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Last Updated: October 31, 2022
Chicken Invaders Universe
  • First Released: Apr 15, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 7,

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Bosses you will encounter in the Game


Mysterious Ship

  • The attack method includes:
    • shooting lasers in up to six directions.
  • It has no strength and is weak against the lightning fryer.
  • You should stay near its corners as the lasers it shoots taper out.
  • The ship's fire is periodic. Therefore, once you learn its pattern, it will be easier to defeat it.


  • Attack methods in the first phase include:
    • Shooting lasers from its laser cannons, which will then reposition. 
    • Summoning a terminator chicken for help, in which it is able to respawn.
  • Attack methods in the second phase include:
    • Wobbling around trying to hit you while it is without its protective shell. Once it is closer to exploding, it becomes more aggressive.
  • The Yolk-Star™ strategy in the first phase:
    • It is inside the protective shell and will constantly use the laser attack.
    • For every crack the protective shell gets, it will use a chicken call once.
    • It uses the chicken call on every crack until it reaches its fifth crack, in which the protective shell will then explode, thus moving you into phase two.
  • The Yolk-Star™ strategy in the second phase:
    • The yolk reveals from the destroyed shell.
    • Its only attack is wobbling around, trying to hit you.
    • Once the health is depleted, the yolk will explode and splat.
  • In the first phase, use a missile to dispose of the terminator chickens. 
  • In the second phase, move out of its way when it goes to the bottom of the screen, and once it is at the top, get as many hits as possible.


  • The bosses' attacks include:
    • Shooting laser beams that taper out. 
    • Shooting 12 red super-powered nlobs of guano in different directions. 
    • Shooting 8 eggs at once in different directions.
    • Shooting lasers in four directions, 90 degrees from each other, and rotating them counterclockwise.
  • It is weak to positron streams and strong against neutron guns, plasma rifles, and photon swarms.
  • It later returns as part of the chicken multiplicity boss with a more simplified attack, as it can no longer use laser beams, bulk eggs, and guano spray. Instead, it will use a quadruple laser until it dies.
  • When the Super-Chick uses the laser beam attack in the first encounter, you can come close to it and keep attacking it. Don’t stay under it for long, as it can use the bulk eggs attack.
  • In the second encounter, find a place where you will be able to keep attacking it for most of the attack, as the lasers now rotate counterclockwise.

Henlley's Comet

  • The bosses' attacks include:
    • Randomly summoning comets at the bottom of the screen (Used when the progress bar is between 25% and 75%).
    • Summoning three comets directly under the player (Used when the progress bar is between 50% and 75%).
    • Spawning a line of comets, either from left to right or right to left. One comet is left out, thus leaving a gap for you to go through in order to survive. (Used when the progress bar is above 75%).
    • Slowing down and surging toward the bottom of the screen, then going up. This attack can be used together with Targeted Comets. It happens before the progress bar reaches 75% and if the difficulty goes above 100%.
  • Random comets aren’t hard to avoid, especially if the boss uses the slow-down method.
  • The hitboxes for targeted comets and the boss are small therefore, it should not be hard to avoid.
  • With the comet link attack, it requires you to find the gap in the comets. Make sure the boss isn’t using the slow-down strategy or finishing it as you reach 75%.
  • Its weaknesses are fire and nuclear such as laser cannons, neutron guns, plasma rifles, etc. 
  • Its strengths are organic and electric such as a lightning fryer, bird-flu gun, and shockwave capacitor.

Bossa Nova

  • Its attacks include:
    • Emitting an orange warning circle, then extending its debris ring to reach the ends of the screen before retreating it.
    • Moving its debris ring to the player's location, then returning. 
    • Firing debris from its ring under the player’s location, sweeping through it, and then going back, one by one.
    • Spawning 14 supernova debris from left to right.
  • You will be given the opportunity to hit it when it expands its debris ring as it becomes exposed.
  • To avoid the ring throw, stay closer to Bossa Nova.
  • With the debris throw, the left side of the boss is exposed; however, you need to avoid the debris, and moving slowly will make it easier.
  • Its weaknesses are anything electric such as a lightning fryer and shockwave capacitor.
  • Its strengths are anything metal, such as the utensil poker, boron railgun, riddler, maron railgun, and microgun.

Magnetic Manipulator

  • Its attack methods include:
    • surrounding itself with indestructible asteroids, which block your attacks for 8 seconds.
    • Summoning a ring of indestructible asteroids that block your attack, which it rotates around. 
    • It flies to the left, then spawns indestructible asteroids in the background while proceeding to the right. These asteroids go to the bottom of the screen first, where they become deadly, then rise back up.
    • Spawning asteroids from the top of the screen, which are destructible.
  • Asteroid Shield only hinders your attack.
  • With asteroid rings, you can shoot the boss every time the ring rotates away.
  • With the asteroid surge, you should find a large enough gap between the asteroids. Don’t stay around the center of the screen, as the boss returns there after finishing its attack.
  • With the asteroid rain, asteroids can be destroyed.
  • Its weakness is fire, such as laser cannon, ion blaster and Vulcan chaingun, etc.
  • Its strengths are metal such as utensil poker, riddled, microgun, etc.


  • Its attack methods include:
    • Shooting a laser beam every 3 seconds.
    • Shooting 24 orange super-powered blobs of guano in different directions.
    • Shooting 12 green smokey bolts in different directions.
  • You will encounter this boss a second time as part of the chicken multiplicity.
  • Strategies to use in the first and second encounters:
    • Focus on attacking one of the Infini-Chicks, as they perform their entrance pattern.

Planetary Egg City

  • Its attack methods include:
    • Deploying 24 chicks.
    • Shooting smokey bolts four times in a row at you.
    • Firing multiple lasers at once.
  • You should try to clear out some of the chicks, and therefore, when one of the attacks happens, you will have enough space to flee. 
  • Once the attack happens, do not move around wildly, as it will cause the attack to be harder to avoid.

The Apple Core

  • It only has one attack method, which is shooting three smokey bolts in a row at you, every few seconds. The barriers around it will also attack by shooting red neutrons to the left.
  • You should focus on destroying the barriers since they can attack, thus clearing the path to the apple core.
  • Once the barriers are destroyed, then focus on attacking the core.

The Iron Chef

  • Its attacks include:
    • Throwing food at you.
    • Throwing 16 equally spaced foods at you at once, all in different directions.
  • You should focus on avoiding the veggies thrown at you and shoot at them whenever possible.
  • When it uses the veggie spread attack, you should go directly below it, thus keeping you safe from the attack.

The Egg Cannon

  • Attacks include:
    • Deploying 20 metal-suit chickens in groups of four.
    • Firing orange beams from its laser cannons.
    • Firing four triple smokey bolts.
    • Launching a huge egg.
    • Launching 15 yellow lasers from one of the eight preset locations.

Master Squawker

  • Its attack method is shooting 2-4 lasers downwards.
  • You should look for warning lights and try to deal damage as quickly as possible; otherwise, the boss will go too low, and it will hit you.

Feather Brain

  • Its attacks include:
    • Spawning 30 feathers in random directions.
    • Firing a feather at you 10 times.
    • Spawning feathers that close in and block your attack.
    • Firing feathers in two lines, which rotates around in 6 seconds. 
  • Feather mess attack only hinders your attack.
  • With feather throw, it's better to make it fire away from where you will be shooting.
  • While the feather blockade attack is active, you should cool off your weapon in order for you to be able to attack it for longer.
  • With the feather sweep attack, focus on staying within the gap created by the two feather lines. 

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