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“God Dammit Kris, Where the hell are we?” Easter Egg


In the first section of the game, “In Ruins,” Susie refers to an easter egg and popular meme, “God Dammit Kris, Where the hell are we?”. 

The “God Dammit Kris, Where the hell are we?” meme was created by Twitter user ‘Cherryfowl’ as a hilarious joke. The meme, which used visuals from ‘Deltarune,’ exploded on the internet and became an icon reference for the Deltarune game.

The creators of Deltarune felt they wanted to keep the joke alive by including it in the game. The game's credits confirm this by stating that the main reason for creating the game was to keep the joke alive.

Lesson in Meme Culture shares an easter egg from Deltatraveler.

Naming Glitch


You have the option to name your character at the start of the game. If you call yourself “HUGH,” it will cause Kris to explode in the game. In addition, if you decide to name yourself “KFC,” it will cause Frisk and Chara to appear in the transition.

How to do the Obliteration Route


There is an alternative story route known as the ‘Obliteration Route,’ which takes elements from the “Genocide Route” and “Weird Route,” seen in Undertale and Deltarune. 

The Obliteration route combines the underworld enemies of Deltarune and elements of Undertale to tell a darker narrative. In this route, you will control ‘Kris’ with Susie and Noelle being forced to act against their will. 

In the beginning, you will be alerted of “pixelized blood,” which will appear on a specific path, otherwise known as the “Obliteration Route.” You can only access this route by killing every enemy available in the game.

Every enemy must be killed to the point where their encounter no longer exists in the underworld. To do so, leaving and re-entering a room will cause an enemy to respawn until they no longer exist.

You will also know you are on the Obliteration Route when you hear a brief Blippy sound. Hearing a brief bright sound after making any decision will signify that you have aborted the route.

At certain stages of the game, depending on how many enemies are still undefeated, you will be sent a message from the game that says, "It may be a good idea to keep on going. After all, you're already pretty strong".

To complete the ‘Obliteration Route’ during the first section of Deltatravel, ‘In Ruins,’ there are several things you will need to do. Firstly, you must kill Froggi, Whimsun, Two Froggits, Froggit and Whimsun, and Three Moldsmals.

These enemies must be defeated three times before you talk to Napstablook. When speaking to him, you must answer “Yes”. In addition, you will need to beat the Napstablook. However, he is a ghost and can only be defeated with Susie’s “Rude Buster.”

Furthermore, you must defeat several more enemies before you sleep at Toriel’s House. You must kill Loox, Vegetoid, Two Looxes, Two Vegetoid, and Loox and Vegetoid.  Most of these enemies must be defeated between two to three times in succession.

Lastly, you must fight and defeat Flowey to remain on the ‘Obliteration Route.’ It is important to remember that there are several situations and activities that will permanently abort the route.

One of the easiest ways to permanently abort the route is by sparing any enemy at any given point. You can also permanently abort the route by talking to Napstablook before all enemies have been exhausted.

Going to sleep before you have killed all of your enemies will trigger a dream sequence in the game. In the dream sequence, an entity will tell Kris that all of his enemies have found refuge, resulting in the route being aborted.

If you feel sorry for the final boss ‘Flowey’ and decide to spare his life after the battle, this will immediately abort the route.

Kraka King shares a guide on the Obliteration Route

How To Find The Eggs


You can find a single egg item in each stage of the game. However, the egg can only be obtained if a player has gained 0 EXP in the section. The egg item is required to obtain a secret item from the section.

You cannot take an egg out of the respective sections without it disappearing from your inventory. As stated above, to obtain these eggs, you must have 0 EXP from the section, meaning you must spare all your enemies' lives and complete the entire pacifist route in the game. 

In section 1, you must go to the guest room at Toriel’s House to take a nap and watch a dream sequence. Upon waking up, you must travel to the Hall of Independence and find Migosp.

Once you have found Migosp, interact with him, and he will give you an egg. Place the egg in a bowl in the room with Monster Candies, and you will be rewarded with Chocolate Candy.

In addition, there is a second egg to be found in the section section of the game. After the Mondo Mole’s fight scene, you will notice a mole will start to follow your party around. Make your way to the ‘Hint Man,’ found to the left of the caves, where you first appear in the second section.

Speak and interact with the ‘Hint Man’; he will be grateful you brought the mole to your party. He will reward you with a second egg, which you can place into a Boiled Eggs bowl in the Happy Happy Village.

The egg will then be traded for an Aluminum Bat, a decent reward for choosing the pacifist route. 

Attack Ness First when Completing ‘Operation Route’


In the final battle of the ‘Obliteration Route,’ you will come up against Ness and Paula. To defeat the two characters, you will need to attack Ness first. You cannot inflict any damage on Paula unless you have first defeated Ness.

MysticSlime shares some tips for Deltatraveler.

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