Stardew Valley Glitch sur Xbox One (X1)

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Voici nos Glitch pour Stardew Valley sur Xbox One. Les articles les plus dignes de confiance obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet !

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Early Galaxy Sword Glitch

This works on any platform. Once you get the catalog from Pierre's store find a light green wallpaper, then go to the calico desert (unlock this by rebuilding the vault at the community center) find the pillars in a triangle shape. Pull out the wallpaper hold it in the middle of the triangle. The game will think you got a prismarine shard and there for gives you the galaxy sword early. Enemies in the mine/skull cavern have a rare chance of dropping a prismarine shard. This happens because the light green wallpaper has the same item ID as the prismarine shard does.

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I'm  sry  none  of  these  work  on  xbox  one  December  24th  2021 - Rose Cruz, il y a 9 mois - Réponse  

Out of bounds Glitch

Works on all platforms. Get to a loading area pull out a sword or your scythe keep swinging for a while until you can't see yourself but keep swinging for about another minute or so just to be sure. Then start to move around. If your screen goes black and then you are in a different area then try again.

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Land shark Glitch

Works on all platforms. Go to the bath house where you enter the changing room turn around and use the Out of bounds glitch. To do the land shark make sure you have a fence post with you. Once out of bounds go into the pool skipping the changing closet. Jump into the pool move forward a little bit then turn around, place the fence post. Now get out of the pool and jump into the pool where the fence post is, now get out of the pool. You will be doing what I call land sharking because you are swimming on land. What this does is while you're farming your energy keeps replenishing same with mining too. It also replenishes your health. When you go to sleep it will stay. when you exit the game and come back simply go back to the bath house this time you do not have to go out of bounds because the fence post will still be there. So just jump in and swim out. *note you do not have to have clothes on to do the glitch on the same save file after it is done once already!*

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