Trek to Yomi Cheats sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

Dernière mise à jour: 9 juin 2023
Trek to Yomi
  • CATÉGORIE: Jeu principal
  • Première sortie: May 4, 2022
  • Genre: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Adventure, Indie
  • Thèmes: Action, Historical, Drama
  • Notations: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Enemies Stop Attacking Glitch


In Chapter 3, a glitch prevents your enemies from attacking your samurai. The glitch will occur at the finishing move tutorial in the third chapter, you’ll begin the fight against the boss, and he will not attack you.

His soldiers will appear to come towards you in attack mode with their katanas, but they will refuse to inflict any damage on your samurai. You’ll then be able to complete the tutorial without losing any health.

To fix this glitch, you will need to exit the game and restart the tutorial. This glitch can also occur if you go into the free movement section during the middle of a fight.

Emile Therese demonstrates the "Enemies Stop Attacking" Glitch

Game Breaking Glitch


At the end of the sixth chapter, a game-breaking glitch prevents you from completing the seventh chapter. At the end of the sixth chapter, you must select a path between duty, love, and gifts.

Once you have chosen your path, the game will reset all your health and stamina. In the process, a glitch will occur and remove all of your special moves. Without any moves, the game is virtually impossible to complete.

To make matters worse, there is no chapter selection. If you haven’t saved your game up until the end of the sixth chapter, you will be forced to restart your entire campaign from the first chapter.

How to Beat the Final Boss


The final boss fight is one of the longest but not the most challenging duel you’ll encounter. At the start of the battle, the final boss will charge you with his katana raised in the air.

The block and pass-through technique is a practical move against this boss's attack. When the boss charges at you, block his attack and press forward to walk through his attack. Immediately after walking through his attack, press “⹖(square)” to attack the boss.

If you’re having trouble with timing your block and walkthrough motion, you will need to block his sword attack twice and counter by pressing “↑ (up)+⃞(square)+⏹(square) +△ (triangle) ” for a heavier attack.

If you get too close to the final boss, roll back and block his attack, followed by pressing (⹖+⹖+△) to counter. After a while, the boss will change his fighting style and send out a fireball explosion attack.

You’ll need to dodge his fireball explosion attacks and roll away from the boss when he starts to charge up for the attack. After the attack, the boss will become vulnerable, and you can attack him from a distance with your pistol or bow and arrow.

The fireball attack will only last a few waves until the boss summons another samurai. You’ll now be facing two enemies at once. After blocking his sword attacks, you can easily defeat the samurai with counter-combination attacks.

After a few cycles of fending off attacks, the samurai will be defeated, and the final boss will return to his previous fireball and charging attacks. Simply roll out of the way and create some distance to allow a range shot with your bow or pistol. 

When the boss charges at you, press “L1” and move the right analog (R3) forward to walk through his attack, followed by pressing “⹖” to swing your katana. This should be enough to finish him off.

SpookyFairy demonstrates how to beat the final boss

How to Beat the Sanjuro Demon (Boss Fight)


In the fifth chapter, the Sanjuro Demon boss fight is one of the most challenging battles you will encounter on your journey. You encounter most of the boss fights at the end of a chapter. This boss fight is no different and will challenge all the finishing moves you have learned.

While you're in the depths of your journey through Yomi, you’ll come across Hiroki's old sensei, which has manifested into the Sanjuro Demon. You’ll need to employ a strategic compilation of attacks to beat this boss.

The Sanjuro Demon has some pretty powerful attacks, such as an overhead swinging attack that will destroy your defenses, and you won’t be able to block them. It’s best to dodge his swinging attacks by rolling through his legs when the opportunity presents itself.

The demon’s final attack is a series of light combination attacks with a jumping back-and-forth motion. To avoid injury, you must time your roll perfectly and roll through his legs just before he lands.

Once you have rolled through his legs, you’ll have a small opportunity to attack the demon from the back. The boss will react by thrusting down his staff in front of him and then switching to slam it from behind.

You can avoid this defense attack by rolling through his legs after he makes the initial attack from the front. The boss demon also has a slash attack that can injure you, but you can block this light attack.

The roar attack is the last of this boss's attack moves that you’ll need to watch closely. Should you be at range, he’ll stomp his foot and send a roar at you. The roar attack deals no damage but instead causes you to become unstable.

Halfway through the fight, the boss will implement new attack strategies to his weaponry, including a one-hit kill shoulder barge. This shoulder barge attack will fling you out of the fighting arena.

The Sunjuro Demon will only perform this deadly attack after he spins around with his blade, jumps in the air, and then slashes it downwards. You must run straight toward him and roll between his legs to avoid this attack.

The best chance to target an attack against the boss is after rolling between his legs. You can use a light directional attack and follow up with a heavy attack. You can also use a combination of quick attacks by holding the analog stick up or down.

The demon will begin to weaken after some hefty blows, and you can jump on his back and administer tons of deadly attacks. You will defeat the Sanjuro Demon after a few attack cycles.

Warabi Gaming shares a guide on how to defeat the Sanjuro Demon.

How to Parry


There are tons of defense and counter-attack combinations for you to use. Parrying defense is one of the best defensive moves against minibosses and soldiers.

To successfully parry in the game, look for a reflection from your opponent's blade as they swing. As soon as you see the reflection, hold down on “LB/L1” for a counter move, then press “LB/L1” and “Square” or “X.” 

Vid Vayder demonstrates how to parry

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Explore For Hidden Moves

Most of the game is controlled by a 2D track. However, portions of the game will allow you to explore the environment. Use these sections to search for hidden rooms and collect HP, collectibles, stamina, and exciting new moves to add to your attack.

Master Combinations

During your journey throughout the game, you’ll have a series of mini-boss fights that prepare you to face the final boss battle in the chapter. After defeating a mini-boss, the game will grant you a combination attack that you must master to progress later.

Lend a Hand

The game takes place in feudal Japan and has countless rewarding opportunities for you to assist civilians against raids or take care of any unwanted troublemakers. Look out for open barns, houses, or buildings with lights on.

Upon entering an open building, you may be given the option to lend a distraught civilian a helpful hand and free them from your enemies. Helping strangers in need will reward you with upgrades and even exciting combat moves.

59 Direct demonstrates how to Master combos

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