Spintires: MudRunner Cheats sur Xbox One (X1)

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Spintires: MudRunner
  • Première sortie: Oct 30, 2017
  • Genre: Racing, Simulator, Strategy
  • Notations: PEGI 3,

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Multiple Trailers


You can use the crane to detach the medium trailer and pull it up onto the truck, which will also let you attach another trailer at the same time. You can even use the winch to pull another one, letting you effectively use three trailers at the same time, although you’ll need to work with them to use them properly (since they need to be officially attached to the truck for you to actually use them).

Get launched away glitch


Keep in mind, this only works in multiplayer. When you hook up the rear ends of two cars and start accelerating and keep accelerating the car or truck will eventually get launched so hard away that you can even get stuck in the sky barrier and wont be able to come down.

Par: Adrian Sidler Commentaire

Easy Way to Win Quickly


Grab a B-130 and a B-131, put the small log trailer on both, then the additional small/medium log trailer on both. Hook the B-130 up to the B-131 or any mud faring truck. And haul it to the Logging Place, switch trucks to load them fully. Then repeat the towing to the drop off. It's easy to do. And takes one load. 

Par: GamerGuy44 Commentaire

How to Get Unstuck


One of this game's frequent challenges is getting stuck in the mud. While you can avoid this by using the wayside of muddy roads or taking alternative paths, sometimes evading the mud is impossible.

However, it is possible to get unstuck thanks to a few countermeasures. Assuming your vehicle is only partially submerged, you can proceed as follows:

  • Activate all-wheel drive: The front axle is the usual culprit behind a stuck vehicle. Activating this drive mode will give more power to the back wheels and keep you from getting stuck in the mud. Asphalt and sandy roads are manageable without all-wheel drive, but you should activate it as soon as you see a mud road to diminish your chances of getting stuck.
  • Activate the differential locks to increase your maneuverability in mud: While this won't result in additional horsepower, it will keep your wheels turning.
  • Start turning with your wheels: With the differential locks on, you can use this simple trick to avoid getting stuck. There's always a chance you'll drive over a hidden stone that will help you regain some drivability. Use these rocks to your advantage and escape from the mud.
  • Switch to 1+ gear: +1 gear is a high-torque gear you can activate manually by hitting "R" and switching the gear using your mouse. It's particularly helpful if your truck is heavily stuck and not even the throttle is getting you anywhere. This extra gear could give you the necessary horsepower to leave the mud.
  • Hit reverse: When all else fails, accept defeat, retreat, and pick a different route.
  • Use your winch to get you out of a tough spot: Your winch should always be your last resort. Activate advanced mode by hitting "V" and choose an object to connect the winch to. You can attach the rope to trees or another vehicle before holding "F" to start rappelling. This is the standard pull mode of the winch, a process you can make faster by hitting the throttle. You can use the winch to climb steep hillsides and save your vehicle from turning upside down or falling into a chasm.

If all countermeasures fail, it's time to summon a rescue vehicle. The second vehicle should be of the same class or have a more powerful engine as the one that got stuck. You'll also want to make sure the chosen vehicle doesn't have any cargo or large tires.

  1. Place the rescue vehicle away from the mud to any circumstances that may hinder its progress.
  2. Activate advanced mode and connect the winch to the trapped vehicle. 
  3. To keep the rescue vehicle from being pulled into the mud, use the drive mode of the winch. This will activate the trapped vehicle's engine, and you can start pulling. Hitting "F" in this mode will make the vehicle accelerate, allowing you to get it out of the mud.
  4. Drive as far as you can, ensuring that the previously stuck vehicle is as far out of the mud as it can go.

If you're in Casual Mode, you can simply have the trapped vehicle towed by selecting it, pressing "F1" to activate the map, and selecting the towing vehicle on the left side of the screen (below the list of available vehicles.

