Arcade Paradise Cheats sur Xbox One (X1)

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Arcade Paradise
  • CATÉGORIE: Jeu principal
  • Première sortie: Aug 10, 2022
  • Genre: Puzzle, Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Indie, Arcade
  • Thèmes: Action, Business
  • Notations: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Always s teer laundry code


Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

Par: William Commentaire

Money Glitch


There is an infinite money glitch that allows you to infinitely earn Sterling(£) from completing a to-do list. To access the glitch, you will have to wait until the day you are given Play Games.

On that day, you will receive a “To Do” list consisting of three games. Go to the cabinet and open up each of the games. You don’t actually need to complete any of the games. Just press “X” on the cabinet and then back out of the game.

Once you have played all three games, you will have completed the “To Do” list and earn some Sterling(£). Go back to any gaming cabinets on that list and repeatedly complete the “To Do” list. You can continue to earn as much Sterling(£) on that day as possible.

Golden Washing Machine Cheat


You can unlock the golden washing machine by putting the “Konami Code” on the login screen. The Konami Code is the most common unlock code used in gaming; press the UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A “↑↑↓↓←→←→BA” control keys.

Once a player has unlocked the golden washing machine, it will appear next to the game’s logo on the loading screen. The golden washing machine cheat will ensure you always receive an  “S” rank for your washing, regardless of how long it is left in the machine.

Drae shares a cheat for Arcade Paradise

How to Expand Your Arcade


You are entrusted with a laundromat business and gaming arcade. While your laundrette provides the only method of earning an income at the start of the game, you will eventually need to expand your arcade to progress in the game.

You must earn a regular income and create a cash flow to expand your arcade paradise. There are multiple ways to make money in the game; the easiest way to earn income is to clean up your laundrette and do laundry.

Pay careful attention to the garbage lying on the floor and gum attached to fixtures, as you will be rewarded with up to $50 per piece of removed gum. Additionally, cleaning the toilet and checking hoppers every few hours will give you the extra money needed to purchase machines.

The key to expanding your arcade is by purchasing arcade cabinets. You can only buy arcade cabinets from Arcade Mania on your in-game PC. Arcade cabinets are relatively expensive, so you must work long and hard to acquire a collection.

As you acquire more arcade cabinets, your story will progress, and you will be able to do some remodeling to your laundrette and even expand. Always upgrade your arcade cabinets, as this will increase your profits.

Beautiful OB shares a guide on how to upgrade your arcade.

How to Manage Laundry


The game is a simulation business game where you will manage a laundromat and arcade on one premises. You can only earn an income from working at the laundromat at the start of your game.

The income you receive from running the laundrette will then be able to fund the development of your gaming arcade at the back of the premises. Thus it’s crucial to manage the day-to-day operations of the laundrette to progress further in the game.

Handling customers' laundry is one of the most lucrative methods to make money. The speed at which you complete a customer’s laundry will affect how much money you potentially earn.

The laundrette is designed as a “U,” making running from the washing machine to the dryer easier. Clients typically leave their dirty laundry in a basket on a table on the left-hand side of the laundry. However, you will find loose items of clothing lying on the floor from time to time.

To wash a client’s laundry, pick up the laundry basket of dirty washing and hold it over an empty washer. To fill the washer, press and hold down on your device's dedicated action button. The lid will close once the washer is full, and a 3-minute timer will begin.

You can use that time to do various tasks to maximize time, including more loads of dirty laundry, picking up garbage from the floor, cleaning the toilet, emptying the trash can, collecting money from hoppers, or playing games in the arcade.

Once your load of washing is done, your watch will inform you, or your washer will say, “End.” Unload the laundry from the washer by pressing the action button “E” and wait for the items to load into your basket.

Find the nearest available dryer and press the action button “E” to offload the laundry in your dryer. Similarly, the drying process will take an additional 3 minutes to complete, which you can use to fix broken machines. Once the drying is completed, you will be notified by the “End” on the timer.

Load the dry laundry in a basket and place it on the table where you collected it. Once done, you will be ranked on how long it took to complete the laundry. If you're on time, you will receive $20 for an “A” ranking and $30 for an “S” ranking.

Grillmastah shares a guide on how to manage a laundromat.

How to Walk Faster


You must maximize your time to receive an “S'' ranking status for completing laundry on time. Walking at a faster pace is one way to get things done faster.

You can use the “wasd” keys to move around in the game. Using a combination of keys or walking at an angle will allow you to walk faster. To increase the speed of your walk, use the combination “wa” or “wd” when walking forward.

Similarly, you can use “sa” and “sd” to walk back faster. By pressing two control keys at once, it increases the speed. There is, unfortunately, no option to sprint. 

How to Throw Away Trash


Collecting and picking up trash in your laundrette and arcade is one of the daily duties you must complete. When you approach it, you can pick up trash off the floor by pressing “X.”

All the trash you collect will be stored in a trash bag. Once the bag has reached its limit and is full, you must go to your building and locate the garbage dumpster in the alleyway to the right. 

Once you find the garbage dumpster, a target will appear on your screen, and you must hold in “X” and release it when the power bar on your screen is fully loaded. You will then receive money for throwing away the trash. 

CooldudeH20 shows us how to throw away the trash.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Edit Your Arcade Settings

Arcade games can be tough to beat. Adjusting the setting of your arcade cabinets to a lower difficulty will increase the popularity of the arcade and make it easier for you to complete. You can also adjust the pricing on arcade cabinets to make more profits off popular games. 

Spam Safe Lock   

Opening your office safe requires a three-number turning combination. You can easily open the safe in your office by holding down either “D” or “S” and spamming the “E” key; this will instantly trip all the locks.

Complete Your To-Do List

You are given a PocketPauser 3 tablet which stores all the vital information regarding managing your laundromat and arcade. On the table, there is a “To Do” list that needs to be completed.

Completing the tasks on the to-do list will reward you with cash and help you to progress in the game. Focus on completing the smaller tasks first while keeping an eye on the business's cleanliness.

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