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Last Updated: June 14, 2022
Airline Manager 4
  • First Released: Jun 13, 2021

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Trick to grow your money


  • First, you will sell the B737-800 you got when you began the game with the high-price sales.
  • Then purchase a Dassault Mercure for about $800 000, if you don't have enough money from the sale of the B737-800 then you can use the money you got when you started the game. 
  • You will want to create a new route that you will suggest as a by-the-demand option to obtain the best results. 
  • Enter a contract catering with Sky Fish Inc, and advertise as much as your financial condition will allow. 
  • Try using worker morale of more than 80% and to prevent legal action for raising employee compensation, rather than grant raises try hiring staff because the longer the airline's financial state is suppressed the worse it will be. 
  • Buy fuel when it is $500 which is a good deal.
  • Once the Dassault Mercure reaches 200 units. You will want to buy a McDonnell Douglas for $7 million. 
  • After the McDonnell Douglas reaches 200 units. You will want to buy a bigger plane made in Ilyushin IL-96-400 for $41 million. 
  • Then you can sell the old planes and buy the IL-96-400 to 600 units. 
  • Slowly, make your way into a new aircraft fleet that KR-860.

The Menu's


Company Menu: 

  • Staff Training: Don't worry about the staff training as it doesn't make that much of a difference. You will want to get the fuel and the quota discounts.
  • Event Training: You will never use the event training so you can save it for last. 
  • Lounges: You will lose money having lounges so save it for last.  
  • Catering: You will only make a small profit and one flight will make more money than catering so save it for last. 
  • Cargo: This is less profitable at the beginning of the game than a passenger flight. With a passenger flight, you will have more options. We suggest you select Cargo before catering, lounges, and events. Cargo is fun but it is more difficult than managing the passenger fleet. 

 We suggest you buy a passenger aircraft before you buy a cargo aircraft. 

Route Menu: 

At the beginning of the game when you are purchasing a plane look for planes with the largest passenger capacity as well as low fuel consumption like an airbus or boeing. You can make a lot of money with short-range planes but you will need to pay a lot more attention because you will need to be departing planes every half hour for the whole day. 

Later in the game, you won't need to worry as much about fuel consumption and can focus more on long-range planes because this means higher ticket prices. This means having a lot of passengers per trip on a longer-range plane is going to earn more money. 

The A380-800 is the best plan in the game for passengers and cargo.

In the route menu for cargo, you won't make a lot of money with a lot of the planes because the planes are more expensive so you will end up sending more money to get the best cargo plane. 

Fuel Menu: 

At the beginning of the game, you will want to buy fuel when it's under $1 300 because that's around the halfway point but try to buy fuel at $1 000 as that is a good deal. 

Later in the game, you will buy fuel no matter what price the fuel is.


You will want to buy it at $120 or less and later in the game, you will buy Co2 no matter what the price is. Don't waste your money increasing your Co2 capacity early in the game rather use your money towards fuel.   

Cheap Books explains some cheats and tips for the game.

Planes that can make millions


We suggest that you buy an almost full fleet of each tier of planes until you are ready to move on to the next tier. This will allow you to move up quickly and have full control of your game. This will also help you purchase hangers for older planes if you want to invest in older planes. You should only start buying Cargo planes once you have reached tier 3 and have a full fleet of A330-990neo. 

This will allow you to buy a full fleet of the best cargo planes like the B747-8F which costs $135 498.76 as well as be able to afford the marketing. 

Marketing is unfortunately the biggest issue for beginners because it costs a lot of money. Each category has its own marketing and everyone has to pay for the marketing of each of the categories.  

The Tiers: 

Tier 1: 

DC-9-10 | cost: $659 657

A great plane for the beginning as it carries 90 passengers, the delivery time is 5 hours and turns a good profit. It is faster than BAe146 and can take more passengers. We suggest that you purchase a couple of these planes for your fleet.

BAe146 | cost $762 450 

This plane seats 85 passengers but saves on fuel consumption while taking a reasonable amount of passengers. Theoretically, you will make more money with the DC-9-10 as it carries 5 more passengers and it is slower but the upside is that it does save on fuel because it has 10 pounds of fuel consumption whereas the DC-9-10 has 14 pounds. This plane will suit you better if you buy fuel at the right time and you have a small capacity for fuel and Co2 tanks. 

If you do use these planes we suggest you go with a full fleet and then start switching to the Tier 2 planes.

Tier 2: 

B737-800 | cost: $ 4 407 858

This plane carries 185 passengers, travels at 725 km per hour and the fuel consumption is 9.4 pounds. This plane will suit you if you do not have a big fuel capacity or don't have a lot of staff points to upgrade the fuel tanks. 

MC21-400 | cost: $ 5 204 503 

This plane carries 230 passengers and the range of this plane is 5 500 km. This plane is quite fast at 1 096 km per hour. The fuel consumption is 19.57 pounds so you will need to get bigger fuel and Co2 tanks. You will also need to make sure you are buying fuel cheap for this plane to be profitable

We suggest that you go with a full fleet before you move onto the next tier.  

Tier 3:

A330-900neo | cost $109 315 468

This plane carries 440 passengers and the range of this plane is 12 130 km. The fuel consumption is 13 pounds. However, your acceleration rate will double.   

We suggest that you go with a full fleet as this will make you around $700 and $780 million per day including paying for marketing.  

When you have a full fleet of tier 3's you can begin to buy a full fleet of cargo planes. 

Tier 4 

A380-800 | cost: $215 629 503 

This plane carries 600 passengers and the range is 14 500 km. The plane is also quite fast at 964 km per hour. The fuel consumption is 22. 89 pounds. 

This is the best end-game plan you will be able to buy for pax planes. 

Tips 4 gamers explains the best planes in detail.

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