Fallout Shelter Cheats sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Fallout Shelter
  • Première sortie: Jun 13, 2015
  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy
  • Notations: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Date And Time cheat


This glitch/cheat will give you a 1 day to 7 day bonus which can be a bundle of caps and a lunchbox. This will save your wallet from paying for sly microtransactions. First of all, you need to turn your connection to the Internet on your ps4 off. Second of all, locate yourself into date and time and select 'manually change' or whatever it is, it should say manually or manual, then either skip a day or skip a week. Any more than a week will glitch the weekly bonus and you won't receive anything.

It's as easy as that, you can make a full vault unbelievably quickly with this, as I have.

Make sure to message me on discord if you have any problems: ᎪᏟᎥᎠᎥᏟ#6327 

Par: Wody Commentaire

Available Cheats


Re-enter the Vault and Rooms for Objectives

You can complete specific dweller-related objectives by letting your dwellers in and out of the Vault. This is particularly helpful for objectives that include a specific dweller.

You can send the same dweller to the wasteland and have them return immediately several times. Once they re-enter, the objective will count them as an additional dweller with the required trait.

Exploit Time

This is a handy little cheat for when you don’t want to spend hours waiting for progress to finish. Simply change the time settings on your device while the game is open. This will speed up progress on timed quests and time-dependent rewards. This can cause the game to freeze and isn’t foolproof, so use it at your own risk.

How to Ensure the Best Possible Play Through


Plan Your Layout

This game consists of rooms that can be expanded, merged, and linked together through elevators that allow the dwellers of your shelter to travel to different floors. However, you’ll need to ensure that your rooms are well organized, or traveling between them will become similar to navigating a maze.

It’s best to decide on a layout before you start. Each row has space for 2 elevators, 2 three-block rooms, and 1 two-block room. It’s up to you to decide how exactly you will set everything up.

To get the most efficient use out of your elevators, we recommend that you copy traditional elevators and have them travel straight downward, allowing easy travel through your shelter. 

We also recommend expanding downwards rather than sideways when building a new type of room. This will ensure you have room for future expansions.

Be Slow to Expand Your Vault

Given that your dwellers are trying to survive the apocalypse, electricity is scarce. Keeping that in mind, you shouldn’t add new rooms to your shelter just because you’ve unlocked them.

Instead, focus on increasing your electricity capacity and the number of dwellers in your bunker. If you don’t have enough dwellers to use all the extra rooms, they’re a waste.

Give Any Spare Weapons to Your Dwellers

While it would be very easy to sell any spare weapons you have, they’re better use to you in the hands of your vault dwellers, as this will ensure your Vault is prepared for any incidents or attacks.

Once you’ve equipped all your dwellers, you can start selling weapons, though be sure to keep some backup high-damage weapons for new dwellers.

Manage Your Dwellers Through the Dweller List

The more dwellers you have living in your shelter, the more difficult it will be to keep track of them. Fortunately, if you click on the cog in the top-left of your screen, you’ll find a list of all your dwellers. You can use this to check their level, health, and skills easily. 

Improve Your Dwellers’ Productivity With Outfits

When you first begin building your Vault, none of your dwellers will have much in terms of skills. Since you don’t have control of the stats of the dwellers who join your Vault and training rooms only open once you have 30 dwellers in your shelter, outfits are the way to go.

They’ll boost your dwellers’ skills, so if you have any with below-average stats, set them up with an outfit and boost the skill related to their assigned room. Once you’ve unlocked training, outfits still do their part to provide a few extra points and help with productivity.

Stats max out at 10 points, but production rooms and encounters count the additional points granted to you through the outfits. This means you can equip dwellers maxed out on Strength with a soldier’s uniform, and you’ll see the additional point when you select the dweller and tap on their stats.

Watch Out for the Mysterious Stranger

You’ll hear a three-note sound effect every few minutes, followed by a second sound a few seconds later. This sound is a signal of the appearance of the Mysterious Stranger, a character that will appear in your Vault randomly for a few seconds. 

He’s distinguishable by his trenchcoat and hat, and if you manage to click on him before he vanishes, you’ll be rewarded with a few extra caps (anywhere from 60 to the thousands).

