Gothic Classic Cheats sur Nintendo Switch

Dernière mise à jour: 21 novembre 2023
Gothic Classic
  • Première sortie: Sep 27, 2023
  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG)
  • Thèmes: Action
  • Notations: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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How to Ensure the Best Gameplay


Explore The Map

Be sure to explore every inch of the map. There are several quests that need to be completed. Be Careful of exploring too far at the beginning of your game; your hero is weak and will run into some problems if he bumps into a Molerat.

Hit and Run

If you find yourself in a situation where you're losing a battle against an enemy, hit them and run away. Your enemy will stop chasing you after some time; this allows you to heal up and face them when you are better prepared.

Switch Meat Glitch


The game has a switch meat glitch that allows you to double your meat and profit. First, find a fireplace with a pan to do this glitch and ensure the pan is highlighted.

When you have highlighted the pan, open your inventory and highlight the meat. Then, tap “A,” and your meat stack will double.

How to Trade, Buy, and Sell Items


In this fantasy role-playing game, you can pick up items and add them to your inventory. To buy new items or sell your items, you may have to interact with a merchant.

Merchants can be found at several locations and markets in the game. Fisk, the merchant, can be found at the Old Camp. You can also trade with Baal Cader at the Swamp Camp and Wolf at the New Camp.

To interact with a merchant, press “CTRL + Up Arrow.” The merchant will then begin to start a dialogue with you. In the dialogue options, select the “Trade” option. This will then open a panel with three columns.

The column on the left is for the merchant’s items, the middle column is for the exchange of goods, and the right column is for your items. Use the right and left arrow buttons to change the categories of items.

To buy or sell an item, make sure that the item is highlighted and then press “CTRL + Left Arrow←” to move it into the selling column. Press “CTRL + Right Arrow →” to move the item from the merchant’s column to the buying column.

The numbers under the middle column indicate the total value of the exchange item. The selling price must be equal to or less than the buying one. To buy a sword valued at 100, you must sell something for the same value.

Press “Enter” to complete the transaction when the exchange columns are balanced.

How to Pick Up Items


You will often come across valuable items that can be collected and stored in your inventory. Only items with names can be picked up, including pickaxes, swords, beers, and ore pieces.

To pick up an item, you must get close enough to see its name. Once close enough, press the “CTRL” key. 

Gaming House shares a guide on how to pick up items

How to Attack


Many dangerous enemies will try to stop your hero on his quest. At the beginning of the game, your hero is weak and vulnerable, so fighting should be avoided at all costs.

Search for ways to gain experience in the game without fighting. Focus on leveling up your hero and practicing handling your weapon without any enemies nearby. After a while, you will be confident in fighting enemies.

To hit an opponent, you must first draw your weapon. To draw your weapon, press “CTRL + Up Arrow ↑.” To attack an enemy, you will first need to lock onto it. When that happens, you will see the name of your enemy and their health bar.

When you have locked onto an enemy, to attack an enemy, press “CTRL + Up Arrow↑+ Left← or Right Arrow →.” To block an enemy's attack, press “CTRL + Down Arrow ↓.” You can also punch by pressing “CTRL + Up Arrow ↑.”

How to Pick a Lock


You can collect items in the chest, but some chests are locked. Opening a locked chest will require you to pick the lock. You must trade items at a merchant in exchange for lockpicks to pick a lock.

To unlock a chest, press “CTRL + Up Arrow ↑.” This will cause your character to start opening the chest. Keep the “CTRL” key pushed in, and then press “Right →” and “Left Arrow ←” to pick the lock.

If you press the correct combination of keys, you will hear a clack sound. This will indicate that one of the clacks has opened. When picking a lock, two or more correct clanks are required.

If you don’t hear a “clack” sound after attempting to pick the lock, it could mean that you have broken your lock picks or your rotation was incorrect.

MB shares some game controls for Gothic Classic.

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