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Last Updated: January 7, 2024

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Beginner's Guide


Keep Moving Forward

Learning to shoot accurately while staying mobile is one of the most crucial aspects of the game. You cannot stop moving in this game, as it can mean a very sudden death. Players must learn to keep moving, even when engaged with enemies. Take some time to practice shooting at targets while moving left and right, jumping up and down, and sliding to prepare yourself for combat properly. You'll only master the game after you've mastered the art of making a successful kill while moving.

Memorize the Maps

There are 11 maps in the game, each with specific weapons, and if you want to excel, you need to know where you're going, especially since the maps for matches are chosen randomly. The first three times you play through a map, take the opportunity to scope out your surroundings and learn the lay of the land. It will definitely take a while, but it will be well worth it when you're dropped into a map and know exactly where you need to go to get specific guns and take out as many enemies as you possibly can.

Maps like the Power Station, Art Gallery, Subway, Farm, Trainyard, and Hangar X-87 have spaces perfect for long-range engagements, which are covered by snipers, and areas great for mid-to-close combat, which are decorated with SMG and shotguns.

The long-range weapons around the Power Station, Art Gallery, and Train Yard are situated in the middle of the map, while the side sections are designated for other forms of combat. In contrast, the Subway, Hanger, and Farm maps are divided into long sighting angles and close-range quarters where you need to ensure you're constantly moving around so that you don't die.

Take the Time to Learn Each Weapon

There is a wide selection of primary and secondary weapons for you to get the hang of. You'll want to start by learning the feel of every primary weapon to determine what works best for you before moving on to every secondary weapon. 

Different weapons can be useful in different situations. Assault rifles and SMGs are great for mid-range encounters, shotguns are a good option for taking out enemies up close, and sniper rifles are perfect for popping enemies' heads at a distance.

Players who are familiar with each weapon type have ridiculously high kill counts.

Be Smart with Your Load-out Set-Up

When in the weapons tab, you will find a space called edit load-outs that allows you to choose weapons and other equipment you want to use in a match. There are three load-out slots you can use to create three different presets, and these load-outs include a primary weapon slot, a secondary weapon slot, and a lethal slot.

A Sniper, SMG, or shotgun is perfect for the primary slot, as you never know what map you're going to load into. Pistols should always be in your secondary weapon slot because they're the most dependable weapons in the game, and the lethal slot is the perfect spot for thermite or grenades, both of which will add an explosive twist to any match.

Adjust Your Settings to Your Liking

There are four tabs available in the options menu, each with settings you can adjust to ensure optimal gameplay:

  • The Game Tab contains general options, including the language pack and choosing when the control vibrates. This tab is also where you can toggle whether or not to show a kill report and additional info about your kill.
  • The Graphics Tab lets you decide the quality and smoothness of your game. There are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best possible experience while gunning down enemies: Change battle shadows to Medium, turn off the fog, make your textures Ultra, and set the weapon details high. This will help the game feel less grainy.
  • The Controls Tab allows you to change the placement of your buttons, tweak the HUD, and adjust your camera and scopes' sensitivity. There are three default sensitivity presets (low, medium, and high).
    It would be best if you took the time to explore the sensitivity options until you've adjusted them to your liking. Most prefer to move quickly, downing enemies without hesitation (many claim that these are the best settings given the pace of the game). Others prefer more stable control that gives them the time to aim.
    This is also the tab where you will find double-tap action, which can be helpful in many situations.
  • The Sound Tab allows you to increase or decrease the master volume, music, and in-game sound effects to your liking.
    Find what works for you and stick with it. 

Use Melee Combat to Your Advantage

Many players don't bother with melee combat (everyone knows you don't bring a knife to a gunfight), but it's a significant part of this game. While running around the map, you may suddenly find yourself face-to-face with an enemy. You could just shoot them in the face, but why not save a few bullets and cut them down with your knife?

Not only does a melee attack have an incredibly high chance of killing enemies, but it leaves them open for a clean shot.

Time Your Reloads

In shooter games, many players feel obliged to reload their weapon as soon as they kill an enemy or when their gun isn't at max capacity. Don't do this. Instead, wait until no enemies are nearby, then reload your gun. This way, you can't be caught off guard and can reload your gun in peace.

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