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Dernière mise à jour: 1 mars 2023

Voici nos Guides pour Goose Goose Duck sur PC. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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Don't Skip the tutorial


Don’t! This tutorial carries crucial information which you will absolutely need to carry you through the rest of the game. You will be fronted with these tutorials once you are in the lobby. It also carries crucial information about different sections and their specialties.

The game is not straightforward, and you may get confused at a later stage by skipping. 

Finishing Allotted Chores


If you are a goose you will have to finish the allotted chores as quickly as possible! Ship duties need to be done for important reasons; Ducks are capable of killing geese and attempting to destroy a ship.

If you are assassinated as geese you will still be able to work but you will not be able to attend meetings when any urgency is discussed.

Travel Via Vent


Ducks can flee a scene swiftly by using vents as an extra advantage. This helps to lift suspicion and stay in the game,

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