Devil May Cry 5 Cheats sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Devil May Cry 5
  • Première sortie: Mar 6, 2019
  • Genre: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Notations: PEGI 18,

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Short Hair Dante and Cracked V


If you hold down all four shoulder buttons/triggers while selecting your character skin, you can use the Short Hair Dante skin and the Cracked V skin.

Nico's Family

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Nico’s grandmother Nell Goldestein is a character in the novel Devil May Cry Volume 1. She was friends with Tony Redgrave, aka Dante. While there was some feeling after Devil May Cry 3 that the events of the novel were no longer canon, Devil May Cry 5 reintroduced several pieces back into canon.

It is also implied that Nico is the daughter of Agnus from Devil May Cry 4.

V's Familiars

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V’s familiars Shadow, Griffon, and Nightmare are based on bosses from the first Devil May Cry, with the same names and attacks.

Bansky's Art

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One of the figures you can find in the courtyard in Red Grave City is a little girl holding a red balloon. This is most likely a nod to a piece of art by the artist Bansky, which similarly showed a little girl reaching out to a red balloon.

Unlockable Costumes and Modes


As you progress through the game, you will unlock new costumes, difficulty modes, and more.

  • Complete 25 missions – the EX Color V costume
  • Complete the game on any difficulty – Death Gallery, showing photos of defeated enemies and bosses
  • Complete the game on Devil Hunter difficulty – Son of Sparda difficulty
  • Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty – Dante Must Die difficulty, the Irregular Full Custom skill for Dante, and the ability to buy unlimited red orbs
  • Complete the game on Dante Must Die difficulty – Heaven or Hell difficulty, and the Super Dante costume, Super Nero costume, and Super V costume; the Super costumes come with a style penalty but unlimited devil trigger
  • Complete the game on Heaven or Hell difficulty – Hell or Hell difficulty and the EX Color Vergil costume
  • Beat the Hell Judecca in the credits – Super V’s EX costume

Note: the Dante Must Die difficulty can also be unlocked by getting the game’s secret early ending in the prologue.

All Orb Fragments and Secret Missions


In addition to the 6 blue orbs and 5 purple orbs you can obtain from the shop, which increase your health and devil trigger respectively, you can also create additional orbs. There are 32 blue orb fragments and 8 purple orb fragments hidden throughout the missions. When you collect four fragments, they’ll become a full orb that increases your health or devil trigger, depending on which it is.

12 of the blue orbs are not found in the mission themselves, but are rewards for completing the secret missions. Secret missions are indicated by red patterns found on parts of the environment and will have a glowing area nearby. If you stand on the glowing point and look at the pattern, you can access the secret mission.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the orb fragments or the 12 secret missions, use the video guide below for help.

Secret Early Ending

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It is actually possible to win the battle with Urizen at the start of the game. If you do, you’ll get a secret special ending and then the credits will roll, letting you beat the game in the prologue.

Beating the game in this way is also an alternate way to unlock the Dante Must Die difficulty mode.

Red Grave City and Tony Redgrave

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The name Red Grave City is a reference to the name Tony Redgrave, which itself refers to a couple different things from the series’ past. Tony Redgrave is an alias used by Dante in both the novel Devil May Cry Volume 1 and the shown Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. Devil May Cry 5 makes it canon by saying Dante took the alias based on Red Grave City, since it was his home town.

Going one step beyond that, however, the name Tony Redgrave is a nod to the game’s development. When Devil May Cry was first in development, it was intended to be a Resident Evil game, before they decided it was too different and should be its own IP instead. At this point in development, the main character’s name was meant to be Tony. Redgrave, meanwhile, was chosen because it has a similar sound to Redfield, the last name of Chris and Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil series.

Animated Series Characters

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J.D. Morrison is a character from the shown Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, although he does not have the same design as in the game. Another character from the anime, Patty Lowell, calls Dante in the game.

Dr. Faust references and Michael Jackson dance

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When Nico gives Dante the Dr. Faust hat and he puts it on, he begins dancing like Michael Jackson. This, as well as his moves with the hat, are both a reference to Michael Jackson and to a pop star in Japan who wore a similar hat and imitated Michael Jackson’s dancing.

It is also named after the Faust demon from Devil May Cry 4, which in turn gets its name from Faust, the folkloric figure who made a deal with the devil. One stage play adaptation of the Faust myth is also called Doctor Faustus, also contributing to the name.

Mega Buster

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The Deluxe Edition includes a special weapon called the Mega Buster that changes Nero’s animations to be closer to Mega Man’s, in addition to the Mega Man style attacks.

Double Kalina Ann


You can get the original Kalina Ann weapon during Mission 11 by dropping down in the area with the checkered floor, destroying all of the Blood Clots, and then taking the new path and heading to the right to find the Kalina Ann. If you have the Kalina Ann 2, this will unlock the Double Kalina Ann.

If you drop one, you can use the single Kalina Ann moveset again, although you’ll want to retrieve the dropped one when you’re done.

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