Tower of Fantasy Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Tower of Fantasy
  • категория: порт
  • Впервые выпущен: Aug 5, 2023
  • Жанры: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Тема: Action, Open world
  • Рейтинги: ESRB T

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Easter Eggs Hidden Around the World

Пасхальные яйца

Secret Supply Pod

Detailed Location: The highest tower in Navia is called the Hykros Tower. Look for a small, floating platform near the peak, accessible using relics like the Jetpack or the Omnium Shield's dash ability. It's a tricky jump, so patience is key!

Reward: The "Executor Frame" is an avatar frame with a dark, metallic design and neon accents reminiscent of a futuristic knight. It's a unique and stylish reward for the effort of reaching the top.

Bonus Tip: If you're struggling to reach the platform, try climbing the outer scaffolding of the tower until you're close enough to jump.

Dancing Mobs

Specific Mobs: While the Crimson Crab and Sandworm are often mentioned, other mobs like the Hyena and the Astral Mechanist have also been reported to dance. Keep your eyes peeled for any idle mob that seems to be grooving!

Dance Moves: The exact dance moves vary, but some mobs might shuffle their feet, spin around, or even break into a full-blown Gangnam Style routine (wink wink).

Triggering the Dance: There's no guaranteed way to trigger the dance, but some players suggest standing near the mob and waiting patiently. It's all about catching them off guard!

Hidden Message

Exact Location: In the Astra Shelter, head to the second floor and look for a bookshelf tucked away in the corner near the stairs. It might be slightly hidden behind a plant, so be observant.

Activating the Message: Interact with the bookshelf. You'll hear a click, and a message will appear on the screen.

Content of the Message: The message varies depending on your server and progress in the game. Some players have reported hints about upcoming events or lore details that add depth to the game’s universe.

Gangnam Style Reference

Hyena's Moves: While not officially confirmed, some players swear Hyena, the Crown of the Desert boss, performs a dance eerily similar to Gangnam Style during its attack animations. It's a quick and subtle movement, so you might need to watch closely to catch it.

Bragging Rights: If you manage to spot the dance, you've got bragging rights among fellow players! It's a fun easter egg that adds a touch of humor to the boss battle.

Nephrite shares a clip of a random character doing the Gangnam Style dance.

Unlockable Items


Weapons and Relics

  • Characters: Each character wields a unique weapon with its own playstyle and combo set. You unlock them through gacha pulls with "Red Nuclei" or special events.
  • Weapon Advancement: Each weapon has multiple progression stages accessed through "Gold Nuclei." This unlocks new skills, stat boosts, and visual enhancements.
  • Relics: These equipable items enhance your character's stats and abilities. Obtaining them involves exploration, puzzles, and boss fights.

Gameplay Progression

  • World Exploration: Uncover hidden areas, complete objectives, and activate map nodes to reveal the world's secrets. This grants rewards like currency, materials, and lore entries.
  • Exploration Puzzles: Solve environmental puzzles to access hidden chests containing valuable loot.
  • Boss Battles: Defeat challenging enemies for high-tier rewards like Red Nuclei and unique gear.
  • Story Progression: Advance through the main storyline to unlock new areas, features, and lore.

Character Customization

  • Avatar Outfits: Collect cosmetic items like clothes, hairstyles, and accessories to personalize your character's appearance.
  • Gadgets and Vehicles: Unlock various gadgets and vehicles to access hidden areas, navigate faster, and gain combat advantages.
  • Housing System: Build and decorate your own house using blueprints and furniture acquired through various activities.

Other Unlockables

  • Recipes: Discover recipes for cooking and crafting, allowing you to create various consumables and equipment.
  • Music Tracks: Collect music tracks throughout your journey to listen to in your haven.
  • Achievements: Complete various in-game challenges to earn titles, currency, and other rewards.

Nednom shares how to unlock outfits in Tower of Fantasy

Beginner’s Guide


Character Creation

  • Customize your anime character, but some choices are permanent (clothes and hair can change later).
  • Strategize your appearance and abilities.

Early Game

  • Finish tutorials quickly to unlock gacha for better weapons.
  • Take your time with the main story or leveling - the game limits progress initially.
  • Focus on daily tasks for XP and rewards.

Weapons & Combat

  • Ditch weak starter weapons and prioritize SSR/SR ranks for strength and special characters.
  • You can reroll for your desired weapon (restarting with a new account), but it's time-consuming.
  • Equip weapons with different elements for diverse combat options and enemy weaknesses.
  • Balance "charge" and "shatter" stats on your weapons for efficient combat.

Daily Activities

  • Complete daily tasks for essential rewards and XP.
  • Consider Joint Operations and Dimensional Trials for materials if you have energy.
  • Daily and weekly tasks fill a progress bar for bonus rewards.


  • Explore the vast world for puzzles, resources, and rewards.
  • Unlocking areas and completing exploration goals grants permanent buffs and special items.

Resource Gathering

  • Collect everything! You'll need various resources later for crafting, quests, and weapon upgrades.

Social Play

  • Join a Crew (guild) for additional missions, rewards, and Crew-specific currency.

Volkin shares a full beginner’s guide

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