench, you can combine ingredients to create dishes that boost your speed, and max health, and even make you shine while replenishing your health bar.

And if you want to constantly have fresh ingredients, create a hoe to clear off some farmland and plant the seeds you'll surely pick up on your travels. Next, make a watering can and fill it with water from the nearest underground lake, and you'll have crops ready in no time – everything grew faster than we imagined.

Do not rush into combat.


Slow-moving slimes may not seem like much of a challenge, but if you come across a large group, things can rapidly get out of hand. They not only do a startling amount of damage, but if you die, you'll have to return to that region to regain almost everything you had in your pack (only equipment and whatever was in your quick bar will respawn with you). That could involve gathering more resources simply to fight your way back in and reclaim your land.

Take things carefully at the start, and don't rush into battle. You'll be able to manufacture armor eventually, but don't put it ahead of keeping the rest of your tools in good working order.

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