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Last Updated: March 18, 2021
  • First Released: Feb 7, 2021

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Basic Tips


Your Castle is both your central hub and your most important feature. If the Castle is destroyed, you’ll get a game over.

Solar Citizens spawn from your castle. You do not control this, but rather they spawn at a rate set by the game. This rate changes based on the happiness rating in your kingdom.

You want to keep the happiness level high. A larger population decreases the happiness meter, but buildings such as taverns and attractive areas will increase the happiness meter.

Basic Solar Citizens can construct buildings. You’ll need to build houses in order to increase the number of citizens you can have.

Citizens also require food. To gather more resources, you must capture new land for your kingdom and then build the necessary constructs based on what you’ll be harvesting. Cattle require farms, boars and deer require hunters’ huts, fish (indicated by a lake in the area) require fishermen’s huts, and flowers require fields and windmills.

Harvesting food will also require citizens sent there as workers.

Sunstones are another valuable resource, because they are used to both recruit more units for your army and to heal your units in battle. Capture a sunstone source and construct a sunstone workshop in order to gather sunstones at a set rate. (Once again, you will need to send workers there.)

If an area you want to capture is guarded by wolves, soldiers can defeat the wolves to let you capture that area.

To repair buildings, you’ll need to construct the Builder’s Guild and then hire builders. These builders will be able to repair damaged buildings.

At night, enemies come out. Soldiers should be placed defensively in order to defend your kingdom. During combat, keep an eye on your soldiers’ health and move soldiers with low health to a safer place when possible.

To win a battle, you can either defeat all of the enemies or wait it out until dawn, at which point the battle will end, so keep that in mind and make your decisions accordingly.

You’ll want to eventually build additional fortifications and train archers in order to better defend your kingdom.

Advanced Tips



While the basic gameplay is explained well enough, there are some smaller points that aren’t made obvious by the game. For example, you can manually choose citizens to work on buildings instead of letting the game handle it automatically, you can plant little trees as decorations to quickly increase your kingdom’s happiness without spending a lot of resources, and wolves can be used to your advantage to take out enemies.

For more less-obvious tips on how to improve your kingdom, check out the video guide below.

Increase Mood / Happiness


If you’re wondering how to increase happiness, there are a few things that contribute to the Becastled mood system that you should keep in mind:

  • Taverns increase happiness
  • Markets increase happiness
  • Attractiveness of areas increases happiness

Of these three, building decorations in order to increase an area’s attractiveness is the easiest way to increase happiness.

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