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Voici nos Guides pour OlliOlli World sur Nintendo Switch. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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Discovering New Tricks


As you advance in OlliOlli World, tutorials will introduce you to new mechanics and strategies. Even though you won't have rail grinding or wall riding in the early levels, if you've played the first two OlliOlli games, you'll be able to jump right in and rack up some impressive numbers because the game doesn't tell you that all the moves are available from the beginning. 

This video gives you helpful tips and advice on tricks.

Performing tricks


You can perform a wide variety of fundamental, sophisticated, and unique tricks in OlliOlli World by moving the left analogue stick of your controller in a specific way. When performing grinds and manuals, use the following combinations to add to your combo and pull off some extra moves. Keep this How to Perform Tricks Guide close at hand as a reference because trying to remember all the instructions for your favourite tricks can be a little overwhelming. Alternately, you can visit the "Tricktionary," which you can access from the main menu, to see the complete list of tricks that are included in the game.

The basics:

  • Ollie: Down
  • Kickflip: Left
  • Heelflip: Right
  • No Comply: Up
  • Front Shove: Quarter-circle down/back
  • Back Shove: Quarter-circle down/forward
  • Varial Flip: Quarter-circle back/down
  • Hardflip: Quarter-circle back/up
  • Varial Heel: Quarter-circle forward/down
  • Inward Heelflip: Quarter-circle forward/up

Complex Tricks

  • 360 Front Shove: Half-circle down/back/up
  • Backside 360 Shove: Half-circle down/forward/up
  • 360 Flip: Half-circle back/down/forward
  • 360 Hardflip: Half-circle back/up/forward
  • Laser Flip: Half-circle forward/down/back
  • 360 Inward Heelflip: Half-circle forward/up/back
  • 540 Front Shove It: 3/4-circle down/back/up/forward
  • Backside 540 Shove: 3/4-circle down/forward/up/back
  • 540 Flip: 3/4-circle back/down/forward/up
  • Dolphin Flip: 3/4-circle back/up/forward/down
  • Dragon Flip: 3/4-circle forward/up/back/down


  • Fingerflip: Half-circle down/back/up and return to down
  • Impossible: 360 clockwise (starting down)
  • Front Foot Impossible: 360 counter-clockwise (starting down)
  • Casper Flip: Half-circle down/forward/up and return to down
  • Double Kickflip: Half-circle left/down/forward and return to left
  • 720 Flip: 360 counter-clockwise (starting left)
  • Backfoot Flip: Half-circle left/up/forward and return to left
  • Double Heelflip: Half-circle left/up/forward and return to left
  • Sal Flip: 360 clockwise (starting right)
  • Strawberry Milkshake: Half-circle right/up/left and return to right
  • Kickflip Underflip: Half-circle up/left/down and return to up
  • 360 Pressure Flip: Half-circle up/right/down and return to up
  • Backfoot Laser Flip: Half-circle forward/down/left and go 360 clockwise back to left

Mastering manual


One of the most important moves to master in OlliOlli World is the manual. It is critical that you master how to manual since it helps you rack up a lot of points by mixing great moves.

OlliOlli World allows you to manual through all of its levels, but you won't learn the move until much later in the game. This means that if you are familiar with the move beforehand, you will be able to incorporate manuals right away. Instead of waiting for the manual tutorial to appear later in the game, you must perform the following if you want to start doing manuals right away: Simply press A on your Xbox, X on your PlayStation, or B on your Switch controller to tilt the left stick in either direction. Whether the manual is normal or a nose depends on which way your character is looking. The standard manual can be used by tilting behind you, while the nose manual can be performed by tilting in front of you. 

By mastering this technique before the game, you can set very high early-game scores that are insurmountable for local heroes. Remember that you will lose control and crash if you manually accelerate more than three times in a row without stopping or grinding. You can tell how many consecutive manuals you've completed by the red exclamation point that appears over your head. As soon as it appears, you must quickly complete the combo or locate a rail.

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