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Terminal Locations Guide Guides

Search the locations described below to find all of the terminals. When you find a terminal, press X to view it.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Terminals

  • Pillar of Autumn - Once you reach the bridge, turn left. Go to the second booth, which is glowing red.
  • Arriving on Halo - When you get the Warthog to drive, take it to the tunnel. The terminal is inside.
  • Truth and Reconciliation - While on the ship, make your way to the raised platform and approach the panels glowing red.
  • The Silent Cartographer - Search the sides of the central structure in the area of the first Hunter battle.
  • Assault on the Control Room - Search the area around the pyramid close to the end of the level. The terminal is in a crevasse.
  • 343 Guilty Spark - When you reach the elevator near the end that will take you back outside, trigger it and then turn around. You'll need to jump above the elevator's entrance as it ascends, so be quick.
  • The Library - On the third floor, walk toward the yellow light when you reach the round room. From there, head right and jump over the obstacle to reach the terminal.
  • Two Betrayals - After the opening cutscene, walk left and keep going until you find the terminal. It will be glowing yellow.
  • Keyes - In the room where you find Keyes, search the area to his right to find the terminal. It will be glowing purple.
  • The Maw - Climb the ladder in the Cryogenic Storage Room to access the control room. The terminal is glowing red in the back right corner.

Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals

  • Cairo Station - After you fight the cloaked Elites, go upstairs to find the terminal.
  • Outskirts - Near the end, after you cross a dark hall into an area with a Warthog, drive the Warthog out of the area. Right before you reach the next tunnel, search the nearby buildings.
  • Metropolis - Once you meet up with the marines after fighting three Wraiths, search the area across from the elevators.
  • The Arbiter - In the room where fusion coils are being transported, climb a ramp before you leave to find the terminal.
  • Oracle - When you get inside the room you can only access by breaking the glass, search the back, on the other side of the wall.
  • Delta Halo - When Cortana tells you to extend the bridge, search the area for the terminal.
  • Regret - In the room that has a large hologram on the left side, circle it and search the area behind it.
  • Sacred Icon - As you drop through the fusion cores, continue down past the divided gap to land in an area where the skybox is visible. Check the right side of this room, behind a wall.
  • Quarantine Zone - Inside the building that's on fire, go through the halls until you reach a room. There, search along the wall beneath the exit on the first floor.
  • Gravemind - Once you're outside, continue forward, but don't leave. Head past the door and search the area to the left.
  • Uprising - Drive a Ghost down the river until you reach the area with the bridge and Wraith. Get up on the bridge and look behind the pillars.
  • High Charity - After you leave the elevator, fight the enemies in the area and continue on to a room that contains a sword. Look just left of the entrance.
  • The Great Journey - Head to the second floor of the prison area and shoot down the shield on the right side to reach the terminal.

Halo 3 Terminals

  • The Ark (first terminal) - As soon as you get inside, go through the left door to reach the room with the terminal.
  • The Ark (second terminal) - When you activate the light bridge, there is a terminal just behind the bridge controls.
  • The Ark (third terminal) - In the building after the Scarab fight, locate the staircase. Beneath the stairs, a secret door will lead you to the terminal.
  • The Covenant (first terminal) - While riding the elevator to reach the tower controls, you need to jump across a gap into a secret area.
  • The Covenant (second terminal) - Pilot the Hornet to the mountain and enter the tower there.
  • The Covenant (third terminal) - In the third tower's elevator room, there is another gap to jump across like in the first tower.
  • Cortana (secret terminal) - Make your way to the basement, where you can also find the Tilt Skull. The stand the Gravity Hammer leans against is a special terminal.
  • Halo - At the beginning, walk to the support beams and then head down the ramp. Turn right and follow the nearby beam into a building that contains the terminal.

