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Voici nos Guides pour Gran Turismo Sport sur Playstation 4. Les articles les plus dignes de confiance obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet !

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How to Earn money Fast Guides

There are races that you can complete that have big payouts.

You must first play through all of the campaigns and complete the objectives under Café.

You must then unlock the Fishermans Ranch Dirt track and it can be unlocked by completing Menu Book 36.

You must then complete Menu Book 37 which will allow you to unlock the Gr.B rally car.

Once you have unlocked the car you must load the race called ‘Dirt Champions'.

You must complete a single lap of the Fisherman's Ranch race and beat one competitor. 

You will win almost 100,000 credits by completing the race in 1st position.

This race will generally take you 3 and a half minutes to complete. Repeat this race multiple times and you will be making money fast.

CalemMrNazreenn shows you how to win the Dirt Champions race.


How to unlock multiplayer mode Guides

In Gran Turismo 7  you must complete a number of tasks before you are allowed to play online multiplayer mode.

Once you have unlocked the multiplayer mode you can access it on the World Map screen.

Multiplayer mode and Sport pavilions are only available once you have completed Menu Book 9. 

To complete Menu book 9, you must access the Tokyo Highway Parade Race and finish within the top 3 of all the opponents and secure a podium finish.

You will need to have completed the first eight Menu Books before you can enter this race and have passed your National B License.

You must go to the multiplayer pavilion on the bottom right-hand corner of the World Map screen.

There you will be able to access the split-screen and add a controller to your game. Once a controller has been added you are ready to play multiplayer mode.

Yorrick shows you how to unlock multiplayer mode in Gran Turismo 7.


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Is  there  any  way  to  get  more  go  karts - Tony Blakeley, il y a 1 an - Réponse  
How  do  you  get  to  racing  etiquette  in  the  game  to  unlock  sport  and  go-karts?

Marlin   - Marlin Widdershoven , il y a 3 ans - Réponse  

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