Turn off HD Zoom Out, then zoom out to force the Mysterious Stranger into the foreground, making him easier to spot.

Improve Special Stats to Ensure Success During Quests

You’ll need to send dwellers to complete various quests during the game. When deciding what dwellers to send, make sure you pick ones with high Strength, Perception, Endurance, and Agility. If none of your dwellers are particularly high in those stats, you can train them. Each stat determines something useful:

  • Strength: The damage a dweller can deal to enemies.
  • Agility: The rate dwellers can deal damage.
  • Perception: How accurate a dweller is and improve their critical hit cursor speed. It also allows dwellers to find more items, better quality items, and more quest locations in the wasteland.
  • Endurance: The dwellers’ level of health
  • Luck: Increase to gather more caps while out on quests.

You’ll want to focus on Endurance to ensure they survive as long as possible. A Level 1 dweller with Level 10 Endurance will end up with more health points as they level up than a dweller who’s only trained Endurance from Level 40.

Don’t Increase Your Dweller Count Too Quickly

As you gain more and more dwellers, the incidents that affect your Vault will become more challenging, and the biggest challenge will be the Deathclaws. They’ll start appearing once you have 60 dwellers in your Vault, so keep away from that number until you’re sure you can keep the Deathclaws from breaking in. 

Have Dwellers Guard Your Vault Door

While setting up dwellers at your vault door can feel like a waste, they’re incredibly helpful as they prevent raids and attacks from interrupting your production rooms. 

The dwellers you put at your vault door should be maxed out with levels and stats and have high-damage weapons. This will keep all attacks, including raiders, aliens, and feral ghouls, from getting further than your door. The only attack that’ll get past your guards is the Deathclaws, but they’ll be plenty damaged, meaning they won’t disrupt your production too much. 

Explore the Wasteland to Level Up

Other than questing, the quickest way to level up a dweller is by sending them out to explore the wasteland with a few stimpaks and ration packs. Exploring the wasteland also requires very little input from you.

Earn Legendary Dwellers By Completing Quests

While most legendary dwellers can be collected from lunchboxes, there are four you can receive from quests. These include:

  • Three Dog: Received once you’ve completed “Horseman of the Post-Apocalypse Part 3.”
  • Sarah Lyons: Received once you’ve completed “Climbing the Ranks.”
  • Preston Garvey: Received once you’ve completed “A Settler Needs Your Help.”
  • Ed the Ghoul: Received once you’ve completed “Searching in the Dark.”

Breed Legendary Dwellers with Max Stats

If you put male and female legendary dwellers with max stats in the same room, they’ll have a chance of producing a rare or legendary dweller child. This will reduce the amount of training you’ll need to do as they’ll have higher stats than the average dweller once they age up.

Keep in mind this is only possible to do later in the game. 

Train Dwellers With Other Dwellers to Speed Up the Process

If you are training dwellers but have an additional few you want to train, send them to the same room as the ones you’re already training. Having them train together will speed up their overall training time.

Keep Your Dwellers Happy

A dweller may be unhappy for several reasons, but the most likely one is that they don’t enjoy their placement. Adjust their placement according to their stats and what they’re best suited to in your Vault.

If that doesn’t work, you can always make dissatisfied dwellers have a child, as this will significantly increase their happiness. It also works to increase the population of your Vault if you’re low on dwellers. A dweller who has just fallen pregnant will have a happiness of 100%.

If nothing else works, you can always Rush the room of the unhappy dwellers. Any dwellers in the room of a successful Rush will have their happiness increased by 10%. However, their happiness will drop by 10% if the Rush fails.

How to Earn Caps


There are several ways to earn caps. The game suggests that the fastest method is by rushing rooms, but that comes with the risk of incidents, and if you only have a few rooms, you won’t get many caps.

The best ways to get caps are:

  • Completing daily objectives.
  • Completing any quests and missions you receive from the Overseer’s Office.
  • Exploring the wasteland and completing any quests that pop up along the way.
  • Clicking on the Mysterious Strangers whenever he appears.
  • Watching in-game ads.

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