Halo 4 Terminals

  • Requiem - Enter the building after the Hunter battle and go down the hallway to the ramp. Before you ascend the ramp, look beneath it. The terminal will be a column with a glowing spot.
  • Forerunner - After the scene where your helmet visor is distorted, continue forward to the terminal at the base of a Forerunner spire.
  • Infinity - Once you meet up with the marines, re-enter the building they'd been in and search it.
  • Reclaimer - After Cortana rejoins you, continue through the room and into the hall. Turn right to find this terminal before you get on the elevator.
  • Shutdown - In the third tower, once you reach the area the Didact is changing, follow the path until you reach the place where it splits into three. Follow the left-hand path.
  • Composer - On the asteroid, before you enter the airlock near the Mantis, go underneath the platformer it's on to find a passage that leads to the terminal.
  • Midnight - After the Didact talks about using force to stop you, take the U-shape turn and watch for the glowing blue spires inside just before Cortana says you should go left. There is a terminal with the spires.


Skulls Locations Guide Guides

Search the locations described below to find all of the hidden skulls.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Skulls

  • Pillar of Autumn (Iron Skull) - Leave the cryo tank and search the back of the room, behind the purple containers.
  • Arriving on Halo (Mythic Skull) - Head toward the waterfall and check the ground on its right.
  • Arriving on Halo (Boom Skull) - After you get the Warthog, go to the cliff near the cave described as being not natural, drive up the right side, and look by the second tree.
  • Truth and Reconciliation (Foreign Skull) - In the hangar bay, after the third pair of Hunters emerge, check the other side of the door they came from.
  • Silent Cartographer (Famine Skull) - At the beginning, turn around and follow the beach until you find a ramp leading up to a plateau. Follow it to find the skull at the top.
  • Silent Cartographer (Bandana Skull) - In the security building, find the room that contains the hologram. Just outside of the room, use a grenade jump to boost yourself above it.
  • Assault on the Control Room (Fog Skull) - Once you exit the elevator after the first bridge, go to the middle of the room to the platform in the fog. Use a grenade jump to boost yourself onto it.
  • Assault on the Control Room (Malfunction Skull) - In the area after the tunnel, there are pipes that stick out from the platform into the chasm. The skull is on the end of one of them.
  • 343 Guilty Spark (Recession Skull) - At the beginning, turn around and walk to the corner. Look behind the tree.
  • The Library (Black Eye Skull) - In the first area, find the final vent before the entrance to the next room. Use a grenade jump to boost yourself up to the skull.
  • The Library (Patch Skull) - Before you take the Index, get as far from the Index as possible and walk around behind it to find the skull.
  • Two Betrayals (Piñata Skull) - At the end, pilot the last Banshee toward the tunnel and land on top of it.
  • The Maw (Grunt Birthday Party Skull) - Drive the Warthog to the bridge and stop it in front of the right beam. Get out and jump onto the beam. The skull is on the end.

