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Chance Cards


These cards add to the madness of this game by bringing in game-altering Events. There are two types of events: Instant events, whose effects will start immediately, and Timed events, where the effects will only last for a set period of time. Watch out for trains pulling in and cutting off half your map, swooping birds, and flash floods, to name a few events. You can also get cards that downgrade your opponents' property, turn you into a ghost, or steal a random property with a UFO.

There will be main events that have on-screen announcements before they start; some examples are:

  • Birthday Party: The Player in last place receives money from all the other players.
  • Happy Hour: Free Upgrades for the next hour.
  • Deterioration Area: All Properties in a specific area will lose an Upgrade level.
  • Low Water Pressure: For a certain period of time, no water will appear on the map.
  • Market Crash: Everyone loses money.
  • Power-up Roulette: Community Chests will all contain the same power-up.
  • Raffle: Money will appear on the streets.
  • Trading Places: Have your properties randomly swapped with everyone else's properties.
Killer’s checkpoint got the Birthday Party card.

Customized Character


You can customize your character with hats in the game. As you progress and the more objectives you complete in-game, the more hats you’ll unlock. 

AI Difficulty Settings


You can custom set your AI’s difficulty level in Free-For-All and Teams. While you are busy setting up your match and are in the character selection screen, you can Add/Remove AI. With the AI selected, you can change his settings from Normal to Easy or Hard. You can set your AI to different levels of difficulty or all the same, the choice is yours.

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