Controversy Over Halo Rumors

Dernière mise à jour: 14 février 2014


We’ve shared rumors about a Halo 2 remake and Halo 5 before, but this newest incident is more interesting than most.

Yesterday, Gamezone posted part of an interview they had with Steve Downes, the voice actor for the Master Chief in Halo. Specifically, they posted the part in which they asked Downes about Halo 5. He said, “I think you may be ahead of yourself on Halo 5. I wouldn’t expect anything until 2015. What you can look forward to this year is an anniversary edition of Halo 2.”

As you can imagine, the story spread quickly.

Well, Microsoft contacted Gamezone and told them that what Downes actually said was, “I think you’re ahead of yourself on H5. I have read some things on line that you can look forward to a H2 anniversary edition maybe this year, but I have no official information one way or the other.”

According to Gamezone, they still have the email from Downes that proves their original post was accurate. He has since sent them a new email saying that he didn’t mean to cause confusion, because he has no official knowledge of a Halo 2 remake.

The only specific detail Microsoft will give is that a new Halo game will come in 2014.

Something like this could go either way. Downes might have accidentally leaked major Halo news, and he and Microsoft are now trying to cover for it, or he might have misspoke and unintentionally caused all of this confusion. So, what can we expect to see from the Halo series in 2014—a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, about which we’ve heard many rumors? Halo 5, which is what many people thought the next Halo game would be? Both? Neither? Let us know your thoughts and predictions, and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.