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Last Updated: June 17, 2021

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  • Genre: Shooter
  • First Released: May 24, 2017

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Equipment Guide Hints

While choosing a good fleet of ships is important, the equipment your ships are using is also valuable. This equipment guide will help explain the equipment system in Azur Lane.

You can get equipment either by opening Equipment Boxes or by finding Equipment Blueprints and then crafting them. Equipment Blueprints can be found during Sortie matches.

There are several different types of equipment:

  • Destroyer Guns
  • Light Cruiser Guns
  • Heavy Cruiser Guns
  • Battleship Guns
  • Ship Torpedoes
  • Submarine Torpedoes
  • Fighter Planes
  • Dive Bomber Planes
  • Torpedo Bomber Planes
  • Seaplanes
  • Anti-Air Guns
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Anti-Submarine Equipment

However, simply going by a piece of equipment’s stats won’t guarantee success. Each ship also has a Weapon Effectiveness rating for non-auxiliary slots, so you’ll want to carefully match your ships with the best equipment for maximum effectiveness.

You should also keep in mind the type of situation you’re going into. The equipment best suited for PvE is different than the sorts of equipment you’ll want to use for PvP, for example.

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New Fleets Unlockables

As you progress through the game, you will unlock the ability to have two fleets, and then eventually up to three and four fleets as well. Once you unlock additional fleets, you should build them up as soon as possible so you’re better-prepared for battles.

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Akashi's Secret Quest Hints

Akashi has a secret questline you can follow. To begin Akashi’s quest, you must start by going to the shop and tapping her 30 times. This will initiate the quest, and she’ll start giving you tasks to complete. Complete each task, and she’ll eventually tell you your next task is to find 11 hidden pawprints.

These pawprints are in various locations around the game, and you just have to touch them on the screen to collect them.

The pawprints can also be collected before you officially start the quest. In fact, each pawprint includes a letter, and when put all together, they spell out the instructions to tap Akashi in order to begin the quest. Any pawprints you’ve found before starting the quest will be counted as found.

Each pawprint also includes a hint as to the next pawprint’s location.

The 11 pawprints can be found at:

  • Docks
  • Equipment Menu
  • Academy
  • Shopping District
  • Task Menu
  • Formation Menu
  • Dormitory
  • Collection Screen
  • Commission Screen
  • Exercise Screen
  • Building Screen

If you can’t find some of the pawprints, the video guide below shows all of their locations.

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PvP Strategies Hints

If you want to try playing PvP, you should keep in mind that it’s a different experience in many ways than PvE. PvP requires you to really think about the composition of your fleet and how all the parts work together. As such, there are a few different types of builds you can focus on, depending on your playstyle. The video guide below offers some tips and suggestions for playing PvP.

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English Tier List Hints

If you want to build an excellent team, you’ll want to have a rough idea of Azur Lane tier lists. Of course, this can vary based on preference, as well as when the game is updated with new information. Nevertheless, as a guideline for the game right now, here is an English tier list.

Highest Tier – Amagi, Hood, Duke of York, Washington, Enterprise, Unicorn, Shouhou, and Akashi

High Tier – Tirpitz, Queen Elizabeth, Akagi and Kaga, Akagi, Ranger, and Vestal

Excellent Tier – Hyuuga, South Dakota, North Carolina, Shoukaku and Zuikaku, Ark Royal, and Lexington/Saratoga

Great Tier – Warspite, Prince of Wales, Fusou/Yamashiro, Big 7, Yorktown, Hornet, Graf Zeppelin, Illustrious, and Soryuu and Hiryuu

Good Tier – Ise, Pennsylvania, Gneisenau, and Arizona

Decent Tier – Scharnhorst, Renown, Green Heart, and Long Island

Average Tier – Erebus/Terror, California, Tennessee, Nevada/Oklahoma, Repulse, Vert, Wasp, Bogue, Langley, Houshou, and Hermes

This tier is based on PvE in the English version of the game.

Information for this tier guide came from the following tier list:


Ship Types Hints

There are many different types of ship, each with its own style. Within each type of ship, you’ll find ships of various classes and rarities.

  • Destroyers (DD) – light, fast, less power
  • Light Cruisers (CL) – balanced, lightweight yet armored
  • Heavy Cruisers (CA) – powerful, high defense, slower speed and evasion
  • Large Cruisers (CB) – fast, armored, good for support
  • Battleships (BB) – powerful, armored, strong guns
  • Battlecruisers (BC) – similar to battleships, but faster with lower defense
  • Monitors (BM) – powerful but weak, good for support
  • Aircraft Carriers (CV) – provide air support by carrying planes
  • Aviation Battleships (BBV) – combination of battleship + carrier
  • Light Aircraft Carriers (CVL) – smaller, lighter carriers
  • Repair Ships (AR) – heal allies with emergency repairs
  • Submarines (SS) – support ships, move and attack automatically
  • Submarine Carriers (SSV) – carry submarines


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