Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r Schummeln auf Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Nov 4, 2021

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Beginners Guide


Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r is a spy racing game published by Outright Games. Like any racing game, the objectives are to cross the line first. In order to achieve first position you will have to watch out for your opponents' spy gadgets and use your own to sabotage their race.

To start things off, this game is centred around combat racing, with every car having the same 3 spy abilities; a paint grenade, a nitrous boost, and a front mounted paintball gun. While each racer has their very own signature attack ability.

There are a total of 15 spy abilities available which can be used at a player's discretion. However, in order to activate these abilities you will need to fill a gauge by doing some impressive driving or drifting around a corner.

There are 3 game modes for players to choose from. “Spy Tournament” being the story/ career mode of the game, which offers both single and co-op game play. The challenge is to beat 5 missions in 5 main locations, with a total of 16 races.

At the end of the “Spy Tournament” mode, there is an ultimate boss race called ‘Chasing Shadows’ which occurs in a simulation arena. You get the option to choose 1 Spy racer for each mission and allows you to use a different car, driver, and ability which is unique to the driver.

Quick race allows you to select between 17 races, choose up to 7 AI opponents, and set a maximum of 5 laps. You will also be able to race as a villain, once you have unlocked their cars with the in game currency you collect.

Once you have selected the mode of racing which best suits your need, you will be able to start racing. The racing controls for steer, accelerating, and braking are all assigned to the industry standard controls.

In order to win races, you’ll need to use the drivers whose abilities and cars are best suited to the terrain. Try to get in front of your opponents as fast as possible, being in the front places a target on your back but it also allows you to strategically place mines and ambush your opponents.

Use the different camera angles available to your advantage and drive with precision and skills to recharge your gauge. Don’t forget to use your nitrous boost if you are lagging behind your opponents. 

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How To Drift


Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r is not your ordinary motorsports racing game, there are several mechanisms players need to master in order to become the best driver on the roads.

Being the fastest driver on the track or in the race certainly helps, however, you’ll still need to have a basic understanding of how to take corners at speed and effortlessly drift through some of the sharpest turns to avoid crashing into objects.

The fastest way to turn in corners is to drift through them at speed. When steering, press “LB” or “RB” to drift. Pc players can alternatively press “A” to steer left, “D” to steer right and use “spacebar/shift” to drift.

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Change Camera Angles


Fast & Furious:Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r has incorporated several camera angles to give you the best view. While racing or driving around, you can change your camera angle to help you stop your opponents and prevent them from overtaking you.

To change your camera angle use the “RS” analogue stick. The “RS” and “R3” analogue sticks can be adjusted left, right, up or down to change the camera angle. In addition, press Y/ Triangle to look through your rearview mirror.

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Choose Your Driver Carefully


In Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r, there are a total of 15 spy skills available with each racer having their own unique spy skill. Choose a driver with a spy skillset which best compliments your style of racing. 

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Upgrade Your Spy Racer


As time progresses through the “Spy Tournament”, you will slowly begin to accumulate currency and unlock items. Once you have completed several races and saved some currency, visit the Yoka Shop and purchase some upgrades for your driver.

The Yoka Shop also sells some new skins to add on your vehicles, and you can purchase villains' cars which you have unlocked.

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