Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Cheats sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
  • CATÉGORIE: Jeu principal
  • Première sortie: Aug 17, 2023
  • Genre: Platform, Role-playing (RPG), Sport, Adventure, Indie
  • Thèmes: Action, Science fiction
  • Notations: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Beginner’s Guide


Build Your Rep with Graffiti

Rep is a critical part of the game. While completing missions will help you progress through the story, without a high enough Rep to unlock those missions, you won't get anywhere. 

You can increase your Rep by putting graffiti on various parts of the area. While you should be able to get to most of these spots, some are quite high up, and you may need to grind on a rail to reach them. Once you get to a hard-to-reach spot, mash the button to start the animation and spray-paint the wall. 

If you don't know how much Rep you need for a mission, you can always pause the game to check. However, it's good practice to dedicate some time to collecting as much Rep as you can rather than just doing the bare minimum. It'll keep you in the area for longer and even prolong a mission so you can enjoy the game for as long as possible. 

Maintain Single Combos During Crew Battles

Crew Battles are the only way to take over areas and continue through the story, so you'll need to know how to ensure a win (you're not the only one scoring points in these matches, but you do play the largest role). 

While you can land multiple combos to score points, it's more effective to maintain a combo for as long as possible, especially because the game allows you to stack multipliers. 

Don't panic when you reach the end of a rail. There are plenty of tools at your disposal to help you extend your combos. If your double-jump won't reach the next rail, you can always do a manual. Grinding on the rail will refill the meter and allow you to extend it further. You can extend your combo even further by using a jet boost to get some extra distance and reach a new rail or wall. 

Lean and Ride Walls to Extend Your Combos

Keep an eye out for rails and areas you can wall ride. These will help you get a higher score by increasing your multiplier. 

To lean, press your control stick or movement button to follow a corner, keeping right or left as a rail turns in that direction. Your multiplier will increase as you go. However, you can only use a curve and wall ride to boost your multiplier once, so make sure you're looking for new spots to improve your score. 

As a side note, tricks are great for boosting your score. You're free to do them while jumping through the air, but you shouldn't perform while leaning, as they'll cancel out the multiplier increase you would have gained. 

Air Attacks and Skating are Beneficial During Combat 

During the game, you'll have to deal with enemies in the form of police. While each of your trick moves acts as an attack, ground combat isn't always a great option. This is especially true once you start to progress further into the game and encounter enemies that fly or have quick attacks. The best way to deal with these enemies is by performing strikes while you jump. 

Grind to give yourself height and strike from above, or hop into an area and press your attack button as you land. Unless you're planning on making multiple attacks, don't get off your board to attack enemies. 

Combat isn't like other games, where you rely heavily on combos to take out your enemies as quickly as possible. You can also lose your health in five hits if you're not careful. 

The best strategy you can develop is a hit-and-run strategy. Enemies shouldn’t be able to catch you when you skate away, so you can easily land a hit and get away. Play it safe and repeat this strategy until you defeat them all.

How to Deal with Heat

As you skate the world and graffiti walls, your Heat will increase, causing more and more enemies to chase you. This means you won’t be able to go to dance spots and switch characters. Fortunately, there are ways to lower your Heat.

When you find a bathroom, go inside and change your outfit. The police will lose track of you, meaning you will no longer be overwhelmed and will have time to recover any health you lost. However, if you can’t find a bathroom nearby, you will have to find another way to deal with high Heat levels, which you can do by running away.

Running away is a great strategy; just remember that when you reach Heat level, two turrets that launch claws to grab onto your characters will start spawning. You can escape these claws using standard attacks. 

Unlike police officers, turrets won’t respawn after you’ve downed them, meaning you can make a level much easier. After escaping/avoiding the claws of a turret, skate over to it and attack it. After defeating a turret, you can spray paint it to put it out of commission.

How to Unlock the Main Story Characters



You’ll find Mesh on a large teal platform in Brink Terminal (you’ll need to grind a few rails to reach him). After completing his score challenge, he’ll move to the tallest tower nearby, and you’ll have to find him so you can complete his challenge again.

Once you’re done, he’ll move to the canal next to the tunnel and ask you to help drain it so he can find his lost skateboard. To complete this mission, you’ll need 140 Rep to enter an area guarded by an Oldhead. Once you’re in, grind on a billboard to the control room. 

Mesh will unlock once the canal is completely drained.


You’ll find Rave in the Verdum Hills subway station. After completing her challenge, she’ll move to the bazaar, where you’ll have to find her to complete her second score challenge. Once you are successful, she’ll head to the front of your hideout, where she’ll challenge you to a race.

Rave will unlock once you beat her in the race.


You’ll find Rise chilling on the far end of Pyramid Island. Before making your way over, take a picture of her with your in-game phone. Now, you can climb the bridge above her and continue to the top of the construction building before finally reaching her.

When you reach her, take three more photos of her, and she will challenge you to tag a specific spot in the area.

Rise will unlock once you’ve tagged the spot she challenged you to.


You’ll find Shine in the Millennium Mall food court, where she’ll challenge you to copy her Toprock dance. After you’ve completed her challenge, she’ll move to the second floor of the food court, and you’ll have to do the Popping dance in front of her.

Once you’ve finished dancing, head to the record store. You’ll receive a text message informing you that she is at the Theater Hall, where you’ll have to do the Housedance. Finally, head to the third floor of the mall’s food court, and you’ll receive another text informing you that she is at the mall’s warehouse.

Shine will unlock after you find her in the warehouse and perform the Breakdance with her.

Solace and Vinyl

Solace and Vinyl are the easiest characters to unlock. All you need to do is complete the main story.

How to Unlock the Post-Game Characters



You’ll find Coil in an alleyway in Mataan. Unlike the rest of the post-game characters, he has multiple challenges you need to complete before you can unlock him. Once you find him, imitate his dance moves and travel to the big gold statue. There, you’ll receive a text message informing you that he has moved to the Mataan River.

Rather than find him at the statue, you’ll receive another text at the strip entrance informing you that he’s back in Mataan. Return to the gold statue. Inside, you’ll find him dancing, and he’ll challenge you to a race.

Coil will unlock once you beat him at the race.

Base and Jay

Base and Jay will unlock after you buy their DLC for $4.99

Devil Theory

You’ll find Devil Theory on the second floor of Pyramid Island and must beat his score challenge to unlock him.

DJ Cyber

You’ll find DJ Cyber by the grinding billboards near the Millennium Square skyscraper and must beat his score challenge to unlock him.


You’ll find DOT EXE by the entrance of the Theater Hall. To unlock him, you must beat his flow challenge.


You’ll find Eclipse in the Brink Terminal and must beat her score challenge to unlock her.

Felix and Red

Once you’ve finished the game, Felix and Red will be available from any dance floor.


You’ll find Frank on the top floor of Verdum Hills. To unlock him, you must beat his score challenge.


You’ll find Futurim in Mataan next to the big golden statue. To unlock her, you must beat her score challenge.

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