Super Mario 3D World Unlockables on Wii U (WiiU)

Last Updated: September 27, 2020

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Unlock Rosalina


  1. You have to have beaten the game.
  2. When done,you have to go World 1.
  3. When you are at World 1, the Pixies will build you a rocket ship.
  4. The Rocket Ship will go to World Star.
  5. When you are at World Star, all you have to do is beat World Star-2.
  6. After you beat World Star-2, Rosalina will be unlocked.

Unlockable Characters


You can unlock Luigi as a playable character if you have a save file from New Super Luigi U on your system. He will also be unlocked as a playable character if you finish World 8.

You can unlock Rosalina as a playable character if you finish World 2.

World Crown


To get the World Crown you need 100% completion (ie get absolutely everything within the game - this means you need all gold flagpoles, all stamps and all green stars.

Bonus Worlds


Bonus worlds are only unlocked when you meet certain criteria.

  • World Star - You must complete the main game.
  • World Mushroom - You must finish Star World.
  • World Flower - You must finish Stage 7 of Mushroom World.
  • World Crown - You must get all of the stamps and Green Stars, as well as turn every Checkpoint Flag gold, in every world starting from World 1 all the way through World Flower.

Unlock Luigi Bros


You can unlock a mini-game called Luigi Bros. if you either finish Worlds 1-8 or have save data from New Super Luigi U on your system. An icon for the mini-game will appear in the bottom left corner of the GamePad screen.

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