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Monopoly Go!
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How to Get Free Dice Rolls


You can use a free roll generator on to get free rolls. First, go into your settings and allow installations from unknown sources. Then go to the Gamingfab website, search for Monopoly Go, click on the article that says, “How to Get Free Dice Rolls,” and follow the prompts to get free dice rolls. You need your Monopoly user account ID to get the free dice rolls. 

SanKsander demonstrates how to get free dice in Monopoly Go!

The Best Strategy to Secure Your Victory


Focus on Income

The goal is to earn as much income as possible. Therefore, concentrate on acquiring properties that generate high incomes rather than solely buying all the properties on the board. Prioritize properties with higher rent values and try to build them up as quickly as possible.

Plan Your Route

Be strategic about your movement on the board. Pay attention to the spaces you land on and plan your route to maximize your chances of landing on high-income properties or other beneficial spaces. Consider the potential risks and rewards of each move you make.

Use Action Cards Wisely

Action Cards can significantly impact the game, so use them to your advantage. For example, you can use an Action Card to acquire a property or prevent opponents from obtaining a property you want. Timing is key, so use your Action Cards when they can have the most significant impact.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

There is a time limit, so keep track of how many turns are left and adjust your strategy accordingly. If there are only a few turns left, focus on maximizing your income and ensuring you have a strong financial position.

Manage Your Money

Money management is crucial. Ensure you have enough cash to seize opportunities, such as buying properties or developing existing ones. Avoid overspending and keep a reserve for emergencies.

Balance Risk and Reward

Assess the risks and rewards of each decision you make. Sometimes taking calculated risks can pay off, such as acquiring a property with potentially high returns. However, be mindful of the potential consequences and weigh them against the potential benefits.

Negotiate and Trade

Like in classic Monopoly, negotiation, and trading can be powerful tools. Feel free to propose trades with other players that can benefit both parties. Seek mutually beneficial agreements that help you advance your game plan.

Stay Attentive

Pay attention to your opponent's moves and the properties they own. This knowledge can inform your decisions, such as which properties to target for development or which opponents to negotiate with. Awareness of the overall game state is crucial for making informed choices.

Adapt and Evolve 

As the game progresses, circumstances may change, requiring you to adapt your strategy. Stay flexible and adjust your plans based on the current game situation. Be open to new opportunities and be ready to change your approach if necessary.

How to Earn Tons of Money


To negotiate and trade effectively in Monopoly Go!, consider the value of properties, aim for win-win scenarios, highlight your advantages, propose multiple trade options, assess opponents' financial positions, time your offers strategically, be open to counteroffers, build relationships, analyze trade offers carefully, and don't hesitate to decline unfavorable trades. These strategies will help you acquire valuable properties and strengthen your financial position in the game.

How to Manage Your Finances and Budget Wisely


Managing your finances and budget wisely is crucial in Monopoly Go! to ensure long-term success. Firstly, prioritize building a solid cash reserve. Keep a portion of your funds as a safety net for unexpected expenses or investment opportunities. Monitor your income and expenses diligently. Keep track of rent earned, costs associated with house building, fees, and other financial transactions. This will give you a clear understanding of your financial standing and enable better decision-making.

Make strategic decisions when purchasing properties. Assess their income potential, location, and value. Only spend on properties that generate sufficient income to justify the investment. Balance your cash flow by considering short-term gains versus long-term benefits. Sometimes, sacrificing immediate income for the potential of future growth can be a wise financial move.

Utilize cost-saving measures when possible. For example, if building houses, focus on color sets with high rent multipliers to maximize returns without overspending. Consider the opportunity cost of each financial decision. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of investments, trades, and other financial moves.

Lastly, be prepared to adapt your financial strategy based on the game's progression. Stay flexible, analyze the current market conditions, and adjust your budget accordingly to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

How to Build Houses


Building houses follow a slightly different process than the traditional game. First, you must acquire a full-color set of properties. Once you have a set, you must accumulate enough income from those properties. Each color set has specific requirements for building houses based on the income earned and the existing houses. When you meet the income requirement, you can pay the house building cost and place a house marker on one of your properties. 

Building houses increase the rent value and your income. You can keep building houses on your properties if you meet the income requirement and have sufficient funds. Focus on high-income properties, manage your finances wisely, and strategically build houses to enhance your chances of success in Monopoly Go!

Lord Gatheridge demonstrates how to buy houses in Monopoly Go!

How to Create a Winning Strategy


To create a winning strategy in Monopoly Go!, focus on generating maximum income. Acquire high-income properties, build houses strategically, complete color sets, and manage your finances wisely. Utilize Action Cards effectively, adapt your strategy based on the game's dynamics, and take calculated risks. Maximizing income, making intelligent decisions, and capitalizing on opportunities can increase your chances of success in Monopoly Go!

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