Destiny 2: Lightfall Сбои на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Вот наши Сбои для Destiny 2: Lightfall на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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The Terminal Overload Chest Exploit


Two chests will spawn near the final boss when you complete a terminal Overload run. You can open one for free, while the other requires an overload key. You can open the first one three times if you're fast about it.

Grab it, hop on your sparrow, rush to the next zone, and wait for the name of the nearby area to appear on your screen. Once it does, you can backtrack, and the chest will be full again, meaning you'll get some Legendary engrams and extra Neomuna reputation for free.

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