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Pokémon Sleep
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How to Unlock All Research Areas


Greengrass Isle

This is the first Research Area you’re introduced to in the game and where you will have to stay until you unlock new areas. It’s described as “the largest island in the region, known for its fertile land covered with greenery. It hosts the greatest variety of Pokémon.” This region is home to 77 Dozing Sleep Style Pokémon, 89 Snoozing Sleep Style Pokémon, and 69 Slumbering Sleep Style Pokémon.

Cyan Beach

This is the Research area you’ll unlock after Greengrass Isle. To unlock it, you’ll need to find 20 sleep styles. The area is full of Water-Type Pokémon, and its description reads as follows, “The shore of dune white sand stretches to the horizon, kissed by a gentle sea breeze. Many Water-type Pokémon live here.” This region is home to 56 Dozing Sleep Style Pokémon, 52 Snoozing Sleep Style Pokémon, and 48 Slumbering Sleep Style Pokémon.

Taupe Hallow

You’ll need to find 70 different Sleep Styles to reach this island. There are plenty of rock-type and ground-type Pokémon wandering the terrain. The region's description reads, “Shafts of sunlight pour through the open ceiling to light up the cavern walls. Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon love it here.” The total number of Pokémon in this region is currently unknown.

Snowdrop Tundra

This is the last Research Area you can unlock. Not much is known about it besides that you need 150 different Sleep Styles to reach this area. It is home to mostly Ice-type Pokémon, but the total number of those that live here is currently unknown. Its description reads as follows, “Gorgeous flowers bloom in this freezing tundra despite the unrelenting snowfall. Many Ice-type Pokémon can be found here.”

How to Raise Snorlax


One of the objectives of this game is to ensure your beloved Snorlax is as large and as strong as possible because the larger he is, the more likely you are to increase the number of Pokémon that will visit your camp. A larger Snorlax can also mean finding rarer Pokémon.

There are a few ways to raise your Snorlax: 

  • Cooking meals - You can cook at your campsite and feed your Snorlax. All meals will boost their Drowsy power, but your Snorlax’s favorite meals will give them a much larger boost in their Drowsy power when they eat them. You can discover your Snorlax’s favorite meals by checking on the cooking menu.
  • Feeding your Snorlax berries - Berries are a great way to increase your Snorlax’s Drowsy power. The berry basket beside Snorlax will tell you what its favorite berries are, and you can find and feed them to your Snorlax. This will grant twice as much Strength as usual. If you’re struggling to find the berries you want, check your Helper team (a group of Pokémon you can assign to look for berries).
  • Sleeping - Sleeping is the easiest way to increase Snorlax’s Drowsy Power because all you need to do is sleep. The better and longer you sleep, the more Drowsy Power Snorlax will gain.

How the Sleep Styles Work


This game has three sleep styles: Dozing, Slumbering, and Snoozing. The Pokémon sleep styles you find are determined by how you sleep; depending on how well you sleep, you may discover different Pokémon every morning. The better you sleep, the rarer the Pokémon you can find. You can befriend some of these Pokémon with Biscuits.

Dozing Sleep Style

If you are a Dozer, it means you have a difficult time sleeping. Either you wake up a lot through the night or make a lot of noise. As a result, you’ll attract mainly Grass-Type Pokémon to your camp. 

Suppose you’re a heavier sleeper hoping to get some Dozing Pokémon. In that case, you can either try to take a nap that lasts longer than 90 minutes (otherwise, it won’t count toward Professor Neroli’s research), or you can leave your phone in a place where it’ll hear you talking and going about your business during the day. 

However, we don’t recommend you purposefully mess up your sleep just to get a few Pokémon.

Slumbering Sleep Style

If you’re a Slumberer, it means you have the best sleep. You sleep for close to 8 hours and very rarely wake up during the night. It’s one of the more difficult nights of sleep to get. You’ll attract mainly Water-Type Pokémon through this way of sleeping.

Given that this is one of the most difficult sleep types to achieve, you may need to do a bit of finagling to achieve this sleep style. You can place your phone further from your bed or log into a sleep session and quietly go about your daily activities. You could leave your phone on a flat surface or closed room, but the app might realize that you’re not actually sleeping, and then it won’t record your data.

