Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Cheaty na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
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  • Gatunki: Simulator, Strategy, Card & Board Game
  • Tematy: Fantasy
  • Ratingi: PEGI 7, ESRB T

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Master Duel: A Guide to Success


When you download the game, it starts with some tutorials. If you're already experienced in dueling, you can skip them, as they cover the basics. Don't worry; even if you skip them, you'll still receive 1000 gems and a free deck reward.

After that, you'll be presented with a choice of three decks as a reward: Power of the Dragon, Syncro of Unity, and Link Generation. Your decision here doesn't significantly impact your gameplay since you won't be using these decks extensively. However, if you'd like advice, choose one that matches your experience level. If you're an old-school player, go for Blue-Eyes; if you're more into modern strategies, pick the Link deck.

TGS Anime gives you a helpful beginners guide.

Exploring the Main Menu


The main menu offers four core options: Duel, Deck, Solo, and Shop. Here are the key sub-options:

  • Notifications: Keep an eye on updates and events from Konami.
  • Missions: Track your tasks to earn extra gems and in-game cosmetics.
  • Gift Box: Konami occasionally gives out freebies here.
  • Friends: Easily add and manage your friends.
  • Submenu: Customize settings, check the ban list, and manage your profile.
  • Solo Mode: Your Journey Begins

Solo mode is where you can experience various archetypal decks, explore their storylines, and earn rewards. To start, complete the Dual Strategy Solo missions to receive powerful meta cards, cosmetics, gems, and crafting materials. Completing these missions also unlocks additional gem and material rewards. You can also explore various story missions, which may align with your chosen archetype for your first deck.

Building Your Deck: Currency and Crafting


In Master Duel, you'll deal with two types of currency: gems and crafting points. Gems are earned by playing the game and are essential for purchasing packs and items from the store. Don't waste them; I'll explain how to use them wisely. Crafting points, on the other hand, are crucial for making specific cards.

Crafting points come in normal, rare, super rare, and ultra rare varieties, and you earn them by dismantling cards you don't need. Dismantled cards are worth 10 crafting points for their rarity. You'll need 30 crafting points to create a card, with the rarity depending on the type of crafting points used. Higher rarity cards yield more crafting points when dismantled.

Now, let's build your first deck


Building the first deck:

  • Delete the default decks to keep things organized.
  • Choose your deck archetype carefully; it's a critical decision.
  • You can go for a top-tier meta deck or a favorite archetype.
  • Look for inspiration on websites like yukioprodex.com or masterdualmeta.com.
  • Use the in-game deck finder or copy-paste a deck from Master Duel's community.

Once you've built your deck, it's time to obtain the required cards.

Shopping Wisely: Packs and More


In the shop, you'll find tabs for packs, structure decks, accessories, and specials. Here's how to shop wisely:

  • Avoid the Master Pack due to its vast card pool.
  • Consider structuring decks if your chosen deck needs specific cards.
  • The accessory tab offers cosmetics; get them later.
  • Purchase the Dual Pass for its battle pass rewards, including gems, crafting points, and cosmetics.

Secret Packs and Crafting


Unlock secret packs by crafting cards from specific archetypes. Purchase secret packs to obtain essential cards for your deck. Spend your gems on these packs until your deck is about 90-95% complete. Any missing cards can be crafted using crafting points. Prioritize staple cards that can fit in any deck.

Ranked Play: Climbing the Ladder


Take your complete deck to ranked mode. Starting with Recruit, aim to climb through the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranks. Platinum is highly competitive, so expect challenging opponents. As you ascend the ranks, you'll earn more gems, battle pass rewards, and crafting materials.

Future Deck Building and Tweaks


Keep accumulating gems and crafting materials for future deck building. If your deck underperforms, use your resources to make improvements. Consider staple cards like Maxx "C," Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Forbidden Droplet, and others for versatility.

TeamSamuraiX1 shows you how to build any deck for free

Four Steps to Becoming a Better Master Deuler


Step Number One: Complete the Beginner's Tutorial
The beginner's tutorial is crucial as it teaches you how to normal summon, activate spell cards, utilize trap cards, and, most importantly, how to deal damage, which is the core objective of Yu-Gi-Oh!

After completing the beginner's tutorial, Konami grants access to three different decks. It's akin to choosing your starter Pokémon. You can opt for the Blue-Eyes deck, the Synchro Unity deck, or the Link deck. These three decks are all equally powerful. If you're feeling nostalgic, we recommend going for the Blue-Eyes deck. If you're interested in playing with Links, you can choose the Link starter deck. However, in our opinion, the Synchro Unity deck is the best choice. Inside this deck, you'll find three copies of Mystical Space Typhoon, an incredibly valuable staple card. Collecting staples for your collection is crucial since you can use them in any of your decks.

Step Number Two: Solo Mode
Complete the solo mode, specifically the Dual Strategy. In this Dual Strategy solo mode, you'll encounter 11 duels and practice sessions to test your skills. By completing these duels, you'll receive powerful cards like Monster Reborn, Raigeki, and Reinforcement of the Army. These cards are remarkable as they are ultra-rare, and later, you can convert them into Crafting Points (CP) if you no longer need them. You'll also obtain the Destruction Jammer and Marauding Captain.

Once you finish the third duel in the Dual Strategy, it unlocks the practice section. This section is a refresher course on synchro summoning, XYZ summoning, pendulum summoning, and link summoning. Completing each practice session awards you 600 gems. By the end of the Solo Mode Dual Strategy, you'll have collected a total of 2,400 gems.

Step Number Three: Shops and Missions
After completing both steps one and two, you should have a total of 4,920 gems in your balance. Now, it's time for the fun part: shopping and missions. In the missions tab, you can collect daily rewards, including free gems. Completing these missions will accumulate a total of 8,950 gems.

To maximize your resources, visit the shop and select the special tab. Before making any purchases, we strongly recommend buying the Duel Pass. The Duel Pass grants you access to more gems, which means more packs and more cards for your collection. It also includes a pedigree mate. Additionally, consider purchasing the special bundles, which offer 10 packs of the Master Pack with one exclusive free card for each pack. This bundle costs 750 gems for 10 packs, representing excellent value. The cards included, such as Lightning Storm, Solemn Judgment, and Ash Blossom, are ultra-rare and can be crafted into other ultra-rare cards you need.

Step Number Four: Crafting CP
Now it's time for deck building and crafting. You won't necessarily pull all the cards you need from packs, so the crafting system is essential. To craft a card, you need Crafting Points (CP). You can obtain CP by dismantling cards you don't need, based on their rarity. Dismantling three cards of the same rarity gives you enough CP to create one card of that rarity. Prioritize crafting staple cards that can fit into multiple decks.

To craft a card, go to the deck screen and click the top-right menu. Select "dismantle selected cards" and choose cards you don't need. Dismantling cards in your crafting pool will yield CP, which you can then use to craft the cards you require.

By following these steps, you can efficiently build your deck and collect the cards you need without spending money. Enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!

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