While towing the stuck vehicle saves a lot of time and nerves, you're losing your cargo, which means you'll have to repeat the whole course. Towing the vehicle will also take you to the nearest garage, which may not be the best plan, especially if there are only two active garages on opposite sides of the map.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Plan Your Route

Though this isn't a strategy game, planning your route before transporting timber and fuel is still good practice. Activate the map and check the available courses and the locations of blockades and rivers. The map will also show you which roads are made of asphalt or sand and the terrain surrounding the roads. Areas covered in deep forests are usually inaccessible. However, large plains can be used to help you reach your objectives. 

Do recon using UAZ jeeps to view the course from ground level and look for stones, steep hillsides, and usable shortcuts. Doing recon will also enable you to activate cloak points and unlock cloaked areas of the map. UAZs can also be used to access extra vehicles around the map that can be used to your advantage.

Ensure All Garages Are Activated

While journeying through most maps, you might spot extra garages near timber points, fuel stations, or both. Not only is this excellent if your vehicle is damaged, but you'll have easier access to additional truck add-ons and be closer to your objective than your starting location.

Garage points should be a top priority when driving through a map, as they'll allow you to unlock the garage during your first route.

Make Use of Convoys

As a single player, you won't be able to drive more than one truck at a time, meaning your deliveries will be slow-going. Fortunately, there's a way to get around this: The winch! By connecting the winch of a vehicle you want to take to the backend of your own, you'll have created a convoy of two cars, allowing you to deliver twice as many resources. 

The pulled vehicle will achieve similar speeds to the driven vehicle and turn with it. However, you'll want to ensure a few meters of space between the two vehicles. Press "F" to accelerate the pulled vehicle if you're in a tough spot. 

The best combinations for a convoy are:

  • Two trucks: They both hold the basic add-ons. They're also the best way of transporting garage points (you'll need a total of 4) for a new garage close to the log station.
    Truck with a trailer and a trailer: You'll be able to carry nine points of timer with this combo, which is more than enough to meet the needs of a single lumber yard. You can do this by connecting the trailer, activating advanced mode, and unhooking the trailer before driving a few meters forward. You can connect the second trailer with the winch; just remember that to unload it, you'll need to connect it to the truck once you arrive at the delivery location.
    You'll only be using one truck for this combination, resulting in a heavy-set vehicle that can get easily stuck, meaning it's better suited to flat routes.
  • Truck with an add-on and a truck with an add-on and trailer: This combo will also carry nine points but is a good combination if you need more vehicles or if the available trucks are weak. A single trailer will allow the trucks more horsepower.
  • Two trucks with log carriers and medium log carts: This combo allows you to carry 8 timber points but can only be used if you have six-wheeled trucks with plenty of horsepower. It's the most solid convoy of the lot.
  • Truck with an add-on and truck with a semi-trailer: This is a fantastic combo for delivering wood to log kiosks as it allows for 9 points of timber. It's also great if you get stuck because the first truck can be removed to help the second one get out of trouble.
  • K-700 with a trailer and truck with an add-on and a trailer: The K-700 is a fantastic vehicle capable of escaping even the toughest situations. You can visit the garage utility tent with it and install a trailer hitch to attack a second truck, thus allowing yourself to carry 9 points of timber.

Load Timber Manually

Every map has a few points where you can pick up and manually load the timber. The loading takes a while, but these points are usually much closer to your delivery destination than the lumber yard, meaning you can shorten your route and use more useful roads.

The cargo can be manually loaded into your vehicles with a K-700 loader or the crane cart you can install on medium trucks.

Make Good Use of Support Vehicles

Support vehicles are trucks that carry garage points and fuel. It's an excellent vehicle, especially if you have a difficult delivery route. Transport trucks use a lot of fuel, so having a mobile supply nearby is handy.

Pick the Right Trailer for the Job

A truck with a trailer can transport the same amount of timber as a truck with a semi-trailer; it's up to you to decide which will work better for your delivery:

  • A truck with a trailer handles better on difficult terrain, as they are light and maneuverable. If they happen to flip over, you can flip them back easily using your winch or by accelerating your truck. 
  • Semi-trailers offer more transport capability, but trailers are better if you want varied cargo.
  • A semi-trailer is a better choice if you want to deliver cargo on a simple, flat route, as their weight makes them difficult to drive, and a trailer is a good option for a difficult course.

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