Sky Warriors: Blazing Clouds Unlockables on iOS

Last Updated: January 1, 2023

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Unlockable Chests


The player will be able to unlock different chests by completing the different missions available: 

  • Bronze Chest - this chest contains a tracking missile, coins, repair parts, and a strong missile.
  • Silver Chest -  this chest contains spare parts, a tracer, an attack boost, a book trap, some diamonds, and some coins.
  • Gold Chest -  this chest contains coins, a powerful rocket, a boost attack, a tracer, a boosted defense, and some diamonds.
  • Platinum Chest -  this chest contains a fast rocket, an attack boost, a defense boost, a quick repair, a powerful rocket, some diamonds, and coins.
  • Diamond Chest -  this chest contains a book trap, a quick repair, a powerful rocket, spare parts, a tracer, a defense boost, a fast rocket, an attack boost, some diamonds, and some coins.
This video shows all the chests you can unlock in Sky Warriors: Blazing Clouds

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