Madden NFL 24 Cheats sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Madden NFL 24
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  • Première sortie: Aug 17, 2023
  • Genre: Simulator, Sport, Strategy
  • Notations: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Beginner’s Guide


Master the Bullet Pass Before Exploring Other Passing Options

It’s not a bad strategy to just throw the ball as many times as possible to keep it on your side, but don’t just press the receivers' buttons and hope for the best. You’ll have access to a wide range of pass choices. The best one is the Bullet Pass.

You can perform the Bullet Pass by holding the button of the respective receiver. This will throw it to them as quickly as possible and give the defenders less time to intercept it. Once you have mastered this pass, you can explore others, such as the lob pass, low pass, and lateral pass. Each is helpful in different situations.

Take Time to Learn Defense

Defense is more challenging to master than offense, so you should keep things simple when you start. While it can be less exciting, your safest bet is taking control of one of the defensive ends or any defenders who are blitzing.

Once you have control of the defensive line, you can use moves or angles to get through and put pressure on the quarterback. Keep in mind that controlling a defender in the backfield is quite risky, as being out of position, even slightly, can lead to completely blown open coverage.

Use Speed and Fast Players to Your Advantage

Speed is a key aspect of winning a game. It’s critical to use the fastest stars at the right time for easy touchdowns and to know when to press the sprint. Pressing the sprint button in space or when a lane opens can accelerate you into the end zone.

If you’re playing on Ultimate Team or Franchise modes, picking players with high speed stats can help when learning the game as they have a clear edge on the field.

Take Advantage of Running Moves 

Knowing all the running tricks when moving the ball is essential, especially if you’re playing against other humans, as throwing in running plays can lead to significant gains. The best running moves are Jukes or Spins. They will leave your opponent looking silly when timed right and give you a clear run to the end zone.

Manage the Clock

Managing the clock is vital for winning games. You can control the clock at the end of both halves of the game to give your opponents less time with the ball. This is especially helpful if you’re ahead during the second half of the match.

Try to eat as much time on the clock as possible, waiting until the final seconds before snapping the ball. Offensive is much easier, and by controlling the time you hold the ball, you can grind out many tight match wins.

Make Use of Superstar X-Factors and Their Match-Winning Abilities

Superstar X-Factors were introduced to the game series to differentiate the best players capable of turning the tide of a match. These players can be used in short bursts and at key moments, such as on third down or in the red zone. 

Some team members have extra Superstar Abilities, which they keep throughout the game. Depending on the team you’re playing with, you should learn which players have these abilities and take full advantage of them.

Avoid Dropping Further Back with the Quarterback

When you snap the ball, your Quater-Back will drop slightly back in the pocket. Many players keep dropping their Quarterbacks further back to give them time to find an open receiver. However, this comes with a significant risk because, if you take your eye off the ball and are sacked, you may suffer substantial yardage losses and put yourself in long down situations.

Try to stay in the pocket when possible so you’re closer to receivers.

Use Quarterbacks that can Scramble

Using Quarterbacks that move well and run themselves will give you a huge advantage when starting. Such players include Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes of the Baltimore Ravens.

These players open up options if there are no passes available and can get you out of a sticky situation. They can lead you to victory but will only be available if you choose their respective teams.

Make Use of the Practice Area

Practice Areas are one of the most crucial aspects of the game. You can use them to practice the various moves and controls the game has available before heading onto the actual field. You can set up and try different plays to see which ones you’re more comfortable with and hone skill moves so that you can perform them every time during a game.

Keep Plays Simple

After mastering the basics, you will be given multiple offensive and defensive play opportunities. Rather than experimenting, use simple but effective plays such as crossing and corner routes, which are especially useful against AI opponents. These routes often give receivers lots of space to keep the ball moving up the pitch with little risk.

How to Hard Cut


This move can be used to cut into tight lanes and gain some extra yardage with a quick pivot and direction change. To perform a hard cut, you must be carrying the ball. Then, hold the LT (Xbox users) or L2 (PlayStation users) trigger and move the left joystick in your preferred direction.

This tool is handy as you can perform it without losing too much momentum.

How to Dive


This strategic tool can be used to get ball carriers a few extra yards or to first down if they’re being pursued by a defender or even a touchdown. You can dive by pressing and holding the X (Xbox users) or Square (PlayStation users) button.

It can make all the difference between reaching first down, making a touchdown, or suffering a failure when there isn’t much room to work with.

How to Stiff Arm


Stiff arms are essential for running backs and, with the right timing, can completely change the course of the game. This move will push away defenders and keep the play going in critical situations.

To perform a Stiff Arm, ensure a defender is near, then press A (Xbox users) or X (PlayStation Users). It’s excellent for evading tackles and getting a few extra yards. Remember that a Stiff Arm's effectiveness depends on several factors, including the ball carrier’s Stiff Arm Rating, so it may not be completely effective when you try to perform it.

How to Do a Lateral Pass


You can use various tricks to win a match, but sometimes, all you need is a well-timed lateral pass. Performing one is simple, in theory, but it’s a high-risk, high-reward play. The pass is best used on kickoff and punt returns if your teammates are close enough to you or when you’re heading downfield and are about to run out of stamina as a defender brings you down. 

To perform a lateral pass, ensure you’re running, then press L1 (PlayStation users) or LB (Xbox users). 

If you don’t perform it properly, you will fumble the ball. Lateral passes are a great way to turn the game in your favor, but they can also lead to you handing the ball to the opposing team.

How to Strip the Ball


This mechanic may seem simple, but it’s tough to master. It’s a simple way to stop the momentum of the offensive team by forcing a fumble. While in defensive pursuit of the ball carrier, you will want to hit RB (Xbox users) or R1 (PlayStation users) once you get close enough to them.

There are many moving parts associated with stripping the ball, so it can be a bit inconsistent. You need to consider Players' ratings and X-Factors and how close you are to them when considering the success rate of a strip attempt. Remember that a failed strip will allow a ball carrier to blow past your team's defense.

If you’re desperate to get the ball out of the opposing team's hands, you can try wraparound strips and multi-player tackles.

How to Perform the Griddy Dance


Celebrating is a crucial bonus part of the game, and there are many ways to do so, but one of the most popular has been the Griddy, which exploded onto the NFL scene thanks to Justin Jefferson. Unfortunately, the dance can only be performed by a few players: Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, or D.J. Chark. These three have the Griddy as their signature touchdown celebration, so it’s quite easy to do.

Once you’ve scored, flick the right joystick to the signature slot of the celebration wheel when it appears, and watch as your chosen player performs the Griddy. 

While there are only three players who can actually perform the Griddy, there are a few who will bust it out at random. For example, if you run out of bounds with Patrick Mahomes in a key fourth-quarter, he might break into the dance (it’s rare, so keep your eyes peeled for it).

TicoisTocory shares how to perform the Griddy Dance

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