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Last Updated: November 12, 2022
Big Farm Story
  • First Released: Aug 1, 2021

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Farm House


You will be able to customize your farmhouse. At the beginning of the game, the house will have a set of decorations that you can use to decorate, and you will be able to get more decorations as you progress through the game. There is also a shop in the game where you will be able to buy furniture.  

The Main Farm


The main farm is owned by you, and in the storyline, you have inherited it from your missing grandpa. When you begin the game, the farm is in bad condition as it was hit by a storm, so you will need to re-build it throughout the game. In order to progress in the game, you will need to plant, harvest and tend to the fields while taking care of the animals. 

You will be able to buy animals and supplies from Shepherds Farm Store. When you buy a baby animal, you will need to name it, pet it, and take care of it, as well as give it treats. Once the baby animal has received enough care, it will grow into an adult but will still need care so that it can reach the maximum level. 

Unlocking companions


Companions in the game help you find rare items on the farm and in the city. You will see an exclamation mark above your head, which will tell you when your companion has found a new treasure. Companions:

Black Piglet 

When you begin the game, you will already have the piglet in your inventory. The piglet only finds coins and, every now and then, a treat. 

Once you have collected enough treats, you can level up your companion to unlock additional items and increase your chances of finding more treasures. 

  • Level 1: Coins, ordinary treats
  • Level 3: horseradish
  • Level 4: Unusual treat
  • Level 5: pebbles
  • Level 10: Rare treat


  • Level 1: Daisies, ordinary treats
  • Level 4: Unusual treat
  • Level 5: branches

The corgi finds branches in the earth that are necessary for expanding the houses from level 5.

The piglet is okay to start the game, but we suggest once you have upgraded the buildings switch your companion to the Corgi by using 120 common treats. 

Unicorn Piglet

  • Level 1: Coins, ordinary treats
  • Level 3: horseradish
  • Level 4: Unusual treat
  • Level 5: pebbles
  • Level 10: Rare treat

Unicorn piglet was an exclusive pet for players that joined us during the Early Access phase.

Small Stable farm animals


The small stable is located in the middle of your farm and will become available as you play the game. You will need to repair the house and the fence, and then the first chick will move in. The small stable will be for the following animals: 

  • Normal chickens
  • Noble Chickens
  • Normal goose 
  • Noble goose

Normal chickens and normal geese will give you two units each. The noble chickens and geese give you three eggs or three feathers. The chickens only require one serving of animal feed. The geese require animal feed three times and are more expensive to maintain.   


The quest will give you a normal chicken that is very moody and slower to grow. A normal chicken will need longer to level up and prefers nicer food, and only reacts positively to pats sometimes, but they cost 150 coins and is okay to begin with them.    

The Noble chicken has a few more good qualities, like they grow faster and are not as demanding. You will need to go to the sales stand at the Sheperd Farm and buy the Noble chicken for 30 silver coins which are rare and need to be unlocked by selling animals. 

We suggest that you focus on the normal chickens first because, after 30 minutes, they have laid two eggs, and you can sell eggs to complete the market quests. There are four slots available. If the chickens are satisfied and have moved up a few levels, you can sell them for a better price. 


You will be able to unlock the geese once you have: 

  • Completed Mathilda's quest
  • You have located the food thief 
  • You have helped Jacob repair the fence on the Sheperd Farm

The geese will be available in the farm shop at the Sheperd Farm, but you will only be able to buy the new residence if you have prepared a small animal house for the geese.  

Then go to the stable and chooses construction mode, and select "unlock for geese." This will cost 230 coins per goose and 38 silver coins for a noble goose. They will only be able to produce feathers when they are fully grown. 

Big Farm Story shows you how to complete the quest to get the goose.

Large Stable farm animals


You will be able to access the large stable once you have helped Sam foster the calf that is found on the Carpenter Farm. The more you expand your stable, the more animals you will be able to move in. The large stable will be for the following animals: 

  • Normal cow
  • Noble cow

Calves are often playful but cheeky, but the adult cows can be fussy. You will get your first cow from Sam because she doesn't have space in her yard. We suggest that you use the milk produced to get coins and experience as well as the rare items. The normal cows will produce two servings of milk, and the noble cows will produce three servings of milk.   

The animals will require significantly more feed, i.e., four servings per animal, and the production of the feed takes about four hours. 

Making Space in your Inventory


The best option is to upgrade your inventory to enlarge your space. You can do this by opening your inventory and clicking the little backpack in the bottom right-hand corner. 

You will have to choose the category that you need in the tab on the left so that you can see the storage limit per item. You will also see a plus sign that you can click to expand the limit, but you will need to use some coins. 

However, you will not be able to carry a bunch of stuff, so there will still be limitations. You can still try to gift the excess items to NPCs, or you can sell them at a store in the market. 

Explore the Surroundings


In the game, you will be able to walk and explore different areas and speak to the NPCs that live there. You can explore other farms, the village, and the forest through quests while collecting resources and treasures. 

You can also play the mini-games that will require skills that you will need to learn: 

  • Fishing 
  • Chopping wood 
  • Stone extraction   

Taking care of the animals


Rearing the small and large animals will follow the same pattern. The production will largely depend on the mood of the farm animal. We suggest that before you start the day, pet and feed all the animals to increase their happiness. 

You will only be able to get animal feed if you have harvested carrots, wild garlic, or dandelions. If you don't have enough feed in stock, your production will stall and halt your animal's development. This will affect your finances, but also, your story quests can only be completed to a very limited extent. 

You are able to sell your animals immediately after buying them. We suggest that you keep the chicken, goose, or cow until you have at least achieved the price you paid for the animal. If you would rather swop a normal chicken for a noble chicken, it will be worth selling when there is no free slot left in your stable.   

Big Farm Story shows you how to sell animals and get new ones

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