Halo 2 Anniversary Skulls

  • The Armory (Whuppopotamus Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Don't enter the elevator. Wait until Sgt. Johnson asks, "Would it help if I said please?" After that, enter the elevator, go into the tram, and check the crate on your way through.
  • Cairo Station (Thunderstorm Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Once you leave the armory, use a crouch jump to land on top of the light. From there, jump to the next area up. Knock down the nearby garbage can to reveal the skull.
  • Outskirts (Blind Skull) - Look above the first door you enter and crouch jump to reach the room. The skull is in a narrow spot between the buildings.
  • Outskirts (IWHBYD Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. It only has a 1 in 7 chance of spawning, and can be difficult to find. The Jackal Snipers must spawn for you to find it. Use the Halo 2 IWHBYD guide to make sure you reach it.
  • Metropolis (Catch Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Once you leave the sewers, approach the structure in the center of the area and jump to its highest part. Use a grenade jump to boost yourself up to the arch. When you reach the top of the arch, head left toward the skull.
  • The Arbiter (Grunt Birthday Party Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Once you can pilot the Banshee, fly toward the area filled with objects that look like engines. Look around, and you'll find six dancing Grunts with the skull.
  • Oracle (Famine Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Once you leave the elevator, use either a crouch jump or a grenade jump to reach the high area opposite from where you came.
  • Delta Halo (Envy Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. When you reach the blocked room with two Grunt bodies and two swords, jump on top of the rock in front of the door. From there, jump to the ledge above the door. Then use a grenade jump to reach the highest point, where you'll find the skull and two Red Elites.
  • Regret (Assassin's Skull) - Inside the building after the gondola ride, you'll find a stone block. Climb up it to the ledge leading toward the turrets. Jump up the ledges to reach the skull.
  • Sacred Icon (Mythic Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. When you reach the room filled with the Flood's fog, jump onto the stacked crates to reach another floor. The skull is in the final hole there.
  • Quarantine Zone (Sputnik Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. At the beginning, head left through a tunnel to find a cliff. At the cliff, turn left and follow it to a rock wall. Enter the passageway to its right to find the skull at the end.
  • Gravemind (Angry Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Outside of the city, follow the wall on the right side until you reach the red rail. Jump onto it and follow it to the grav lift, which holds the skull.
  • Uprising (Ghost Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. In the armory, collect the frag grenades from the right side of the room if you need them, and then go through the door on the left side. In the next room, turn around, and use a grenade jump to reach a high platform.
  • High Charity (Iron Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Look up while riding the last grav lift to see the skull in the air. As you pass it, hold X to take it.
  • The Great Journey (Black Eye Skull) - This skull is only available while playing on Legendary. Follow Sgt. Johnson until the control room is in sight. Get onto the beam and jump toward the round, angled wall. Climb to the grassy area on top, and then make your way onto the support. Continue to climb upward to the first platform, where the skull waits.

Halo 3 Skulls

  • Sierra 117 (Blind Skull) - In the area where the Covenant sets down a Phantom, search along the edge of the cliff above the bottomless water.
  • Sierra 117 (Iron Skull) - When you reach the train depot where Sgt. Johnson is, you'll encounter a hammer-wielding Brute on a bridge. From the bridge, jump to its side and then onto the depot. Follow the path around the building.
  • Crows' Nest (Black Eye Skull) - At the beginning, use the objects in the first room to jump all the way up to the large pipe above you.
  • Crows' Nest (Grunt Birthday Party Skull) - On your way to the barracks, when you're supposed to jump down the shaft, go to the end of the hall first. There is another drop there. Edge forward, and go backward as soon as you fall. You should land on a ledge that leads to a passage with the skull at the end.
  • Tsavo Highway (Tough Luck Skull) - Drive until you spot the oil pipeline and then stop. Leave your vehicle, jump onto the pipeline, and then jump over the fence. Search the ledge near the support.
  • The Storm (Catch Skull) - In the area where you fight two Wraiths, use the transport Warthog to help you jump up onto the little silo.
  • Floodgate (Fog Skull) - At the beginning, keep your eye on the burning office building. When the Flood jumps from the roof, shoot it. This should knock the skull off the roof as well.
  • The Ark (Famine Skull) - Once Sgt. Johnson mentions finding the Map Room on the other side of the wall, follow him to the ribcage structure. Climb onto the rocks and up on top of the ribs. There is a deployable cover there. Jump onto it to reach the higher rib where you'll find the skull.
  • The Ark (Cowbell Skull) - In the room just after the two-floor room with the purple energy column, take the ramp to the grav lift and use it to reach the skull.
  • Covenant (Thunderstorm Skull) - Once you get the Hornet, pilot it to the anti-air node the Elites took care of for you. Land on top of it and search the front.
  • Covenant (IWHBYD Skull) - To get this skull, you must perform specific tasks as you progress through the level. Use the Halo 3 IWHBYD guide to make sure you get them all.
  • Cortana (Tilt Skull) - When Cortana's voice asks if you like playing games, use the console in the room to reach the Flood constructions. Cross them to reach the skull on a large tentacle.
  • Halo (Mythic Skull) - Once you land on the Halo, head right to find a cave. Inside the cave, continue following the right wall until you find the skull.


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