Overwatch 2 Œufs de Pâques sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

Dernière mise à jour: 17 janvier 2024

Voici nos Œufs de Pâques pour Overwatch 2 sur Playstation 4. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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Easter Eggs Hidden Around the Maps

Œufs de Pâques

Dark Souls Bonfire

Many Dark Souls players will recognize the bonfire with a sword shoved into it as a spot they often rested when readying themselves for a monster encounter. You will find the now-famous easter egg in Eichenwalde next to the second spawn area for defenders. In keeping with the theme of rest, there’s also a large health pack beside the bonfire.

The Dog of Adlersbrunn

If you’ve ever thought the game was lacking in the canine department, fear not because Halloween brought players one of the best additions to the game. In Adlersbrunn (Eichenwalde with a Halloween theme), you’ll see a picture of a dog on the wall. It stands out because it’s not Halloween-themed in any way.

Not only is the dog adorable, but if you interact with the portrait, it will bark at you—a fun little detail to enjoy if you have the time.

Hammond Sings the Overwatch Tune

This Easter Egg has been around since Hammond (Wrecking Ball) was added to the game. If you’re fighting in Dorado, there are a set of bells you can mess around with, three in window archways and one in an archway in the courtyard. If you shoot these bells, they’ll make a noise, but if you shoot them in a particular order, specifically shot them to the tune of the Overwatch theme, Hammon will start singing.

Stand outside and face the corner so that the window bells are on your left and the outside bell is on your right, then shoot them in this order (left window bell = 1, middle window bell = 2, right window bell = 3, and outside bell = 4): 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3, 4.

Genji’s Room

Some maps contain hidden lore about certain characters, so you must watch for fun little details, especially if your character is linked to an area. While in Nepal, you’ll find yourself in the home where Zenyatta, Genji’s mentor after he became a cyborg, lives.

Genji also lived here for a time, meaning he must’ve had a room. If you’re in the village area and head to the spot between the point and a huge area where you can fall down, you’ll find a room full of Genji’s things. This spot is usually ignored because it’s a flanking route that few people bother using, but if you brave the journey, you’ll find some clothes, a sword, a painting, and a photo of young Genji and Hanzo together.

Payload with Hidden Lore

While certain maps have fun little bits of character lore, others have their full personal stories and tie into what’s happening in their lives, the most notable being the Escort or Hybrid maps. Here are some examples of what’s happening lore-wise while you’re transporting items or trying to stop something from playing out.

  • Junkertown: This includes a funny little animation to show what’s going on. All the gold you are transporting comes from a robbery performed by Junkrat and Roadhog to please the Junker Queen. There are explosives all over it because they plan to blow the gold up in her face.
  • Route 66: Due to the nature of the game’s lore, you aren’t really doing anything in this map. When you start, you’re tasked with transporting cargo for a gand named Deadlock; the cargo is meant to be the playable character, Echo, but because Cassidy saves her, the payload doesn’t have anything in it. 
  • Hollywood: The cargo is an Omnic named HAL-Fred Glitchbot, who is being targeted by an anti-Omnic group (the other team). Your team is to act as his bodyguards while the other team attacks.
  • Numbani: The cargo has changed, but players used to have to transport a mighty gauntlet known as the Doomfist to the museum, which was dedicated to the three men who held the gauntlet. It may have changed because the gauntlet was taken by the third Doomfirst, Akande Ogundimu, one of the playable characters.
  • King’s Row: This map is home to a large group of Ominics who are often seen in a negative light, and one team of players (the attackers) is tasked with escorting a powerful EMP device that is to be released in the slums to take out every Omnic that lives there while the other team tries to prevent this. 

The Time in Route 66

This map references a former member of the aforementioned Deadlock gang, Cole Cassidy. During his ultimate, Deadeye, Cassidy states, “It’s high noon.” As a result, every clock on the map is stuck at noon, which means it’s always time for a shootout.

Link to Ballet

Before Talon brainwashed her, Widowmaker was once a ballet dancer named Amelia. To refer back to that, she has a few ballet-related skins.

Odette and Odile are references to the famous ballet Swanlake, with Odette being the princess who is turned into a swan and Odile being the black swan.

Reaper is a Poe Fan

There is a famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe titled Raven, in which a man is driven to madness by a raven. Many parts of the poem end with someone saying, “Nevermore.” As a result, the word has become heavily associated with Ravens and the poem.

Reaper has a dark, raven-based skin named Nevermore, meaning everyone’s favorite edge lord is a massive nerd.

Lucio’s Mixing Table

In Paraíso’s last spawn room, you start right beside a mixing table that belongs to Lucio. Due to its position, it’s relatively easy to miss as players focus more on staying alive while getting as many kills as possible than looking around for Easter Eggs.

The mixing table has vinyl discs on the wall and Hockey rollerskates, a sport the character is well known for playing thanks to their related skin.

Tribute to a Fan

This is definitely one of the sadder Easter Eggs in the game. If you head to Lisand Tower, you’ll find a trio of astronaut suits, one of which is surrounded by flowers. The phrase above the middle suit can be translated to “Heroes never die,” Mercy’s catchphrase.

This is a tribute to Wu Hongyu, a Chinese student who was a massive fan of the original game and never got to play the second because he died trying to prevent a robbery a day before the game’s release.

His memory will forever be remembered, thanks to the devs at Blizzard.

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