Snoozing Sleep Style

If you’re a Snoozer, you have the most common sleep style. As you’re between Dozers and Slumberers, you sleep a decent amount through the night and wake up a bit more frequently than Slumberers. Snoozers attract mostly Fire-Type Pokémon.

If you’re hoping to find some Snoozing Pokémon while awake, you’ll want to keep your phone in a quiet office space where it’ll only hear you typing or a room you enter and exit occasionally during the day.

Beginner’s Guide


Feed Hungry Pokémon With Poké Biscuits

Hungry Pokémon have higher chances of getting Big or Mega Hits, so it’s best to feed them a Poké Bisguilt first. Poké Biscuits yield one friendship point each, but there’s always a chance you could max out a Hungry Pokémon’s friendship points with a Mega Hit.

Match Pokémon’s Speciality with Your Snorlax Preferences

A Pokémon’s Specialty determines what items it gathers. For example, a “Berries” specialist will gather your sleeping Snorlax’s favorite fruits, while an “Ingredient” specialist will gather recipe items. While you’re asleep, Pokémon who reach their cap will feed some of the berries they’ve collected to your Snorlax, so you’ll want to make sure their Specialty matches your Snorlax’s preferences so you’re guaranteed the highest Drowsy Power.

The Notes Section Grants You Diamonds

As you progress and discover more Pokémon, you’ll receive notes from the Researchers investigating the Pokémon’s sleeping habits. The notes come with diamonds you’ll have to manually collect by going to the Notes section in the Main Menu.

Gather and Stock Up on Dream Clusters

Later in the game, you can exchange Dream Clusters for Dream Shards. Hold onto your Dream Clusters as long as possible to sell them at the maximum exchange rate later in the game.

Collect Rewards from Manual Data Entry

You won’t receive the usual rewards from manual data entry. Instead, it’ll restore your Pokémons’ energy and increase the chance of earning biscuits during your next sleep session. Remember that the manual data entry rewards are only granted once daily. To enter this data, go to the main menu and select “Add Sleep Data.”

Add Friends to Earn Free Pokémon Candies

You can earn free Pokémon Candies whenever a friend studies specific creatures. You’ll also gain more Closeness points, which increase the chance of farming lucrative rewards. Add your friends by going to the Research Community section of the Main Menu and entering their ID or scanning their QR Code.

The Best Ingredients and Helper Pokémon for Dishes



Curry is one of the best dish requests in the early game, as all the starter Pokémon specialize in curry and stew ingredients, and most curry recipes only have one or two ingredients. The best ingredients for curry are:

  • Fancy Apples (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Bean Sausages (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Honey (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Moomoo Milk (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Fiery Herbs (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Snoozy Tomatoes (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Slowpoke Tails (Rare - Lv.30) - necessary for Grilled Tail Curry
  • Large Leeks (Rare Lv.60)

The best Pokémon to find these ingredients are:

  • Venusaur - Specializes in Honey and Fancy Apples
  • Charizard - Specializes in Bean Sausages and Fiery Herbs
  • Blastoise - Specializes in Moomoo Milk and Bean Sausages
  • Raichu - Specializes in Fancy Apples
  • Dugtrio - Specializes in Snoozy Tomatoes and Large Leeks
  • Victreebel - Specializes in Snoozy Tomatoes and Large Leeks
  • Gengar - Specializes in Fiery Herbs
  • Mr. Mime - Specializes in Fancy Tomatoes and Large Leeks
  • Ditto - Specializes in Large Leeks and Slowpoke Tails
  • Slowking - Specializes in Slowpoke Tails and Snoozy Tomatoes

Salads need more planning than curries, as most of the recipes require at least two ingredients. The best ingredients to focus on are:

  • Fancy Apples (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Bean Sausages (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Snoozy Tomatoes (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Greengrass Soybeans (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Fiery Herbs (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Pure Oil (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Moomoo Milk (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Warming Ginger (Common - Lv. 1)
  • Slowpoke Tails (Rare - Lv.30) - necessary for Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad
  • Large Leeks (Rare Lv.60)

The best Pokémon to find these ingredients are:

  • Charizard - Specializes in Bean Sausages, Warming Ginger and Fiery Herbs
  • Blastoise - Specializes in Moomoo Milk and Bean Sausages
  • Raichu - Specializes in Fancy Apples and Warming Ginger

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