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APK Mod Cheats

Cheats on Mighty doom are rather limited as it is a mobile game. However, you can download the latest Apk Mod for it. This mod will provide you with unlimited money in Mighty Doom. To download the mod you can head over to Luckymodapk.



Know your Weapons Indices

In Mighty Doom, you basically shoot without stopping. You want to include the most damage you can on your enemies. That's why knowing your weapons is vital. You get loads of weapons. Try them all to learn what they do and get used to the ones you want to use most of the time. Look for the weapons that will inflict the most damage with each shot and try to use them often.

Here's a video with all the weapons.


Always Upgrade Indices

Upgrading your is vital for you to succeed in Mighty Doom. As you progress the enemies you face will get stronger so you need to as well. As soon as you are able to upgrade your weapons, primary and secondary, or your gear and abilities, do so. 


Remember your secondary weapon Indices

It's super easy to get carried away when you are in the middle of a fight. When your primary weapon needs to recharge we often forget that we have a secondary weapon to use. This leaves you open to attack. Rather change to your secondary weapon so you can keep on the offensive without breaking. Then when you get a break change back to your primary weapon.



Time your Ultimate Attack Indices

When you kill demons your character's ultimate move builds until it is ready to be used. You want to choose the right time to use your ultimate attack. Try using it when you can maximize damage to your enemies. This could be when you have loads of enemies attacking you or when your enemies are very close to you.

Once you have used your ultimate move it will begin to recharge. Don’t wait too long before using your attack. You might miss an opportunity to deal some serious damage if you do. 



Customize a Few Loadouts Indices

You will find that different weapons work best in different situations. That is why it is best to have a few loadouts kitted with weapons for different situations. There will always be situations you don't expect, better to come prepared than to be completely caught off guard. 


Collect Rewards Indices

An epic aspect of the game is you can receive rewards. Don’t look past these, make sure you always collect your rewards. Through rewards, you receive various resources that help you progress faster in Mighty Doom. Some rewards will give you weapons or keys to unlock new items. You never know what you will get.


Games Stages Guides

There are five stages in Mighty Doom. To complete every stage you will have to go through 50 rooms in each and destroy all the enemies. When you do this your game stats will increase a lot. As you progress to new stages they will get more difficult. Upgrading as you go should help you deal with the difficulty.


Slayers Guides

Slayers are the main characters in the game. You will control a Slayer and take down any demons in your way through the levels. You can choose from four slayers. Each slayer has their own abilities and perks. To unlock a slayer you will have to purchase it with the in-game currency. 

Here’s a list of the slayers you can get:

  • Doom Slayer
    Classic Doom Marine Slayer
    Crimson Slayer
    Gold Slayer


Upgrade Guide Guides

You will need to upgrade your slayer and gear often throughout Mighty Doom. Most upgrades you apply will ad abilities that you can use when in battle. When you have unlocked a tab for an ability you can choose from the aspects. Glory kills, weapons, and general upgrades. You will be able to upgrade once you pass certain levels.



Crystals & Coins Guides

There are two kinds of Currencies in Mighty Doom. Crystals and Coins. Crystals are rare and very valuable. You can purchase Crystals with real money. They generally help you purchase and unlock items or slayers faster. 

Coins are earned by killing enemies. The more you kill the more you earn. You can use coins to buy crystals if you need to. 



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