Contraband Police Schummeln auf PC

Letzte Aktualisierung: 21. April 2023

Hier sind unsere Schummeln für Contraband Police auf PC. Die vertrauenswürdigsten Artikel erhalten von unseren Benutzern die meisten "Daumen hoch" und erscheinen näher an der Spitze!

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Cheat Engine


Contraband is a thrilling game with loads of cheats if you use the right trainer. There are many great trainers on the web that you can use, but Plitch trainer and Wemod have a great range of cheats to use. Let's take a look at the cheats on Plitch?

Plitch trainer offers a number of free cheats and premium cheats which require a subscription to the platform. The free cheats are:

  • Prepare - activates the cheats
  • Add XP
  • Low Health
  • Refill Health

The premium cheats are:

  • Add Money
  • Unlimited Tool Durability
  • Invulnerable: On
  • Invulnerable: Off
  • God Mode
  • No Inspection Fatigue
  • Add Comparator Usages
  • Increase Compare Fatigue
  • Reset Money to 0
  • Reset Comparator Usage to 1
  • Reset Compare Fatigue to 1
  • Set Jump-Height (default = 4)
  • Fast Movement-Speed
  • Normal Movement-Speed

Wemod is also a great trainer with 30 available cheats. Let's take a look at them:

  • Immortal
  • Unlimited Perception
  • Set Current Experience
  • Set Experience Multiplier
  • Stop Fugitive vehicles
  • Stop inspection
  • Scan Inspection
  • Search for Unfound Contraband
  • Contraband Spot Found 
  • Is name/ surname wrong
  • Is date of expiration wrong
  • Is passport number wrong
  • Is Photo Wrong
  • Is Vehicle type wrong
  • Is stamp wrong
  • Are paper colors wrong
  • Is vehicle cargo wrong
  • Is driver a criminal
  • Is vehicle weight wrong
  • Is forbidden from entry
  • Vehicle contraband amount
  • Game speed

Both Wemod and Plitch have loads of great cheats and they are easy to install and integrate into the game. To use a trainer, you need to make sure it is installed onto the device first. Enter the trainer and search for the game. Make sure you have set your bitrate correctly. Once you have entered the game with the trainer on you need to click prepare before you activate any other cheats.

Here’s a video on how the cheats work on Wemod:

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