New Super Mario Bros. U Cheats sur Wii U (WiiU)

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New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Première sortie: Nov 17, 2012
  • Genre: Platform, Adventure
  • Plateformes: Wii U
  • Développeur: Nintendo EAD
  • éditeur: Nintendo
  • Notations: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Wii U Gamepad's Help Blocks


One of the great new innovations in New Super Mario Bros. U is the Help Blocks function, which can be utilizes through the Wii U game pad. Players can accomplish all sorts of things through the game pad to help their fellow players, such as touching the screen to distract enemies away from another player; placing blocks that can be used to stop falling players, or to block other items from falling on player; placing blocks to be used as stairs to reach higher up or otherwise inaccessible areas; and placing them at such intervals that they can be used to jump across entire levels.

Unlimited Lives


Every single Mario game since the very first Super Mario Bros. on NES has had the same trick that can be used to achieve a literally infinite number of lives if one so chooses. The method is the same in every Mario game, and works just as well in New Super Mario Bros. U as it has in all previous incarnations.

First, you need to find an area with stairs that has a shelled enemy such as a Koopa-Troopa walking down them. As it comes down the stairs, time your jump so you'll land on him right as he's near the edge of the next stair. This will launch him back and off the wall, and back towards you again. If the timing and distance is right, you'll automatically jump on him again, and repeat the process of launching him against the stair wall and back towards you, all the while racking up points multipliers until you're into 1up territory. At this point, all you need do is sit back and watch the 1up's pile up endlessly until you're satisfied enough to end the cycle.

The flying squirrel suit can also accomplish this feat, though it takes a lot more work, and must be manually maintained. If you wish to try that route though, find an area with many Koopa's roaming around, and swoop around off their shells, never actually touching the ground as you glide and bounce back and forth between each Koopa, racking up 1up after 1up.

Unlimited Coins


When you are playing Boost Rush, what you need to do is keep jumping all the time and then have the player who has the gamepad place blocks. Each time a block is hit coins will fall out and you can keep grabbing them. More blocks equals more coins!

Stop the Clock


The player should wait on a warp pipe until the clock says "001".

The player should go EXACTLY when the clock changes from 001 to 000.

You will then notice the clock says "000", however the player will still be able to move.

Note: This trick can also can be used in challenge mode.

Unlock World 9 (Superstar Road)


In order to unlock World 9 (Superstar Road) you need to first complete the game with all the Star Coints from Worlds 1 to 8 collected.

Unlocking World 9 and the Propeller Suit


By collecting all of the Star Coins in each of the 8 worlds, you'll unlock those worlds on the Star Road after beating the game. In this portal realm you'll also find the exclusive Propeller Suit.

Number of Fireworks

Œufs de Pâques

If you jump up onto the flagpole at the end of a level where the last two digits of your time for completing that level were the same number, then the number of fireworks will be equal to the relevant number. For example, "33" will mean 3 fireworks.

Flower Coins


When you are on a level and see some flowers that are spinning around in the background, stop.

Stand in front of the flower and shake your gamepad to wake them up. Once woken, the flower will give you a cold coin.

Save Anytime


Once you clock Story Mode then you will be able to save your game whenever you want from the Overworld. Just look at the start menu there.

Green Guide Block


If you die a few times in a level, this block will appear, which will summon Luigi when struck to help you guide you through the level. As mentioned above, never use these blocks if you hope to have a 5 Star save file. Otherwise, these are handy ways to get through difficult and frustrating levels.

Boost Rush Star Mode


This cheat is for Boost Rush mode.

The player with the gamepad needs to jump on your blocks several times in a row. Doing this will build up the star mode meter. When it is full, you go into "Boost Rush Star" mode.

Doing this lets you farm an unlimited number of coins (see the "Unlimited Coins" cheat below) and you can also kill all the enemies on the screen at once by tapping them on the gamepad screen!

Flagpole Fireworks


Getting a nice fireworks show after finishing a level at the flagpole may seem random, but there's actually a way to get them every time. You must time your jump so that you land on the pole with the last two digits left on your counter matching (11, 22, 33, etc.). The number of fireworks you get is also dependant on these two digits. The higher the number, the more fireworks you'll get. So aim for a 99 on the counter to get a great fireworks show every time, that draws a fitting end to your triumph.

5 Star Save File

The ultimate achievement in the game is to get 5 Stars beside your save file, and you'll need to accomplish numerous things to unlock this. Firstly, be aware that you can never use an Assist Block 9the green guide blocks) to help you, or you will forever be unable to reach 5 Stars. Here are the other tasks you'll need to accomplish to unlock it:

  • Beat all 73 levels spread across the 8 worlds.
  • Beat Bowser and complete the game.
  • And lastly, you must find all 246 Star Coins in the game, some of which are only granted after accomplishing yet other tasks. These are: finding all of the secret exits; finding Nabbit in worlds 1-7; and finishing every normal and secret flagpole in every level.

Getting a 5 star save file will grant you unlimited Toad Houses.

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