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Last Updated: January 4, 2024
Propagation: Paradise Hotel
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: May 3, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure, Indie
  • Themes: Action, Horror, Survival
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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How to Get Through Floors 1 - 3


Floor 1

Upon starting the game, you’ll find yourself bunkering down in a large kitchen freezer with a security guard named Owen and about a week's worth of food. After a quick exchange and a damning bang on the door, Owen sits by the radio, listening for survivors, leaving you to explore the area you’ve taken shelter in.

There are notes scattered around, telling the story of what happened, who was left alive after the apocalypse broke out, and why the apocalypse might have begun in the first place. There are notes like this all around the map, so make sure you collect them to gain a bit more insight into what’s going on. 

Once you’ve been through all the notes in the kitchen, Owen will teach you how to use a gun. Upon finishing the training with a gun and causing something outside to smash against the barricade that’s been set up in front of the kitchen doors, a broadcast from the US Army begins, announcing an evacuation. After hearing your sister talking through the broadcast, you and Owen decide to go find her on the seventh floor before making your way to the evacuation point. 

As you leave, you’re attacked by a zombie that Owen guns down, and informed that they always wake up. Make your way through the blood-soaked hallways to the elevator.

After being attacked by a second zombie, Owen will hand you a spray bottle that you can fill up with antiseptic to refill your health.

Explore the bathrooms to collect resources before continuing to the lobby, which will give you access to your first save point (an information stand). Heading upstairs will lead you to the elevators, which are, predictably, dead. You’ll then make your way to the stairs, but the doors are locked. Owen will send you to look for a badge in the reception area while he explores the luggage room. 

Once you go off on your own, you’ll find a flashlight for which you need to find batteries. The dark room at the end of your path contains batteries, a safe (the code is on a whiteboard on the other side) with more batteries and the badge to open the door to the stairs, and a bunch of zombies. You can now return to the lobby.

When you return, a giant zombie will drop down from the upper levels and run to attack Owen (make sure to save before you go any further). He loses his legs and life to the beast, but you gain access to the gun. Now you can head upstairs. 

Floor 2

There’s not too much waiting for you on the next floor besides a few resources and zombies that will groan enough to scare you out of your pants. Once you’ve collected all the resources, you can head through the next door labeled “stairs” and continue up the stairs. There will be a little jumpscare in the shape of a falling body, so just be prepared for that.

About halfway up, you’ll find that the stairs are blocked, and you will have to open the door behind you to keep going.

Floor 3

Once on the third floor, if you quietly head to the right, past the group of downed zombies in the hallway, you can head into a guest’s room to collect some more antiseptic (which you’ll find in the bathroom) and bullets (which you’ll find in the bedside table). Once you’re done exploring the room, head back the way you came and continue down the hallway, turning corners until you find the door that says elevator. You’ll find another save point behind these doors. 

The elevators are still down, but there’s a chest of drawers behind you that you can raid for bullets before continuing through the door to the right. Explore the area, dipping into any hotel rooms that are open for extra resources until you reach the service stairs, and find another note that’ll tell you where you might find the key that will let you into the electrical box.

As you make your way back to find the key, a zombie will pop out of nowhere. Gun it down as quickly as possible and head into the “staff only” room it came out of. There are a few doors in here, but you must head through the second door, which contains a room with a bunch of staff lockers. 

David Lee’s locker contains a battery and a diagram that explains how to fix the control panel. You can explore the other rooms for resources, but the last door reveals where you might be able to find the technician in the director’s apartment. You’ll also find a master key here, meaning you have access to any hotel rooms and all the resources they contain. 

Upon exiting the staff-only room, the zombie that attacked you will come back to life, and you’ll have to shoot it again. More and more zombies will start rising. Head to the room being renovated (marked with a key icon on your map). Heading through the uncovered air duct will lead you to a small room with a few resources; just keep in mind that when you get back, a zombie will burst through the bedroom door. 

If you head into the room without a door, you’ll find a drill that you can use to remove vent covers from air ducts. You can use these ducts to get past any obstacles blocking your path. Use the drill and enter the newly uncovered air duct. Turning to the left may give you a bit of a jumpscare due to the unexpected zombie hanging upside down from the ceiling. It doesn’t do anything, meaning you can remove the duct in front of you in peace.

You’ll find yourself in the bathroom of the room of an undercover FBI agent. A note reveals his experience with the beginning of the apocalypse and the mysterious suspect he was investigating. You can gather a few resources from his room before going back the way you came and exiting the room under renovation. 

Upon exiting the room, head right and then left, and you’ll find a door locked with a massive chain. Continue forward and head back to the elevators, where you can save again, before heading to explore the left side of the third floor.

Room 319 is under construction. Enter the room using the master key, then head through the vents. A zombie is waiting to jump you at the end of the path. Explore the second room for resources, then exit and head into the storage room across from it. This is where you’ll find bolt cutters and a random code. Now, you can head back to the chain door. Make sure you save your progress once you pass the elevators and explore any rooms you might have missed on your first pass. 

Once you cut the chain open, head for room 312. Here, you will find a few more details about the director, more specifically about what happened to him and the technician. You’ll also find the key to his apartment in one of the drawers and a few extra resources. There’s a number on the shirt of the zombie in this room, make sure you memorize it.

Now, you can head for the director’s apartment (the door marked “Private”). An extremely strong zombie is waiting for you on the other side of the door, though you are given a bit of time to prepare yourself before you start shooting him. It will take an entire magazine to take him out. 

There’s a note from the technician in the kitchen. This hints at the code needed to get into one of the rooms. This is what you will need that number from earlier for. The rest of the numbers are hidden around the apartment, so keep an eye out for them. Once you’ve got the code, head to the locked door.

The room is seemingly empty, though there is a very obvious bloody handprint on the cupboard door. When you open it, the dead technician will fall out. He won’t attack until you’ve taken the key to the electric box from him. 

Once you exit this room, the director will come to life again, so make sure you hit him with as many bullets as you can. Now that you’ve got the key, you can finally head back to the electrical box. You can either go straight there or quickly head back to the save point to ensure you don’t lose all your progress. 

Now, you can unlock the electrical box and use the instructions found in David's locker to turn on the electrical box. The puzzle is easy to solve; just remember that open switches mean off and closed switches mean on. Once the power is back on, use your keycard to open the door and head to the next floor.

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