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Those Who Remain
  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: May 27, 2020
  • Gatunki: Adventure

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How to Get Through the Gas Station


  1. You'll quickly realize the gas station is closed once you arrive. 
  2. Go to the house opposite the gas station to enter an alternate reality. 
  3. Pick up a pesticide pump lying on the road not too far from the car, which you can then use on the roots wrapped around the machine. 
  4. Move the wooden pallet until it's opposite the machine's headlights, then head through the glowing refueling door to return to your reality.
  5. You can open the car's driver-side door to turn on its headlights before heading for the side door and entering the toilet, where you will find a switch on the left. Keep an eye on the garland to the left of the bathroom when you turn the light on. 
  6. Insert the plug into the power outlet.
  7. Go to the backdoor and read the note informing you that the key is in the mailbox.
  8. Once you find the mailbox on the road, you can retrieve the key and open the gas station.
  9. Once inside the gas station, search through the drawers at the checkout counter and pick up the lighter.
  10. Walk outside and along the road, listening to Annika, before running away from Mother.

How to Get Through the Diner


  1. When you enter the diner, head left and read the newspaper on the table, through which you'll learn of Lloyd Eldridge's disappearance.
  2. Go to the counter and look into the kitchen, where you'll see a note from Jeff on the wall.
  3. Head through the door at the end of the diner, and you'll find yourself on the landing.
  4. Head down to find the newspaper informing you about the robbery in the library.
  5. Open the door and hit the switch on the left to cause a light bulb to explode. 
  6. Because the door is closed, you can't go back upstairs, so head out onto the street, where you'll hear a siren and see the library light up.
  7. Turn right to the diner, and you'll spot a bonfire.
  8. At the bottom of the wall behind the burning barrels, you'll find a hole covered by a cardboard box, which you'll need to remove.
  9. Head to the diner's basement and go right. Remove the box and take the key from the nightstand.
  10. Head upstairs and use the key to open the door to the roof, where you can turn on the spotlight. 
  11. Go to the street and follow the illuminated path to the library.
  12. On your way, the monster will appear. Avoid him and continue towards the library. You'll need to get in through the fire escape, but it's raised.
  13. Head over to the pile of boxes near the trash can next to the library wall and move them until you find the can. You can use it to lower the stairs.
  14. Head up the stairs, open the door into the illuminated corridor, and head through the front door to enter the library.

How to Get Through the House


  1. The House is where you will encounter the first victim of the game.
  2. Enter the house and head left into the living room. Here, you'll find a laptop with a password. 
  3. Head through the corridor, taking note of the door locked with a chain, and head left to the far door. You can use this to get to the garage.
  4. The switch to the right of the door can turn on the light in the garage.
  5. You'll need to move the chairs to get to the wardrobe. You'll also find bolt cutters hidden in the far right corner.
  6. Once you've finished with the garage, head to the house entryway and turn right towards the kitchen. You'll need to turn the lights on to enter it.
  7. You'll find a note in the kitchen asking Mark to return home before dark.
  8. Enter the room with the piano through the door in the kitchen.
  9. You'll see a note from Mark's principal on the table informing his parents that he often skips classes.
  10. Head to the chained door and open it with the bolt cutters.
  11. There are three wardrobes in this new room, and you'll need to enter the luminous opening hidden on the left.
  12. While in the alternate relative, head to the second floor, open the door to Mark's room, and enter the glowing opening. 
  13. When back in reality, you can't head to the second floor because it's dark. You'll need to use the closet in the basement to enter the alternate dimension.
  14. Head to the second floor and turn on the light in the corner by the stairs.
  15. Go to Mark's room to return to the normal world, and you'll find light upstairs.
  16. Head up and open the nearest door to read the funeral notes on the pedestal, surrounded by flowers.
  17. In the next room, there is a note on the table that will inform you of the death of Mark's brother, Kenny. 
  18. Leave this room and head into the bedroom on the left, where you'll find a note in the cabinet.
  19. Go into Mark's room and find his diary informing you that he and his friends mocked Annika constantly. 
  20. Leave the room and follow Annika to the piano room. 
  21. You'll see a door to the restroom. Enter and carry on walking until you see Mark on fire. Look for more evidence before deciding Mark's fate:
    1. Note in the kitchen
    2. Note in the room with the piano
    3. Note in the office on the second floor
    4. Note on a vase of flowers in a nearby room
    5. Note in a drawer in a bedroom, in a drawer under the TV in the far right (the most crucial note)
    6. Note in the bedside table of the bedroom next to Max's room.
  22. Head back to Mark, where you'll see a person in a chair.
  23. Enter the restroom and decide whether you will forgive or condemn Mark for his actions.
  24. Once you've decided, leave the room, go to the end of the corridor, and turn back. You'll hear the lights go out.
  25. The final door on the right hides a bright doorway, which you can now enter.

How to Get Every Ending


As you journey through the game, there are seven characters you'll meet along the way, and what you do when you're with them will determine which ending you get. Four of the seven characters you come across (Mark, the Sheriff, the Post Office Chief, and the Fire Station Chief) are trapped in purgatory for the crimes they committed in life, and you'll be tasked with gathering evidence on their deeds and deciding whether to condemn them to their fate or forgive them.

For the other three characters (the guy in the police car, the sawmill foreman, and the woman in the van), you'll have to choose between saving and killing them.


You'll receive a good ending after saving and forgiving everyone. Once you read the incantation, the monster that's been hunting you for the entire game will make its final appearance. After spewing a line of dialogue about how everyone's a sinner capable of change and commenting on the events that have transpired, you'll wake up in the motel.

The girl who's been talking in your ear throughout the game will inform you that the town and her mother are free, then thank you for what you've done and tell you that you deserve a second chance. Edward decides it's time to go home to his wife.


If, after encountering the various NPCs, you decide to condemn or kill 1–3 of them for the crimes they have committed, the game will punish you for the crimes you've committed.

After reading the incantation and summoning the monster, it starts to question how good you are (after all, you did condemn a few people to death) and compare your actions to those of the townsfolk you've encountered. You'll then wake up in the motel.

The room is a mess, like a fight has broken out, and you'll find Diane dead on the bed and yourself with a gun in your hand. As you realize that you've shot her, the police appear outside the door to condemn you to your fate. You'll get one last jump scare from the monster before the game finishes.


You'll receive the final ending if, after encountering each NPC and hearing all the evidence against them, you decide that none deserve forgiveness or life. Once you've uttered the incantation and summoned the monster, it'll begin its monologue, commenting on how people are so quick to judge others' sins while pointedly ignoring their own. He'll start to question your morality and the decisions you've made.

Once he's done, you'll wake up in the motel, but all the lights are the same blue that's been haunting you throughout the entire game. If you go into the bathroom and look at your reflection in the mirror, you'll find that your hands have become burned and skeletal, and you now have the same blue eyes as the figures that have been haunting you in the distance. The monster reappears to tell you that you two (or rather, he) will have a lot of fun before his maniacal laughter sends you to the credits.

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